I am Not Sorry.

Ss my American experience advanced and I started to participate in political discussions I noticed a frightening and familiar trend, especially in the liberal part of the country.

Sometimes when I post on Facebook I don’t check the facts before posting. And I am sorry for not being more thorough and not spending more time checking the facts.

But I am not going to apologize for saying what I think, for not being politically correct.

It is very rare for me to say that I hate anything or anybody. But I do hate political correctness.

And it started not here but in my country of birth. The Soviet Union.

Over there we had to be very careful what we said and how we said it. There were words and expressions that were appropriate to use and otherwise. And otherwise was dangerous for your health.

And one of the reasons I am here is that I don’t have to think about every word I say anymore.

But as my American experience advanced and I started to participate in political discussions I noticed a frightening and familiar trend, especially in the liberal part of the country.

To me it is frightening and disgusting. These people are inventing their own language that is their correct way to speak. But that is another story. I have written about it in a previous article. http://democracyinactionblog.com/2015/08/18/political-correctness/

So I may have to disappoint some of the people that read my comments on Facebook and in my blog.

I stopped commenting on Facebook for a while because of the comments I was getting from my super liberal friends and conservatives. But later I came to the conclusion that I was wrong not to comment. I will not be quiet. I will do my best to check the facts but I will continue to express my opinions in the way I like and as my limited English vocabulary will allow.

Some of the people that I know are criticizing me for being “all over”. I guess in their opinion if I side with conservatives on one issue then I must side with conservatives on all issues. The same goes for my liberal friends. I am not sorry to disappoint both sides. Nobody is right or wrong all the time. So I may agree or disagree with a particular view without regard to the label assigned to the author.

Yes, and one more thing I hate…labeling people.

According to some you are either a conservative or a liberal. As if one has to think according to the label assigned. I will not volunteer for the bed of Procrustes.

I love to disappoint both sides. I am not a “Conservative”. I am not a “Liberal”. I have opinions on some subjects and I express these opinions without consulting Conservative or Liberal manuals.

And it is fine with me that sometimes I might agree with either side.

(Sorry for too many “I’s”)

Yes, Jewish struggle for survival is very important to me…much more important than to some American Jews because of my experiences.

And if some of my liberal friends think that if they would love Muslims, they (Muslims) would love them back, then my liberal friends grew up in a nice comfortable bubble with a silver spoon in their mouths. There is widespread Islamic terrorism. Islamic fundamentalism is a world-wide phenomenon and is a grave danger for Western civilization. So there, Mr. Obama and my liberal friends.

The invasion of Iraq was a crime against humanity. Bush (W) and Cheney are war criminals and should be in jail, my conservative friends. They are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands, the Great Recession and the chaos in the Middle East, among other things.

Many blacks in our country are to blame for their violent and tragic situation…“Black Lives Matter”.

Yes. Just like white lives or Asian lives or any other life. But most blacks are killed by blacks. It is not all “black and white” of course, but liberals cannot blame it all on “white skin privilege”.

Gun madness in this country is the result of a devastating paranoia and it is a symptom of a sick society. And conservatives who blindly follow the NRA are either stupid or are paid by the NRA.

The antisemitic BDS movement in universities is largely based on ignorance and out-of-control liberals who would love to feel sorry for dead Jews or at least beaten-down Jews. And these liberal “intellectuals” disgust me and should be condemned for crimes against humanity. http://www.ew.com/article/2015/06/08/jerry-seinfeld-politically-correct-college-campuses

I think that current wealth concentration in very few hands is a danger to Democracy and is creating an unstable society. Do I want socialism in America? God forbid. I came from there. But I do want higher taxes for the very wealthy. I want an end to “Citizens United”.

So who wants to label me a “liberal”? Or a “conservative”? A bigot? A racist?

Sure! Be my guest! Did all of this make you angry?

Good! Thanks!

Now please, take your labels and shove it!