Are we a country whose democracy is active, or are we at a point where our democracy is approaching a state of inaction?

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Answering Trump Supporter

Posted by Nate

Trump Supporter: Believe me, that never ever , for all eight years of this man’s "presidency", did I say a bad word about him. Like all Americans we pinned our hopes on him. A young, energetic, charming , educated, family man ... with new, wise ideas for the prosperity of our country ... everything that the average American could know about him , and certainly not a politician. Eight years of hope and what are the results? The country's economy continued to fall, the budget deficit grew by leaps and bounds ... The question of racism in the country has always been, but during the years of the Obama presidency, it became an epidemic, and Al Sharpton was the main adviser on these matters for the president. Who he is? A handsome, slim, young, representative President of America in a yarmulke visited the most holy places of Israel. By the way, he was accepted with respect! I don’t even want to speak about the hospitality of Obama in relation to the guests from Israel. He was so penetrated with “love" for Israel that he was not even able to come to the meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and listen to his speech at the Congress. If you don't love Israel , it means you don't respect and hate jews... it’s called anti-Semitism . Obama carried out his plans regularly: His dealings with Iran and other similar countries, accepted hundreds of thousands of immigrants from Muslim countries all over the world ... What made these people leave their countries? And everything had to be done in 8 years. Yes, and he did not forget to send money to his "friend" on the last day of his Presidency .

You and I probably are of the same age, same religion, we even came from the same city long ago, brought our children to this country for happiness, for confidence in the future, etc. Tell me that I am wrong . Perhaps these eight years were wonderful and successful, that the previous president was honest and loyal to our country and people. Tell me your opinion.

Answer to Trump Supporter: Thank you for your passionate reply. Yes, I am from Lvov, came to the USA in 1979. Yes, I came here looking for freedom, choice, peace, opportunity and prosperity. We probably can find common friends, acquaintances, common interests, common love for Israel. I did vote for Obama, maybe for different reasons than you describe above. I was tired of wars with no end, with no purpose, I was worried about a destabilized Middle East as a result of these wars. I was worried about our economy because of military and wars spending. I was worried about our population because of so many lives lost in these wars, so many families suffering because of these wars, so many veterans with horrible wounds to heal, artificial limbs, because of these wars. And what did we achieve? Economic recession of 2007-2008. When Obama came to the White House his first test was to stabilize banks, to save the auto industry..The economy never fell during Obama, it was growing. Not as fast as it could, because of the bank regulations and other regulations put in place by his administration. The budget deficit grew, but only because of the recession caused by the Bush Administration. At the end of Obama’s time in the White House, the deficit was going down. The stock market was going up all the time steadily during Obama, not up and down like now.. I love Israel, but I am a Jew. I don’t look to non-Jews to love Israel, but I want them to respect the country and to understand why we, Jews, need our country. Obama understood the necessity of Israel. He signed a record financial package for Israel of $38B. He authorized to deliver to Israel the latest anti-missile systems. He could have done more, by better representing the US during meetings with Netanyahu, he could have be more forceful with Muslim countries in the region, he could have a different policy towards Libya and Syria, but it is a history now. He could have negotiated a better deal with Iran (but don't forget that there were other countries involved). Now we don't even have a plan after removing US from the deal. I do believe that Obama was an honest President, loyal, doing his best to represent and lead the country. History will judge him. He was not the best, he could have been more decisive, more compelling, less of a professor, and yes, he tried to represent everybody in this country: white, black, Hispanics, native Americans, poor, rich, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindu and so on. Now, our new President, Mr. Trump, is an absolutely different personality. Yes, it matters that the President said publicly over 10K lies and does not care about that as long as the people cheer (and this is only in 2-1/2 years). It matters when the President supports KKK and white-supremacists, yes he condemns them only after he is forced by his advisers. It matters that the words of the President give strength to such hate groups, it matters that the President condemns anti-semitic deeds only after he is forced by his staff. It matters that the President is uneducated in government, history of this country, history of the world. He is not Republican, he is not Democrat, he is a populist and it is very dangerous, because he incites a mob mentality. He is dangerous President, because his words "press - enemy of the people" is the mentality of a dictator or a mob boss. He is bad for the economy, because he is an isolationist. It never worked, it has lead only to the recession. He is not negotiating, he is a bully, which is very dangerous, because it makes China stronger economically and soon militarily. His friends are Putin, Kim, Orban - all dictators. He does not love Israel, he left it to Kushner. But, if the time comes to throw Israel under the bus, he will not hesitate. You’re probably not even reading all of this. So, I will stop right here. 


