Are we a country whose democracy is active, or are we at a point where our democracy is approaching a state of inaction?

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Mad Rush to the Cliff

Posted by Nate

The environment should not be a political issue. It is a health issue! Don't we all want our kids to be healthy? We all need clean water and clean air. Who wants to eat food with pesticides? How about BPA in plastics? Emissions from coal burning plants? 

I was watching the second Presidential debate and listening to Romney and Obama trying to outdo each other on who will do more drilling and who is a better friend of coal.

And I could imagine in the not so distant past the same guys talking about supporting steam engine manufacturing in America to create more jobs. Because some kind of stinky internal combustion engine is a pie in the sky.

And I thought of the coming ecological crises, and of toxic air and water, and I thought of my kids and grandkids and what their world will look like if we do not come to our senses. I remembered the everglades in Florida, where Indian tribes used to live, that is now toxic from the pesticides of the sugar cane fields.

Romney was accusing the President of delaying the Keystone pipeline, and the President avoided the answer. Why is it a taboo for politicians to talk about the environment?

We call it "the environment"--this very delicate balance between life and death, this wonderful, self-sustaining living organism, the Earth. The environment is this rare and beautiful living world that keeps us alive. We as a species are inseparable from the environment.

Ignoring the environment

Jobs at any cost?

We humans are exceptional in the sense that we are the only species on the planet capable and willing to destroy it, our environment, and in doing so to destroy ourselves.

Climate change, fresh water crises, mono culture, mutant bacteria, new and frightening diseases threaten our very existence.

And yet the politicians do not talk about it.

Drilling for more jobs, burning coal for more jobs, fracking for more jobs, cheap gasoline to burn for more jobs- a sad, mad, blind rush to extinction.


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