Are we a country whose democracy is active, or are we at a point where our democracy is approaching a state of inaction?

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Posted by Nate

  • A Russian tank in Ohio.
  • The hammer and sickle in front of the White House.
  • A car sticker in Moscow: “Made it to Berlin — will make it to Washington.”
  • The symbol of Russian imperial ambitions over the Statue of Liberty.
  • 8,000 marching in Russian military uniform and carrying Soviet flags in 20 American cities.
  • American daycare centers teaching history by the USSR textbook.
  • The US Senators approve it.
  • The Kremlin funds it.

Reporting on May 5–9, 2018 events in the US: The demonstration of military might in combination with the soft power campaigns raises concerns about the Russian expanding aggression against the West.

“Understanding just how extensive and coordinated Russia’s operations against the West are represents the first step in confronting — and defeating — Putin’s increased aggression, particularly as it becomes clear that the 2016 election interference was just a starting point. “If there has ever been a clarion call for vigilance and action against a threat to the very foundation of our democratic political system, this episode is it,” former director of national intelligence James Clapper said this spring“I hope the American people recognize the severity of this threat and that we collectively counter it before it further erodes the fabric of our democracy.”

Below is an analysis of the latest hybrid war campaign:

  1. Photos and description of the campaign events;

2. Brief background and cultural commentary on the nature and origin of the events;

3. Organizers of the events: individuals, agents and groups funded by the Russian Federation and the Administration of the Russian President Vladimir Putin;

4. Facilitators of the events: The US legislators and Senators

5. Other aspects of the Kremlin’s effort to divide and demoralize the US;

6. A few suggestions on pushing back.



In 2018, about 8,000 people took part in the “Immortal Regiment” in twenty US cities, including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, Miami. New cities joined the action this year: Kansas City, Birmingham, Houston, Vancouver and Phoenix.

Secret invasion

Americans dressed in Soviet uniforms.


Over 700 people in Russian military uniform gather in front of the White House, with a Russian Ambassador to the United States in attendance.

Americans in Russian uniforms

“Immortal Regiment” in front of the White House.


A Russian tank T-34 takes part in the re-enactment of the Stalingrad battle in Ohio.

Silent invasion.

A Russian tank T-34 takes part in the re-enactment of the Stalingrad battle in Ohio.

Putin’s favorite broadcaster, the main anchor of the Russia Channel One, “the voice of Kremlin,” infamous for once threatening to reduce the US to the radioactive ashes, reports on the story.


In 2018, the festival costs came up to 14,000 dollars of which 5,000 dollars was paid by the Russian consulate.

In 2017, the FBI agents visited the offices of the Russian-American Initiative for Cooperation in Seattle.



Posted by Nate

Trump and Putin.


Alexander Factor.

Epithets and heartfelt feelings… Epithets like “no words to describe it,” “inconceivable,” “ungraspable,” ”unimaginable” and so on… are NOT POWERFUL ENOUGH to describe the feelings of betrayal and perfidy our President brought to us with his abominable behavior in Helsinki this morning.

• Yes, Trump is Republican and we are Democrats. But patriotism, country-first, unity, and our life principles are not partisan concepts
• Yes, our Constitution is not conditioned or inured to deal with High Treason by… our own President. But, there are values, philosophies, ideologies, doctrines and human ethics that this country has founded and evolved over centuries... that the President is expected to live by…
But, apparently, not this President!

But why? WHY?

• Why is this man, representing the most powerful country in the world, the most admired morally inspired nation, the biggest donor of goodness in history…?
• Why is he kneeling before a thug, a KGB officer, a dictator; of the country that has given nothing to anyone…?
• Why is this man tarnishing and cursing this country’s legacies and its intelligence services…?
• Why is this man slandering our allies, blasting the European Union & NATO – our most reliable allies and friends, the most democratic, liberal and economically-successful countries in the world…

My answer (theory, hypothesis et al) is simple: MONEY!

• Trumps knows that President cannot get a capital punishment in this country, High Treason or not.
• Trump knows that whatever he does, his base – dumb and deplorable as they are – will still support him… all the way to a Civil War.
• Trump also knows that he owes hundreds of millions of dollars to Russia, overtly or covertly. We know that too but still have not put our finger on it.

SO? By doing Putin’s bidding, in the most “inconceivable,” “ungraspable,” ”unimaginable” ways (epithets from above), he may earn his forgiveness of loans he owes to Putin and Russia. Perhaps, this is what he and Putin discussed for 2 hrs and 10 minutes without witnesses this morning. And both emerged triumphant... the deal is made!