A Letter to the President

Posted by Nate

The weight of the World

You have aged, Barack.

The weight of the world is on your shoulders.

You knew it would be hard, but not that hard.

You knew you would have to deal with difficult problems, but not so many, not that difficult.

You knew some people would not like you, but not that many, not so much hate.

You wanted to be a great president, you wanted to accomplish great things, you wanted to help fix what is wrong with our country.

Barack, you knew it would be hard, but you were full of energy and optimism.

You believed in America and its people.

You expected that Americans would support you and would be thankful for what you did.

You knew that politics might slow you down, but not that much.

You knew that the Congress might be divided and that the Republicans would not work with you.  But you believed you could work with those people, with Americans who were elected to represent all of the country.

You talked to people about hope, and change, and optimism. “Yes, we can!”

Your energy, your optimism lifted America, gave it hope.  And this optimism, this hope swept you into the presidency.  The black guy, Barack Hussein Obama, became the President of the United States of America.

People felt good about the future.

Another America

Barack, you did not realize that there was another America, an America of money and greed, an America of hate and bigotry, an America of ignorance and stupidity.  You did not anticipate that some Americans in Congress would not work with you, no matter what.

You did not expect such hostility from people whose job is to do what is best for the country, for all the people.

Barack, you did not realize that there was so much ignorance and hate in America, and you kept asking yourself why these people – average Americans – did not like you, no matter what you did.

You read, heard and saw a steady flow of poisonous lies and distortions about yourself, and it was so hard to remain optimistic, to keep going, not to get discouraged.  After all, you are just human.

You knew it was a hard job to be a President, but you wanted to do it.

Preaching hate and intolerance.

The face of Evil

Barack, powerful forces are united against you, forces whose only objective is money and power.

Morality and compassion are not in their vocabulary. These people don't care about America or any other country.

For them you are the enemy.  Not just because you are a black man with a funny name.  You are their enemy because you dared to work against their interests, because you are working for a better America, not for them.  You do not fit into their plans, Barack, and they will not forgive you.  And these people that represent power and greed are skillfully brainwashing the weak and ignorant.

It is painful to know of all this hatred directed toward you.  It is not fair.  You have worked so hard, you have accomplished so much, and yet, they hate you even more.  You are just a man, Barack, and doubts creep in, and disappointments in moments of weakness.

It is disheartening.  You are just a man, Barack. It is so hard to be strong and optimistic, knowing that your enemies are waiting for every wrong step you make, and they are ruthless.

There is America of the future, America for the futire

Our America Mr. President.

And, yet, there is another America, an America of the future.

An America that is smart and kind, brave and compassionate.

An America that represents everything that makes this country great and exceptional.

People of all walks of life--these people are with you, Mr. President.

Old and young, wealthy and poor, black and white, Christians and Jews, Muslims and Buddhists, immigrants who just came to America and the children of the Mayflower.

They are the reason you got the job, Mr. President.

They are the reason you work so hard.

There is a struggle going on in this country.

A struggle between the past and the future, between everything that is good in people and all that brings people down.  A struggle for the future of America and the world.


Beautiful morning.

You made history, Mr. President.  Do not give up now.  You accomplished a lot, but more work needs to be done.  The job is not yet done.

America--its people--are counting on you, Mr. President.

You are not alone.

Good night, Mr. President.  Tomorrow will be a beautiful morning.

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