Are we a country whose democracy is active, or are we at a point where our democracy is approaching a state of inaction?

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This World Is Ours

Posted by Nate

The world is ours
I am going about daily business as if nothing changed, nothing is wrong.
But I feel uneasy.
The storm is coming and I feel empty and heavy at the same time.
The uncertainty, it creeps in my heart.
This anticipation, expectation of something,
Something awful.
Maybe it is just paranoia?
The world is disintegrating around me.
Ignorance, hate and fear are rising like poisonous fog, creeping, enveloping all.
And I am unable to be just an impartial observer. It is not who I am.
And it shows, my friends can see it in me.
Take it easy they keep telling me. Everything will be fine. Eventually.
Eventually is not good enough.
I think many now can feel this dark primal fear around.
Fear is the companion of hate.
Ignorance feeds fear and fear breeds hate.
Only we humans are capable of hate, blood thirsty hate toward our fellow humans.
Is hate a trait of intelligence? Of reason?
Animals do not have the ability to reason and maybe that is why animals don't know hate.
Why is it happening now?
Why is all that is bad about humans condensing, getting heavier and stronger, floating to the surface?
Why, in spite of human accomplishments in science, art, music, and technology, is ignorance spreading around our world?
In all of human history, have humans changed at all?
Millennia have passed by and we remain what we were in the ice age.
This thirst for power.
It still drives humanity. This insanity leads to wars and suffering of innocents.
Pulls humanity toward extinction.
And some use these lethal traits for their benefit.
Throughout millennia rulers and despots needed ignorance of their subjects to control them.
Nothing changed.
Ignorance fear and hate kill reason.
Fear and hate poison people, rob free will.
Now It has come to America.
No. It always been here.
Hiding, waiting.
Waiting patiently for the opportune time.
And it came. Trump Presidency.
Ignorance is contagious. It spreads given the chance.
Ignorance created Trump for self preservation.
Trump gave voice to hate. Fear and hate.
Trump legitimized ignorance and normalized racism.
In disbelief and desperation we are watching our country being destroyed from the inside.
All that makes America America.
Acceptance, free thinking, sense of fairness, tolerance, appreciation of arts and science.
Compassion and desire to help others.
Being dismantled, destroyed by a crude amoral caricature of a human being.
Whom Americans chose to be President of the United States of America.
Americans. Are they?
Are these people really Americans?
Are these ignorant, hateful and full of fear humans really Americans?
Just because they happen to be born here?
Does that make them what we and the world knows as Americans?
These people, by electing Trump, disregarded all moral, human values.
They sacrificed the integrity that they think they have.
They ignored logic and basic decency.
For what?
This election shook my faith in humanity and human values.
It forced me to write this.
Where do we go from here? What do we do?
And who are “we”?
Do we the people still matter?
Can thinking people, especially younger generations, change anything?
Should we give up? Can we give up?
Please look in the mirror.
Listen to your conscience, to your heart.
Can we afford to give up?
Can we allow the haters to have their way?
I am clinging to hope.
Looking for a silver lining.
What does not kill us makes us stronger.
Will America survive?
It is up to you. Up to us.

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