Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot. As usual.

Democrats are running away from success.
From horse’s mouth

Democrats are running from the President.

Why? Just being spineless cowards whose only goal is to win the election. 

Below is the list of some of Obama’s accomplishments:

1. Passed Health Care Reform

2. Passed the Stimulus

3. Passed Wall Street Reform

4. Ended the War in Iraq

Democrats running from Obama
Democrats, again shooting themselves in the foot.

5. Began Draw down of War in Afghanistan

6. Eliminated Osama bin Laden

7. Turned Around U.S. Auto Industry

8. Kicked Banks Out of Federal Student Loan Program, Expanded Pell Grant Spending

9. Boosted Fuel Efficiency Standards

10. Cut the deficit in half.

So with this conclusion that Democrats are being stupid by running away from this successful President I predict that the Democrats will loose the midterm elections.

And they should – because people without convictions and without a backbone to stand for their convictions do not deserve to represent us, the people in Congress.