Once again, no capital punishment, no shame (who doubts about that), good acting (he has experience) and a $Billion or so are written off by Putin. For good behavior, for attempting to break international order, for insulting everyone on behalf of Russia, for (well, you continue this list.)

This is the biggest con ever done in the world. Bravo, Trump. You exceeded all forms of wonder and shock, all science & political fiction imagination.

And how easy was it? Just by betraying his country!

Helsinki meeting

Constitutional crisis


What We Have Become.

Posted by Nate


What we have become.


The bond.

I still remember Mom going away.

Much later I understood she was going to Siberia to visit my father in a labor camp.

I was 5 or 6 at the time.

I was crying, I didn't want her to go.

She was dressed, already leaving the house and I kept crying for a long time.

She really did not have a choice.

Much later when she told me about it, she said she cried all the way to the camp.

It was a 7-day ride on the train.

More than 60 years passed.

I still remember.

I am thinking of these kids.

I am thinking of their parents.

Is it for real? A nightmare maybe.

I am trying to imagine terrified kids, little kids.

They do not understand.

Where are they, where are mama and papa?

Some big, mean people took them.

Why are they being punished?

These kids. They are looking at this scary place.

The world looks distorted through their tears.

I know how hard it is not to cry.

All these kids feel is they are all alone.

Alone in this new and scary world.

Have they done something wrong?

All mothers, fathers, kids form a special bond.

They need each other, love binds them together.

Not just humans. Any creature on this planet.

Little ones die if forcibly separated from parents.

Apes and elephants, wolves and tigers. cats and dogs.

And yes, humans.

I cannot say that to break up families is inhumane.

Animals do not posses such cruelty, only some humans do.

I am this little one, thrown into the cage.

It is me crying!

I am the mother, the father.

These mean people took us away from each other.

They broke our hearts.

I, we cannot be silent, we cannot be indifferent

It is just not natural. For any living creature.

I want to scream: please stop this!

People, it is not about politics, or policies.

It is about families, mothers, fathers, children.

It is about love. It is about compassion.

It is about us being who we are – people.

Because if we allow this to happen, we lose our humanity, our souls.

We become Trump.


Alone and scared


Pseudo Liberalism

Posted by Nate

"Pseudo liberalism” is the hypocritical, intellectual position of purporting to tolerate the validity of another’s position while actually dismissing that validity. The pseudo position reduces complex issues to the simplistic: this, which I believe, is “right” and that, which you believe, is "wrong".


We will live.

Never again.

I remember my childhood.

Every year I spent two months in summer camp.

Kids, cruel and stupid. Obviously repeating their parents' talk.

“Dirty Jews!”

“You Jews were hiding Nazis during the war!”

I remember our neighbor's housekeeper giving candies to local kids.

But not to us Jewish kids.

Only for kids with “good nationalities” she would say.

I knew, without fully understanding it.

I knew I was a “bad nationality”.

I was 4, playing outside when mom called me into the house.

Father was standing in the kitchen, two man standing at his sides.

My father picked me up, hugged and kissed me.

He told me he was going away, he had to do some work in another city.

Only much later did I find out where he went and why.

As a Jewish writer he was accused of “Jewish nationalism” and sentenced to 10 years in a labor camp in Siberia.

He was exonerated 4 years, after Stalin death.

When he finally came home I was eight then and of course I did not remember him.

“Father, are you really my father?” I asked.

He passed away two years later from a heart attack.

There were a few Jewish families living on our block.

I remember one day some drunkard came to our street and started yelling something about Jews.

That Hitler missed them and that he would take care of all these Jews.

That day Jewish families would not allow their kids to go outside.

Finally the guy got tired and left. Of course no police showed up.

After the 8th grade I entered a technical school in Minsk.

Whether by choice or by accident, 3 Jewish kids were placed in the same dorm room.


The Loop Part 8

Posted by Nate

The Universe

Meditation and enlightenment

Next day I was still trying to digest, to comprehend the vision. Seeing myself immersed in the universe. Why? What does it mean? Was this real or was it a dream? I thought about it and decided that I don't care. I love it even if that was a dream. But why this dream?

Anna offered to go for a walk. I agreed. I needed to clear my head. The sun was low, almost touching the water. The sky became darker and brighter with red at the same time. The beach was nearly empty, some people were watching the sunset. Just the colors and quiet murmur of the ocean, as if it got tired and was ready to fall asleep. Light breeze made the world even quieter somehow. We walked slowly, in silence, immersed in the twilight.

