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How to quickly create jobs in America, a common sense approach.

Posted by Lou

Crumbling cities

Life after people

No one would disagree that some of our major cities like Cleveland, Detroit, Syracuse, parts of Chicago and Buffalo are rusting and turning into dust. Should I name more? Trenton, Newark, Toledo...had enough? These cities at one time were great metropolis centers and they could become great once again. Our Federal Government rebuilt the "Countries" of Japan and Germany, why can't we rebuild our own cities? My plan for creating literally millions of jobs in America is to establish the Home Grown Marshall Plan to rebuild our cities.

How would this work? For example, a

Dead cities

Dying cities.

panel would identify the swaths of land and buildings in Detroit and level them. This leveled ground would be rebuilt with new factories, schools and apartment houses and other necessary buildings. Our companies would receive tax breaks so that they will occupy the new factories with the proviso that as long as they employ American workers, they will enjoy huge tax advantages. This plan could be copied because so many of our cities require rebuilding. This country has poured literally TRILLIONS down the Iraq War toilet according to Professor Joseph Stiglizt who maintains that the Iraq War will cost 4 Trillion dollars.

We need to spend our money at home because the dollars will continue to circulate at home, isn't that the goal of economics, to circulate money? Basically, my plan is to Level, Rebuild, Manufacture and Hire. From day one, architects and planners would be needed in the above plan. Construction workers would be required very soon afterwards. Then factory workers, teachers and maintenance workers. The list is endless. The benefits are also high. America needs a bold plan to restore our economy, but, we have already done this overseas. All we need to do is copy what we have already done.


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