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Entertainer rules the GOP

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Daily wisdom

James Carville on Bill Maher's show on Friday.... "Rush Limbaugh does not speak for the Repbulican Party... HE IS THE REPUBLICAN PARTY"



Posted by Nate

By William Lazarus

Once again, the Obamanable leftists are attempting to destroy religious freedom in their efforts to force taxpayers and the insured public to fund birth control. Thank God there are voices in the wilderness who continue to speak against the moral outrage perpetuated by the prostitutes and sluts. Rush Limbaugh had it right: Those who would force us to subsidize sin must pay. They can do this in a graphic fashion that will benefit us all.

Here’s the principle: God fearing taxpayers and insurance holders should not be made to finance your illicit, protected sex. The simple solution, of course, is to ban birth control. The wanted babies will become part of perfect American families. The unwanted will have a substantial market value among third-world peoples who have always dreamed of having an American-bred baby for fun and profit.

But we don’t live in a perfect world. We have to be realistic. Some people will have sex while sinfully seeking to avoid the consequences.

The face of GOP

The moral compass of the GOP

Rush addressed the immorality of placing the burden of financing such behavior on the shoulders of people who have righteous religious scruples. Rush’s solution is brilliant. But it’s a solution that’s ahead of its time, and, unfortunately, has not yet met with the accolade it deserves. Under his visionary plan, the floozy co-eds and other prostitutes who wish to engage in sex-without-consequence must make their sin available for the public to watch.

The commercial possibilities will be endless and profitable for us all, even – though it’s hard for me to utter this word – liberals. After all, a portion of the gains can be used to subsidize birth control, which, for that group of people, is a good thing. Inevitable excess profits can be put into the coffers of SuperPacs so that corporate freedom of speech will be enhanced. A percentage also can be reserved to augment the all-too-meager salaries of right-thinking Supreme Court justices. The wages of sin, thus, will subsidize a just society!

Some people who pretend to be conservative have recoiled at Rush’s calling an outspoken young co-ed named Sandra Fluke, a “slut” and a “prostitute”, and his proposal to film the sexual adventures of this woman and other such so-called females who would engage in sin without consequences. The wide reaction even caused Rush to retreat from his own word adventures. After all, he meant slut in a universal sense, condemning all whores, not as an individual slur on any particular baby killer.

Given the wide condemnation of the porn industry, perhaps such flip-flopping is understandable. We can even forgive Rush’s decision to kowtow to upset advertisers. But we must rise above blind reflex. We must stand on our convictions, not the ever-shifting winds of politics.

We’re not just talking money here. We’re talking religious liberty.

The new Republican party

The new Republicans

To require God-fearing believers to pay for the birth control that they abhor runs directly counter to vision of our founding fathers, who sought to guarantee everyone’s freedom to practice the religion that they choose to impose upon others. We should not be forced to reach into our purse to pull out a condom!

Under Rush’s plan, this will never happen. The royalties made from marketing the sex videos will pay the costs of the camera work and of enforcing the law requiring undercover videotaping of illicit sexual encounters.

Some naysayers among us might object that Rush’s plan will spawn a new porn industry. How absurd! These movies will be available to us all. Nothing will be hidden. Nothing will be corrupt. We will be free to condemn and spurn these forbidden acts as we watch them. Everyone will learn the lesson!

And no one will have to violate their religious scruples by being forced to finance immorality.

William Lazarus,, is an attorney who at times has a whimsical sense of humor and who lives and works in Flossmoor, Illinois.


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