Are we a country whose democracy is active, or are we at a point where our democracy is approaching a state of inaction?

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Wast conspiracy

Posted by Horse

Daily widom

Americans don’t celebrate stupidity - we glorify ignorance. Robert Herold

I got it! I think that the Muslim Brotherhood did infiltrate the U.S. government. And the Congress. The sneaky bastards are smart. They did not try to get government jobs. No! These bad people used American Democracy to do harm to America.

The system is ingenious!

Ignorance is encouraged in America

You qualify!

They would just identify an ambitious, power-hungry ignoramus (an easy task) and help him/her to get elected (easy, considering a bigoted and angry electorate that celebrates ignorance). Done! These democratically elected buffoons are doing the rest. To be clear, no malicious intent involved. Stupidity comes naturally to these true Americans.

Due to their ignorance, the elected fools manage to inflict more damage to our country than any terrorist would.

Ingenious, simple, easy and risk-free. You want examples?  Certainly! But I don't have to name names. You hear them often on radio and TV. So there, I did it. You are welcome.


The Difference

Posted by Nate

Ignorance and hate.

Tea Party - Hate and Ignorance.


The Tea Party is about Anger, Hate and Fear.  It is reactionary. The Tea Party is being used by Big Money.  These poor schmucks are voting against their own interests.





Progressive protests.

Are we free?


The occupying of Wall Street is about Anger and Hope.  It is progressive.  Mostly young people.  Not against capitalism.  They love Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett and  Bill Gates.  They are against corporate greed and Wall Street that gets away with murder.



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