Are we a country whose democracy is active, or are we at a point where our democracy is approaching a state of inaction?

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Benedict Arnold Responds

Posted by 00tj8jh3

I have had it!  My liberal friends accuse me of  being a turncoat.  I am passionately warned that if I continue to criticize this President, I could  put his re-election in jeopardy. Hell, I  might even be responsible for causing our country to elect  a Rick Perry, or a Michelle Bachmann, people  who don't believe evolution occured  (in their case, this actually may be true) .  Rick and Michelle proudly reject climate change as an intellectual anti-business hoax.   Wouldn't if be fun  to set them  adrift on a shrinking ice flow?


Fool me once

Posted by 00tj8jh3

Fool Me Once

It is almost inconceivable that I would suggest President Obama look at archival footage of Geedubya for sagacious advice, but Mr. President,  I suggest you  visit the following site. This is no longer something to laugh  at:




Can Do

Posted by 00tj8jh3

Good morning friends.... last night I watched a clip of President Obama explaining to a group of college students the reality of compromise, the political reality of "reaching out" to the other side.

TRUTH BE TOLD, I felt this little chat was directed at disappointed Progressives and Liberals like me.  People who are disappointed in Mr. Obama, people who expected more.

I have lived two thirds of a century, I was a teacher, I am a dad, a grandpa, a former union leader, a past organization president, a former business executive and a husband for two thirds of a century.  I KNOW PEOPLE NEED TO COMPROMISE... Everyone with a functioning  brain knows politicians need to compromise.

Obamapologists tell us the President accomplishes as much as possible, ad nauseum. I recognize that Obama's legislative success  is surely limited by a bunch of Republicans doing the biding of monied lobbyists and head-up -their ass tea party followers.  Yes, he has an opposition, yes, he has to compromise, and he cannot always succeed,  but NO, he can do more.

For your entertainment pleasure.. please go to ...


Some "CAN DO's" that are presently NO DO's:

When they come up for renewal, veto the tax cuts for the wealthy ... that was a unfathomable missed "can do"

Educate  EDUCATE, and EDUCATE, the voters about the constant obstruction tactics by the disloyal opposition, only liberals like me watch MSNBC.

Tell the people that the Republicans rarely allow "an up and down vote" inform the American people of the Republican record setting filibuster percentage

You have the pulpit... use it.

Tell the people who Grover Norquist is, and reveal the pledge that most Republicans have signed.

Have the balls to go after the people who got us into the Iraq War which filled over 4000 flag draped coffins..

You got em' use 'em

Have the balls to go after the Wall Street manipultaors whose mortgage shananigans caused much of our economic woe.

Have the balls to prosecute the torturers who damaged our international image.

CAN THE PRESIDENT put a few people in jail?  Maybe, maybe not, but he CAN DO the right thing.  Success is not always being successful .... success is the road one chooses to travel toward success.

Our President CAN open his mouth and inform the American Voter, he did it when he campaigned!

I invite readers to list Can Do's for Mr. Obama.

Come on Pres




Dilemma Ahead

Posted by 00tj8jh3

November of 2007, my wife and I drive the roads of Grant County, Wisconsin.   We are on a mission, a progressive mission, a mission for hope and change.   Grant County, located in the southwest corner of the Dairy State, is mostly rural glaciated countryside. It is dotted with small farms, small hamlets and has two larger towns, Lancaster, the county seat , and Platteville, the home of the University of Wisconsin at Platteville.

Grant County is a “battleground” county in the 2012 election.  Platteville, with it young student population, is likely to go for Obama, but the farm areas are problematic.  Many rural inhabitants are fearful of gun control and vestiges of racism abound.

My wife

the Marilee the young

We knock on doors of rural farmhouses.  We ring doorbells in scattered hamlets.  We walk up porch steps in Platteville and Lancaster.  We visit elders in retirement homes and students in off-campus apartments.  Most people are friendly and warmly greet this older couple wearing Obama buttons, Obama Superman shirts and driving a Chevy with Illinois tags.  Occasionally, people say they have firmly decided and will vote for McCain or Obama.  In those cases, we thank them, encourage them to vote, and trudge back to the Chevy.  Our targets are those who, three days before the election, remain undecided.  They want to be convinced and we have some convincing arguments:

Bush had initiated painful, costly and seemingly unending wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
Obama is young and energetic.
Obama promises change.
Obama’s concern will be Main Street, not Wall Street.
Universal healthcare might actually become a reality.
“Drill baby, drill” will not be the Obama way.
Obama is going to be a transformational President as the first President of color he cannot be just more of the same.
Obama will repeal the Bush tax cuts for the super wealthy.
Cheney, Rumsfeld and others will be held to task for misleading the American public.
America will end its use of torture, rendition, and imprisonment without trial.
Simply put, we will be a country we can again be proud of.

Looking back, it was surprisingly easy to walk past those ubiquitous barking farm dogs.  It was exciting to be a salesperson for Obama; we had a great product to sell.  Perhaps, Jehovah Witnesses have similar feelings.  It was a thrill to be part of that dynamic campaign.  Grant County, like the majority of U.S. counties, went for Barak Obama.  And we, like so many others, shed tears of joy watching the victory celebration take place in Chicago’s Grant Park.  We had been part of it; we helped make it happen.

Now, President Obama has officially started his 2012 Campaign. My wife and I ponder what part we will play in this new campaign.  Oh, we will vote for Obama.  But will we again drive Grant County’s back roads?  Will we again don those Obama Superman shirts?  We doubt it.

Obama as a leader


Obama has accomplished some good things for our country.  To vote for any Presidential candidate endorsed by the current Republican Party would be incomprehensible.  However, the energy and the excitement are gone.  Obama promised to be different.  Of course, we did not seriously believe as President, Obama could accomplish all of that he promised.  The disloyal opposition would fight him at every step of the way.  However, we did believe he would tell it like it was, play a tough poker hand and occasionally take the risk of failure.  Regrettably, Obama has failed to meet our expectations.  Now President Obama is again repeating many of his campaign promises of 2012. Will he really roll back those tax cuts?  Will he pull our troops out of Iraq?  Will he now be that President of and for Change?

In the next few months, we hope to see the new Obama, the one the old Obama promised to be?  We yearn for a courageous, gutsy take charge President, someone who will stand up to the evils and ignorance threatening our country.  If he fails to take on that persona, we cannot knock on those doors again; we would no longer have anything to sell.

What a joy it would be to wear those Obama Superman shirts again.


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