Are we a country whose democracy is active, or are we at a point where our democracy is approaching a state of inaction?

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Posted by Nate

Why do my compatriots do what they do?

It is sad!  A sad feeling when I listen to the Russian radio, read Russian newspapers and read my Russian relative's and friend's e-mails.

What is it?  Total selfishness or fear?  Inability to adapt to a new,  free society?  Nostalgia for older simpler times, times when everything was clear?  The Party told us who was a friend and who was an enemy, we were taught at school who was a positive and who was a negative hero in the books.  Is it fear for something new, different, a fear of  change?

Obama haters

OH NO! Hussein Obama!

Seemingly smart and educated people are panicking in fear of the possibility of this “black Muslim terrorist sympathizer” becoming the President of our country - the USA.

I remember people crying when Stalin died, asking each other what are we going to do, who will protect us, who will tell us what is right and what is wrong.

Look at where we are today as a country:

A deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, a very real possibility of being kicked out of Iraq.  Iraq’s closest ally is Iran, not the United States – the "liberator".

Our country is broke financially, health care is in crisis, the country is more divided than ever before, the middle class is in trouble.

And what are Russian immigrants concerned about?  He is black!  He is a terrorist sympathizer!  He is a Muslim!  He supported 9/11!  He was not born in United States!  Jessie Jackson supports him (the same one that wanted to cut off Obama’s balls)!  He is a bandit that will destroy Israel!  Kaddafi is his best friend!

It seems to me that the moment Barack Hussein Obama is elected, some of these terrified Russians will hide in their basements with their families because they do not want another Soviet Union.

Let's see - Soviet Union.

No freedom of speech, a stagnant economy, an over-sized military, Afghanistan disaster, exporting the Soviet system into other countries, one-party political system, constant surveillance of all their citizens. Did I miss something?

Now - USA. 10 years of Republican Party rule and 8 years of W. leadership.

Freedom of speech (if you disagree with us, you are against us), an economy in ruins (are you better off now than you were 8 years ago?), how are we going to pay a 14 Trillion dollar debt?, an over-sized military (we spend more on our military than the rest of the world combined), wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with no end in sight, we screwed up the war in Afghanistan because we were bringing “democracy” to the Iraqi people, unauthorized surveillance of US citizens (but “we have nothing to hide”).  Did I miss something?

But we do not want another Soviet Union here!!!

So, let’s keep Republicans in power!  One wonders were the logic is!

No logic, just pathological fear and hatred!  Fear of anything new and different and hatred of those that disagree.

And many of these people came here as "dissidents".

Nice going Soviet dissidents!


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