Are we a country whose democracy is active, or are we at a point where our democracy is approaching a state of inaction?

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Guess Which One is Oakland?

Posted by Nate

Protests around the world

Protests in Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, Oakland. Can you tell?

From Oakland to Atlanta, police are unwisely "using heavy-handed tactics to disperse the growing Occupy movements," says Andrew Belonsky at Death + Taxes. Instead of dampening the unrest, they're only reinvigorating activists. "Police are now playing into the narrative and actually giving life to the movement," Heather Gautney, a Fordham University sociologist, tells The Christian Science Monitor. What we saw in Oakland may even force it to a new level, where it becomes a movement about "people's rights to express themselves."

So do we as a country have the moral authority to tell other countries what to do? 


The Difference

Posted by Nate

Ignorance and hate.

Tea Party - Hate and Ignorance.


The Tea Party is about Anger, Hate and Fear.  It is reactionary. The Tea Party is being used by Big Money.  These poor schmucks are voting against their own interests.





Progressive protests.

Are we free?


The occupying of Wall Street is about Anger and Hope.  It is progressive.  Mostly young people.  Not against capitalism.  They love Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett and  Bill Gates.  They are against corporate greed and Wall Street that gets away with murder.



It’s starting

Posted by Nate

The New Movement...finally.

Protests on the streets.

The free generation.

The young, the future of the world, the future of our country - the movement is growing, and it is  spreading.

Enough is enough!

Enough of mindless greed, enough of the selfishness of Wall Street, enough of the bankers' insatiable drive for  profit at any cost.

The Wall Street, we bailed out, totally ignores our needs, the needs of the majority.  The crooks took our money and kept it for themselves.

We are the 99%

This Country is Ours

We, The People, built this country. We buit its roads and bridges, its cars and spaceships.  We, The People, own our country, our Democracy.  We built and protected our country with our sweat and blood.

This great country, this democracy,  is ours.  The Wall Street crooks do not own us.

It's time to wake up and act.

Enough is enough!

American youth have joined the global movement, the fight for a better future.


The movement is growing.  The stream is getting wider and stronger.

Powerful movement

Let''s hope the stream becomes a powerful river.  Let's hope this  fresh and powerful movement will sweep away the old stale swamp,  and revitalize our land.

A River of Hope for a Better Tomorrow.

My friends, please don’t be silent, don’t be a silent majority.

For your sake, for the sake of our kids and grand kids,

For a Better Tomorrow-   Become part of that pwerful river


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