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Hostage Situation or “Death to America”

Posted by Nate

Republican party infighting.

GOP in shambles.

Breaking news!

Tea Baggers hold America hostage.

They hold America hostage.

A hostage situation.

Professional hostage takers otherwise known as House Republicans are holding America hostage.


They threaten to kill America if their demands are not met.

They demand:

Kill Obama's baby called Obamacare because it is the Devil incarnate conceived by a communist Muslim Kenyan Hussein Obama and this “child” will kill you if allowed to grow up.

Kill the Department of Education because it makes people smart and smart people are dangerous for America and for Congress in particular.

GOP House is a disaster.

Kill Obamacare or else!

Full of compassion the hostage-takers who proudly call themselves, “Warriors of the House's Outraged Republican Elite” or WHOREs demand to take money away from these freeloaders gorging on food stamps and school lunches and force feed our starving, anorexic Military Industrial Complex.

The Republican-led House of Representatives on Wednesday rejected a measure to roll back spending on B61 nuclear bombs deployed and stored in Europe. ”

In addition hostage takers demand to cut more food stamps programs that discriminate against the rich and give the proceeds to them (the rich).

If their demands are not met, these brave WHOREs will kill this country full of freeloaders to end the suffering of the minorities in America (the rich).

At this time negotiations between the WH (White House) and the WHOREs are under way.

Details to follow.


Fool me once

Posted by 00tj8jh3

Fool Me Once

It is almost inconceivable that I would suggest President Obama look at archival footage of Geedubya for sagacious advice, but Mr. President,  I suggest you  visit the following site. This is no longer something to laugh  at:




Response from Senator Mark Kirk

Posted by Annakagan

Dear Mrs Kagan

Thank you for contacting me regarding the ongoing debt limit negotiations.

I oppose defaulting on any debt and will fight to protect the AAA credit rating of the United States. To protect our economy, we should cut spending and raise the debt limit, putting our nation on a sustainable financial foundation.

Until we enact a final bill, I am also working to ensure the federal government pays all interest owed, Social Security, Medicare and salaries for the troops.

Regarding a final bill, I support the "Gang of Six" bipartisan plan put forward by three Republican and three Democratic senators to reduce our borrowing by over $3.7 trillion over the next ten years. This plan has three major parts:

1) A cap on spending, including a freeze on all salaries for Congress;

2) Entitlement reforms, protecting Americans aged 55 and up while strengthening the long-term finances of Medicare and Social Security for younger Americans; and

3) Tax reform, ending tax expenditures (while protecting the mortgage interest and charitable deductions), in return for lowering the top tax rate from 39% to 29%.

This plan will defend our credit, protect our economy and strengthen the long-term future of Social Security and Medicare.

We need to make these changes now. We are spending money we do not have – upward of 40 cents of every dollar the federal government spends is borrowed from China and elsewhere. This year, we will pay over $225 billion of taxpayer funds to people who lent us money for interest payments alone.

In return for cutting over $3.7 trillion from projected borrowing, we should raise the debt limit of the United States. On August 2, we will pass the legal debt limit of $14.3 trillion. The Chairman of the Federal Reserve and nearly all major economists agree that a plan of spending reductions, entitlement reforms and tax code modernization will reassure the American people, financial markets and our allies that America can live within its means.

Our country has faced tough times before. During Washington's second administration, he tamed hyperinflation. President Lincoln had credit woes. President Roosevelt eventually faced down the Great Depression and President Reagan defeated high inflation. To honor the achievements of our parents, we should make hard choices again to stop spending money we do not have. When we do, the energy and innovation of the American people will catapult us into economic leadership again, as happened in the 1950s and 1980s.

Thank you for taking the time to contact me on this issue. Please feel free to contact me at (312) 886-3506 or online at if you have any questions or concerns before Congress or the federal government. It is an honor to serve you in the Senate.

Very truly yours,

Mark Kirk

U.S. Senate


To Senator Kirk from Illinois

Posted by Annakagan

Senator Kirk,
Our country is in a very difficult situation right now. We are in two wars and dealing with the situation in Libya. We are in a time of economic distress - too many are unemployed and under-employed. The majority of Americans are experiencing these difficulties. I supported the government bailout of banks and automobile companies; I supported the stimulus package as a means of temporary support for working Americans until the economy improved; I support government investments in education and re-training in order for us, as a nation, to achieve new technical goals and to, again, be the leader in science and technology.
While the middle class is shrinking and income is going down for the majority of Americans, the rich are getting richer and corporations are collecting record profits. I am not seeing big corporations create jobs, even though they have record cash on-hand (why do they need additional tax breaks if they already have more than enough cash?).
I do support cutting spending; I do support getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan; I do support cutting military spending (we are becoming a military-industrial complex). But since the Federal revenue is at its lowest and the tax rates are at their lowest (compared with good economic times), I support the 1 trillion dollar tax hike in the next 10 years.
I urge you to be reasonable and realistic, and support President Obama in the debt debate.
I know you signed The Taxpayer Protection Pledge. As a representative of the Illinois population, that was very irresponsible on your part. But President Obama offers 3 trillion dollars in cuts which satisfies the "dollar-for-dollar" portion of the Pledge. Please reconsider and do the right thing.
Anna Kagan


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