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Good People.

Posted by Nate

How you define good people? 
An important issue, very important for me, is a moral issue. I was watching the candidate, Trump, and then President Trump. I am absolutely convinced that this man has no morals at moral convictions. He acts like an egomaniac, a narcissist. This person makes fun of the handicapped, he incites violence.  This person, Trump, was elected President of the United States.
I am having a hard time trying to understand why many voted for Donald Trump, the ignorant bully and a known crook. I think I can, somehow, understand why some rural, small-town folks, out of desperation, would vote for Trump. But what is still puzzling to me is why so many educated people are still supporting this very dangerous man. And I am pondering the morals of his voters. Do they think that moral issues are not an important factor for the president? Then the next question arises: how important are moral convictions to these Americans. Do they consider themselves "moral" people, good people? Because if American people are disregarding moral issues, we are doomed as a country.
What is the definition of a good person, of good people? 
I hear from people about someone they know who supports Trump: "But they are good decent people. They are nice people with good families, ready to help their friends." And yet these nice people, by electing and supporting Trump, are contributing greatly to the demise of our Democracy.  With their support Trump is isolating America, actively undermining our country's standing in  the world. Trump declared war on the independent press, called news organizations the "enemy of the people"...just like Stalin and other dictators.
These nice people are helping all kinds of hate groups to become emboldened, to promote hate and violence. And yet many educated Russian Jewish immigrants support this con man. Nice people are helping to destroy the environment. Granted they may not be doing all these things directly, but they support Trump and his party who are doing all these bad things. So are they "good people"? And again how about their moral convictions? Do they have any? And what is the meaning of "good" people?
I tried to google the definition of "good people, good person" and I was not able to find a clear definition!
Good people.
Good to whom? To their families, friends? How about the country? The world?
Trump managed to sour our relations with our allies and friends around the world and is pushing America into the outcast club who's members are Russia, Iran, Syria, North Korea.
And these "good" people are supporting Trump and his party. A party that is promoting hate and divisiveness. The Republican party is no more. It became the Trump party. Anti-environment, anti-global cooperation, anti-education. And perhaps many of the good people don't really want to encourage and support all these bad things? Maybe.
Does that change anything? Aren't these "good people", out of ignorance, accomplices in crimes against America's Democracy and the world's well-being?
Ignorance is not an excuse, it is not a virtue. 
I keep asking myself: why did these "good" people vote for Trump and why are they still supporting him?
"They are basically good people", my friends are saying. Maybe they just don't know what they are doing? They are just not informed.
Ignorance? Is this result of ignorance? But why are they ignorant, the good people, Trump supporters? Why is there such unwillingness to learn, to read, to listen to other points of view?
An inability to analyze, to understand the facts? The facts, not the "alternate" reality. And do these people know who Trump is and are they in agreement with him? The question of morality comes up again.

Witch hunting comes to mind.


Witch burning at stakes.

Good people? Just ignorant? Don't know what they are doing?
I suspect a much worse reason. I suspect that Trump was able to convey to all haters in this country who were afraid to speak up that it is OK now to go out in the open. It is OK to hate Jews, minorities, immigrants, gays. It is acceptable in Trumpland.
So I don't know the exact numbers but it does not matter.
The "good people" who are supporting this regime in the White House are together with neo-Nazis, white supremacists, KKK and other hate groups.
The good people.
Are they?

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