Are we a country whose democracy is active, or are we at a point where our democracy is approaching a state of inaction?

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Posted by Horse

Silent Majority


Speak up!

“The Silent Majority is a phrase used by Homer to describe the dead”

“The silent majority are not silent. Their voices of apathy are louder than the courage of their convictions.” Samuel Koranteng Pipim


I Remember

Posted by Nate

I know what it means to be alone.  I have been there before.  The son of the “enemy of the people”.



When hope seems beyond hope.  When fear grips the country and people avert their eyes.

When everything seems devoid of color and life and happiness.

The deafening suffocating fog descends and people and the country seem helplessly lost in its midst.

But inevitably the fog lifts and hope returns and the World brightens and life moves forward leaving the Fear behind.

But the change, the end of Fear and Desperation does not come by itself.

There is a movement in the fog.  Little spots of Light are moving.  Few at first but growing and strengthening and multiplying.

New dawn of hope

And eventually the fog retreats, the fear is dissolving.

Colors and light come back.

But it starts with maybe one little light that refuses to give up, refuses to loose hope.

A little light that in absence of hope keeps hoping.

Because it just cannot give up.  It remembers.

It knows that some day there will be one more little bright spot, and then two..

And eventually this little light will be lost in the bright shining of the new dawn and the fog will melt.

I started this blog because I remember and I don't want it to happen again.

I know that the silent majority doesn't help.

I know my voice is small but there are many.

I don't do it for money and I don't expect any recognition or appreciation.

I write because I remember.


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