Dark Ages

Meanwhile our children are being murdered.
Not by terrorists who climbed over the wall, not by foreign agents or North Korea.
No. By Americans. Born and raised in America.
With help and support from our Government.
The nightmare continues.

Gun lobby
Blood money

Another mass murder in an American school.

The usual lip service by Republicans.
Not true, not Republicans anymore.
Trump servants, ones that sold their souls to evil: Money and power.
Faust is never getting outdated.
Another shooting.
And my first reaction – not again please, it is like a bad dream.
I am lost in dystopia, terrible dark age dystopia.
I have to wake up, enough is enough!
And then the somber realization – it is America today, it is real.
Anger overwhelms me, anger and a sinking feeling of hopelessness.
American children, America’s future is being systematically murdered.
One school after the other.
One mass murder after another.
Speeches of support and condolences.
And nothing is changing.
Same terrible hopeless routine.
The so-called people’s representatives offer a prayer.
A prayer.
And I want them to tell me how they feel.

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