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Selling Ukraine

Posted by Nate

Some experts, such as Micah Zenko, have suggested that any U.S. decision to give (very limited) weapons to Ukraine would have either no effect or a highly negative one by escalating the conflict. But non-lethal aid, others argue, could help reduce civilian casualties in the region by allowing the Ukrainian military to operate more safely.”

Eastern Ukraine and the unneeded war

Why? What for?

To give or not to give?

Let's suppose the conflict will not be “escalated”

What exactly does this mean?

Is the never ending slow burning conflict better?

If the answer is yes – then why and for whom??

Why is the never ending pointless, slow-grinding of Ukraine better than helping Ukraine to protect itself against the enemy, whose sole purpose is to keep the conflict going in order to ruin, to fully destabilize, Ukraine and to stay in power.

That is exactly what Putin needs: to keep the war at a low intensity in order to keep the support of the fooled Russian population and to stay in power.

Dangerous trend in Russia

Nationalism in Russia

Putin whose bombers are constantly testing the NATO allies and the submarines are provoking the Baltic countries; Putin that talks about “nuclear armed” Russia is not afraid to provoke and antagonize NATO.

And yet Europe and the US are very hesitant to do anything to stop Russia's reckless bullying because it might “antagonize Russia” and upset Putin.

And if the Europeans and Obama think that sanctions will deter Putin from further aggression or will force him to retreat, they are just delusional.

It would be interesting to consider how an alternative history of WWII would have ended if the main allies' strategies would be not to antagonize Hitler and to operate “more safely”.

Russia's military buildup

Ratcheting up the fervor.

Berlin carpet bombing comes to mind and a couple of nuclear devices in Japan.

Yes, Ukraine is in big trouble and its economy is in shambles. And that is exactly what Putin wants for Ukraine in order to control it. He knows that if Ukraine turns to the West, it just might succeed in improving its economy and the life of its people. And then it will be lost forever.

I am really disgusted and ashamed of the inept and lazy Europe that sold Czechoslovakia to Hitler before and is now selling Ukraine to Putin.

Europe that allowed the Holocaust before and is doing nothing to prevent another Holocaust that is fast approaching.

Maybe we will wake up -- but it may be too late.

History repeats itself for those who need one more lesson.

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