Are we a country whose democracy is active, or are we at a point where our democracy is approaching a state of inaction?

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Our Choices

Posted by Nate

Rise of Fascism in the USA.

American President?

I am trying to describe what I feel now.

Now that this man was elected President.

President of our country

Our new country, America.

This wonderful young country, but mature Democracy, the experiment.

America the magnet, hope for people around the world.

We came here for a new beginning.

My wife, our little daughter and myself.

We decided to leave the Soviet Union when we realized finally that there was no future for us there.

We Jews always felt like second-class, unwanted people. It was not our country.

We were young and determined to do better for ourselves and our children.

We came to America.

And also it took some time to adapt, but we were home, at last.

Life was not easy in our new country. The job, the language, money, life and politics - all was new, unfamiliar.

But here we felt more at home than during our lives in the Soviet Union.

It takes time and effort to fully understand, appreciate Freedom. We know it now.

Freedom is not an empty word or a slogan for us.

We could breathe. It is a feeling of the world becoming wide open for us. We were happy.

To live without fear, without disgust for the life around us.

Disgust, helplessness, fear and apathy - that's what we felt in our old country.

We literally got taller. It is a liberating feeling.

And then Trump was elected President.

And fear came back. And anxiety. And anger.

And old memories came back. And finally determination.

We will not be silent, not again,

We will not be silent.

Sometimes desperation creeps in. And fear about the future.

The future of our country, our future.

There is a crisis in America, in the free world.

The struggle between the future and the past.

The struggle between ignorance, fear and hate wanting to divide us and to hide behind the walls of suspicion and intolerance and a new, hopeful and accepting future.

This man, Donald Trump

He was brought up by all these dark forces that are pulling the world into an abyss.

This man. A phony, a crook, a total narcissist, a nobody.

An empty populist. He is just a mirror.

A reflection of all that had been hiding and now Trump gave them a voice.

All these ignorant hateful forces that are pulling us into the dark alley of fascism.

Trump lifted the lowest common denominator in humanity and was handed the power to destroy.

Crisis is upon us

And despite this sinking feeling

This feeling of despair and hopelessness

We have to prevail. I have to.

We have no other choice.

Now that I know how freedom feels I am not going back.

Because I remember. The old country.

Where I could not breathe.

I am not going back to fear, suspicion and lies.

We have to fight.

To fight so this country and the world will not turn into a terrifying dystopia.

I want to, I have to believe that progress is unstoppable, that light will win.

There are setbacks, there are defeats.

But the future, the best in all of us, will always prevail.

And the future needs us to succeed.

Defeat Trump

Resistance is growing


Save baby’s shoes

Posted by 00tj8jh3

Warning to the gullible Republican electorate: P.T. Barnum, in order  to make room for more customers entering his museum of the exotica, cleverly posted signs reading, “This Way to the Egress."  Not knowing that "Egress" was another word for "Exit,“ people followed the signs to what they assumed was a fascinating exhibit...they ended up in the street.

GOP learns from him.

PT Barnum G.O.P. role model

Bring on the clowns.  The 2012 field of Republican candidates has been characterized as a gaggle of clowns. Bachmann, Perry, Cain, Insanitorium, GingRich, Paul and Romney (5/6 of his name spells MONEY) could easily have given Bozo and Emmett Kelly a run for the money on America’s Got Talent.  Simply said, the Republican field is more bozo–like than Bozo.  Let’s leave the clowns and check out the people who orchestrate this circus.

P.T. Barnum (1810-1891), the penultimate showman and scam artist, is oft misquoted as famously saying, “There’s a sucker born every minute,” and “Never give a sucker an even break.”  Flash forward to the 21st century, and the Republican Party has its own special Barnums who have taken Barnum’s words to heart.

Please take a gander at some of the chief sponsors of the current Republican freak show:


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