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Fine People

Posted by Nate

White supremacists

“There are some fine people there.” Trump August 15, 2017 press-conference after Charlottesville, VA events.

Nazis marching in Charlottesville. “Jews will not replace us”.

Some “very fine people”: marchers with torches, swastikas, “Jews will not replace us”.

Fine people.

And I remember images:

Nazis marching in Germany.

With torches and swastikas.

Regular, everyday German boys,

Fine people,

Sons, daughters, husbands,


Regular forlks.

And I am sure some Jews were saying at the time:

“There are some fine people among them,

We know some of them.”

It will pass.

After all, there are some fine people there.


How could it happen?

Fascists, they look like regular folks,

Just like us.

Fine people marching: “Jews will not replace us”.

Pittsburgh, PA, synagogue massacre.

Not important, just one crazy person.

White supremacy is on the rise.

But in Charlottesville they just wanted to protect their dear confederate monument.

It's part of history, so dear to white supremacists’ and white nationalists’ hearts.

Marching with torches and swastikas, “Jews will not replace us”.



Concentration camps,


Europe in ruins.

Millions dead.

There were some fine people among people, regular guys,

Just like us,


And Jewish Trump supporters agreed.


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