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The Loop Part 8

Posted by Nate

The Universe

Meditation and enlightenment

Next day I was still trying to digest, to comprehend the vision. Seeing myself immersed in the universe. Why? What does it mean? Was this real or was it a dream? I thought about it and decided that I don't care. I love it even if that was a dream. But why this dream?

Anna offered to go for a walk. I agreed. I needed to clear my head. The sun was low, almost touching the water. The sky became darker and brighter with red at the same time. The beach was nearly empty, some people were watching the sunset. Just the colors and quiet murmur of the ocean, as if it got tired and was ready to fall asleep. Light breeze made the world even quieter somehow. We walked slowly, in silence, immersed in the twilight.

I recalled my thoughts about myself, about the nature of reality, alternate realities and what happened to me. My idea of blinking, interference of realities due to my coma.But why this vision? Stars and galaxies around me? This infinite void around me. Scary and exciting.

And I remembered reading about the “global consciousness project,” where computers were affected by human reaction to catastrophic events, like 9/11. Global consciousness. Maybe that is what I experienced? We, humans, but probably any intelligent beings are just like little cells, drops in the ocean of cosmic consciousness. The Universe as one mind.

The darkness slowly descended around us. Red patches in the sky darkened against the grayish blue background. I felt closer to the Universe, darkness helped my imagination, both collaborating, playing together. So I let it go, elaborating on my previous journey.


The Loop Part 7

Posted by Nate

The Universe

Meditation and enlightenment

Sometimes when I am awake at night, I do energy exercises. Chi energy, also called KI. Over the years, I have learned to feel and control this energy. And during the years, I kept wondering how the brain, or rather the mind, is able to control this energy. Is it possible for the mind to manipulate physical world?
Below are my thoughts on this matter.
String theory.
Everything is vibration. What causes vibration? If the universe on the basic level is information, how does vibration work?
Some physicists are convinced that the properties of information do not come from the behavior of information carriers such as photons and electrons but the other way round. They think that information itself is the ghostly bedrock on which our universe is built.”
Assuming that the very foundation of reality is information, or some call it consciousness, our minds are one with the universe. According to quantum mechanics, our consciousness affects the behavior of the elementary particles and eventually reality. So, there is no magic in the fact that our consciousness can control one of nature's forces that we call CHI energy.

The loop Part 5

Posted by Nate

Alternate realities and the world

Dead and alive

Two worlds, two realities.

Late fall. Outside was gray, windy and cold. He could feel this windy, dark, gloomy cold by looking through the sunroom glass wall. The trees were still orange/green, but the brightness was not there anymore. Like an old tired face. The face of time passed and harder time ahead a certainty. “Would it be cool to know if there is another me in another reality?” Looking through the window, thinking about me (himself).

He decided to go for a walk. Gray trail covered with orange and blue leaves, squirrels, the spots on their fur blending with the leaves, occasional black rabbit quietly sitting in hopes of not being noticed, their red eyes not blinking. The sad beauty of autumn. And this quiet sadness soaked his soul. The low overcast sky was the usual greenish color. Orange and green clouds wandering the sky.

He remembered his ordeal, his suspicions about a different world, another reality, after he woke from the coma. And his acceptance of his life, this reality whatever it might be. But curiosity kept nagging, provoking imagination. He kept walking and thinking.

There are suggestions that by our choices and actions we are constantly creating new realities where our lifelines are branching into different life stories. “The tree of lives,” he thought.

How strange, he thought. So, what would prompt me to be pushed into another reality? What could have changed in my life to create another branch? Another me? My cardiac arrest? Does that mean that I am alive here but another me is dead? What other possibilities are there? If it did happen and there are many realities, streams in lives, crossroads - it was not by his choice what happened to him. It was not his choice to drop dead, it was not his choice, or actions that saved him. A set of circumstances, unlikely events saved his life, Annie was in the same room when he collapsed. The fire station is a few blocks away and the ambulance came within five minutes.


The Loop Part 4

Posted by Nate

Time travel

Train of Time

The train of time.

We were at the concert.

The quartet was playing Beethoven. Beautiful music. Listening, I sometimes lose touch with reality.

I was listening, and these beautiful sounds were flying, gliding into the past as soon as they escaped the musical instruments. The sounds were slow and elegant or fast and furious. Elegantly dancing, waltzing, holding each other and then, suddenly, rushing upward, away. Away, in the past. Bittersweet experience.

And I was wondering: what if these sounds did not just disappear but remained, alive, in the past?

And if, somehow, the train of time would go back, it will catch the music. The sounds, the music will return, one note after the other. I am listening to music and riding an imaginary train catching the notes again and again.

Is time reversible? Today's scientific opinion says that the arrow of time cannot be reversed.

But I don't want to stop thinking about it. Of course, my excuse is not being a scientist.

I am imagining riding on the train, looking through the window, watching the world go by, disappearing behind me.

Also, though I cannot see it anymore, I know that the forest and the lake and the houses are still there, just my space and time have moved forward, with me. But I remember, I can visualize the passing images.

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