Are we a country whose democracy is active, or are we at a point where our democracy is approaching a state of inaction?

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Enjoy the Flight

Posted by Nate

Lately we are witnessing a disturbing trend around the world.  Western economies are in trouble.  Financial problems plague most of the “developed world”.  Unemployment is high.  Energy costs are rising.  These problems are not limited to Western societies.  There are global problems:  food and water shortages, disillusioned populations, social upheaval and deforestation.  In my opinion, the underlying roots of the problem are deeper and much more serious than we are led to believe.  The problem is our worldwide

Consumption based societ

More junk

Consumption-based Economy.

Problems that I see with our lifestyle

Food: mono-culture; chemicals; genetically-modified food

Raw materials:  open-ended consumption of non-renewable resources; waste - a substantial percentage of  products manufactured is simply useless junk, wastefully squandering energy and natural resources.

Unemployment Causes:  lack of skills; inferior education; expensive higher education; failing schools make for an unemployable workforce; constant productivity increases, decreasing the need for workers; corporations can do more with less to generate bigger profits; people buy less (general population has less money to spend); in its desire for greater profit, the corporations are dedicated to reduce overhead by laying off employees.



Posted by Nate

Take your pick.

  • A nuisance plant that multiplies too fast and that shows great tenacity and perseverance in continuing to grow where it is not wanted.
  • Any undesired, uncultivated plant that grows out of place and competes with other plants for water, nutrients and space is a weed.
  • Weeds are plants which grow where they are not wanted and if not kept under control they will compete with other for the nutrients and water in the soil.
  • Any plant, usually herbaceous, that is a nuisance, interferes with other, intentionally grown plants, and is invasive.
  • Rapid, unchecked growth

We are destroying our planet



We are special!

This place is ours

Hungry for more


We are the strongest!

We deserve this

Destroy, exterminate all in our way!

All this is given to us, to us only.

Growing and multiplying.

Need food-more food.

We eat and multiply and destroy everything in our path.

Because we have the right.


We will always grow and multiply.

The more of us the faster we grow.

We need more food!

Invasive species

Invasive species

......Where is the food?...

  • Invasive species:Indigenous or native species, that disrupt by a dominant colonization of a particular habitat from loss of natural controls (i.e.: predators or herbivores).

It's us



Posted by 00tj8jh3

Human lifetime

Our lifetime a fleeting moment

Waiting for your computer to power up - Come on!  Come on!  Those railroad crossing gates are down and the passing train appears unending.  Come on! Come on!  The little old lady at the checkout counter  slowly pulling change from her crumpled red purse with her arthritic finger.  It is taking  forever.  Come on!  Come on!  Let’s go!  I can’t believe how long this is taking!   This is taking a lifetime.

We humans have a time disability.  We tend to expand time when impatient and expand time when a deadline looms.   We mentally overestimate the time left before our supply of natural resources fails to meet society’s demand. 


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