World Domination

Out of control Tea Party rules and destroys America. And the Speaker of the House is powerless to stop the self destruction.

Tea party wants world domination
Ted Cruz and John Boehner


Tea Party hack
Ted Cruz the Brain
Tea Party controls the GOP
Boehner the Pinky

Ted Cruz and the Tea Party are hellbent on World Domination and are ready to sacrifice the GOP, the country and the whole planet.  They intent to show these liberal inept humans who is the boss around here on this miserable planet.  And you – you little schmuck, Boehner, you can cry your eyes out in awe of Ted Cruz, the Brain and the Teabaggers’ infinite brilliance.  Obamacare, Shmabama-care – who cares!  The Brain Cruz aims higher!

World domination!  Hear Ye, Hear Ye!  The Brain is here!