Are we a country whose democracy is active, or are we at a point where our democracy is approaching a state of inaction?

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Trickle Down

Posted by 00tj8jh3

On April 20th  I was listening to Wisconsin Public  Radio  (Governor Walker has not yet gotten around to scrambling both  its signal and funding). WPR reported  that the Governor was in Pulaski, WI awarding a potential $2,000,000 grant to Marquis Yachts, a luxury boat builder.

Toys for the rich

Trickle down

If the plant hires a minimum of 379 workers, it would fulfill the requirement and qualify to receive the maximum grant.    After listening to that news blurb I thought:  Good thing to hire workers who will make over $16 per hour.  Wait a minute, this company makes YACHTS.  

Googling "Marquis Yachts Prices"  I soon learned that these playthings start around $600,000,  and the really nice ones go for a little under $2,000,000, equaling the amount of the maximum grant.  What a wacko world we live in.  We are fighting unemployment by funding $16.00 an hour jobs to produce super gas guzzling toys for the super rich.  What a perfect example of trickledown economics!  Needless to say, this liberal was a bit frustrated.

Then I went to:

I learned this grant would not be used for building luxury yachts.  Evidently, due to the soaring  price of gas, or  the release of Wii yachting simulations the demand for 72 foot yachts has somewhat diminished.  No, this grant would be used for "small portable offices."  Now, that sounded more reasonable.  But as I read on, I was again thrown into a moral morass when I discovered the portable offices were to be used as portable recruiting stations for the National Guard.  I have nothing against the National Guard.  Until Bush's war in Iraq, the National Guard was mainly used to help victims during natural disasters and sometimes quell civilian unrest.   Then I thought of the union protests in Madison.  Nah, even Governor Walker couldn't be that conspiratorial. Could he?


Not About Unions

Posted by Nate

It seems that all priorities are inside out or backwards in our country.

Where the most valued and highest paid people are not the ones keeping our society healthy and ready to meet today's and future challenges but the ones that perfected the art of repackaging useless crap and selling it for huge profit and bonuses while the rest of us have to pull them out from the crap they got them selves  into.

Considering the level of uninformation and the amount of stupidity in America we should all send daily prayers (and money) to Teachers for their daily sacrifices and headaches while trying to ensure that we as a country have a Future.

I just want to add that when some politicians in our country are bragging that they are not Harvard educated and are playing to the lower common denominator (Joe the Plumber) we as a country are in deep doodoo


Ten Most Wanted

Posted by 00tj8jh3

A criminal's on the lamb, and the FBI posts his name on The Most Wanted List, common conjecture says he's in deep doo-doo as the FBI knows who he is, where he is, and its agents are probably down his street, handcuffs at the ready.  The theory goes that the FBI pragmatically places imminent captures on its Wanted List; it helps the statistics and image.

Today, after 10 days of silence, our President issued  a pretty strong statement  of support for public sector unionized workers. See the news below:

"President Obama alludes to the budget/union fight in Wisconsin and other states, telling governors at the White House that public workers shouldn't be "denigrated" or "vilified." He says workers' rights shouldn't be "infringed upon."

"We need to attract the best and the brightest," he says. "We’re not going to attract the best teachers for our kids ... if they only make a fraction" of what others make. He adds: "Yes, we need a conversation about pensions and Medicare and Medicaid and other promises we’ve made as a nation.

But: "As we make these decisions about our budget going forward, though, I believe that everyone should be at the table. That the concept of shared sacrifice should prevail." He adds that "all the pains" shouldn't be "felt by one group ... "while the wealthiest among us get to keep -- or get more tax breaks." If so, he says, "we’re not doing the right thing." (11:33 a.m.) Politico 44

Perhaps the President has demonstrated that he is capable of taking a stand.  If so,  I applaud him and will refrain from saying, "It’s about time"  even though I just said it.

Secondly,  it appears to me that it is now likely that the crisis is nearng resolution.  News sources are reporting that behind closed doors some Republican State Senators may switch their vote or support a new compormise bill not wiping out collective bargaining.

Either way I am delighted… if the President has shown some courage,  I congratulate him.

If collective bargaining survives in Wisconsin, joy to the middle class.

My guess is both are related.  President Obama most likely has reliable information that the crisis is coming to an end so he can safely support the winning side. He is again being pragmatic.  Kinda like the FBI waiting until they have a slam-dunk before placing the next Dillinger on their Most Wanted List.  But, this slam-dunk feels good, so why quash those good feelings by being cynical.

Congrats to the demonstrators and a President who speaks for the little guy.


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