Pigs, Sausages and Silliness.

Do not mention the dread words “bacon” or “pork,” for you may offend “you know who!” https://pubsecrets.wordpress.com/2015/01/14/do-not-mention-the-dread-words-bacon-or-pork-for-you-may-offend-you-know-who/

Cowardliness of Oxford Publishing
We mean no harm

A letter sent from the Oxford University Press (OUP) to an author warning not to include “pigs plus sausages, or anything else which could be perceived as “pork” in their book.
The move meant not to “offend” Muslims comes after British Sky News refused to show Charlie Hebdo’s latest cover that features Mohammed, in a surprising act of censorship that comes as world media has in general rallied to support freedom of speech after the attack.” http://virtualjerusalem.com/culture.php?Itemid=15672

They don’t like me anymore 🙁

A letter from the Three Little Pigs to the Oxford Press.

We, the Pigs, are offended that the publisher banned us from their publications. We the Pigs are outraged at being discriminated against by the Oxford University Press

We sacrifice ourselves and are made into sausages for the benefit and well-being of the fine members of the Oxford publishing community who love to consume our brothers and sisters, especially in the form of sausages.

So it is totally unfair to ban us Pigs, loyal and peaceful citizens, from this enlightened publishing house especially considering that we, the pigs, do not threaten anybody and never seduced innocent Muslims or Jews. Nor are we planning to do so considering that we, the Pigs, have plenty of fans ready to enjoy our company and our sausages.

Oxford silliness
Big Bad Wolf

Signed: Big Bad Wolf

Signed for the Three Little Pigs who are busy building their house.