I recalled my thoughts about myself, about the nature of reality, alternate realities and what happened to me. My idea of blinking, interference of realities due to my coma.But why this vision? Stars and galaxies around me? This infinite void around me. Scary and exciting.

And I remembered reading about the “global consciousness project,” where computers were affected by human reaction to catastrophic events, like 9/11. Global consciousness. Maybe that is what I experienced? We, humans, but probably any intelligent beings are just like little cells, drops in the ocean of cosmic consciousness. The Universe as one mind.

The darkness slowly descended around us. Red patches in the sky darkened against the grayish blue background. I felt closer to the Universe, darkness helped my imagination, both collaborating, playing together. So I let it go, elaborating on my previous journey.


Israel and Trump.

Posted by Nate

Rise of Fascism in the USA.

Trump America.

Is Trump good for Jews?

Many of Russian Jewish immigrants tell me that they support Trump because “Trump is good for Jews and for Israel.”

And in this article I am attempting to analyze the situation in America, Israel and the world to determine whether this assumption is correct or just wishful thinking.

While one cannot deny that antisemitism comes both from the left and from the right, one cannot compare (not yet) the university campus ill-informed, well-intended stupidity and the age-old hatred by Nazis, some Muslim groups (Farrakhan) and white supremacists.Anti-Semitic incidents surged nearly 60% in 2017. Trump's rhetoric is causing sharp divisions in America. And as a result there is rising antisemitism in our country. And we all know that if a situation in our country worsens (the economy, for example) the Jews will always be blamed.

A confluence of events in 2017 led to a surge in attacks on our community – from bomb threats, cemetery desecration, white supremacists marching in Charlottesville VA, and children harassing children at school,” said ADL CEO Jonathan A. Greenblatt in a statement. “These incidents came at a time when we saw a rising climate of incivility, the emboldening of hate groups and widening divisions in society.”

It’s the largest one-year jump in the nearly 40 years since the ADL began tracking such information. This jump is happening at the same time that the ADL is reporting a 250 percent rise in white-supremacist activity on America’s college campuses.


The Loop Part 7

Posted by Nate

The Universe

Meditation and enlightenment

Sometimes when I am awake at night, I do energy exercises. Chi energy, also called KI. Over the years, I have learned to feel and control this energy. And during the years, I kept wondering how the brain, or rather the mind, is able to control this energy. Is it possible for the mind to manipulate physical world?
Below are my thoughts on this matter.
String theory.
Everything is vibration. What causes vibration? If the universe on the basic level is information, how does vibration work?
Some physicists are convinced that the properties of information do not come from the behavior of information carriers such as photons and electrons but the other way round. They think that information itself is the ghostly bedrock on which our universe is built.”
Assuming that the very foundation of reality is information, or some call it consciousness, our minds are one with the universe. According to quantum mechanics, our consciousness affects the behavior of the elementary particles and eventually reality. So, there is no magic in the fact that our consciousness can control one of nature's forces that we call CHI energy.

The End of an Era.

Posted by Nate

Rise of Fascism in the USA.

American President?

Leader no more.

A backward country. 

Why am I writing this? It is not the first time I've written about our current American President. Will my opinion, my writing, change anything? I don't know. But I cannot be silent. It is too important. For me, for my family, for my kids and grand kids, for our country and for the world.

We have an impostor for president, my friends. And he poses danger for all of us.

Dark forces. Trump is just a symptom.
There are forces that want to wreck havoc in the free world. Forces of darkness and destruction.
Putin's Russia is the main force behind the problems in Europe and America.
Iran Theocracy that sees the democracies as a danger to Iran's Islamic rule.
Terrorist organizations around the world for whom Western democracies pose an existential threat.

Trump's America.

And now with Trump's election these forces are in power in our country.
Trump is just a puppet, a useful idiot. People who control these destructive events inside our country are Steve Bannon, Steven Miller and some other unscrupulous characters hiding behind the scenes.
This movement started long before Trump's election.
This destructive process aimed to destabilize American institutions is possibly due to the treasonous behavior of the Republican party. It enabled Trump and this anarchist gang to pursue it's own agenda of breaking down the social institutions in the US and establishing a social Darwinism.
The GOP is working for the upper 1% who's only motivation is self enrichment.
Here is a list of Trump “achievements” during 4 months of his presidency.
Betraying our allies. Think about it. Two major international deals that took several years to build are destroyed in a blink of an eye.

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