The reasons of current turmoil in the world.

Who we are and what we do. Are you happy?

daily grind
Are you happy?

To my fellow Americans and to the rest members of our “advanced” civilization

We drive our cars to work. We work a lot doing important things, like designing new line of clothing or new cereal. Our industries are furiously producing more stuff that is absolutely needed to produce even more stuff. We are flying all over the planet to important meetings, deciding how to make more stuff.
We are busy in this life, very busy.
Doing what?
Trying to accomplish what?
Can we pause for a moment, and try to feel what we really want?
Are we happy?
We work to “make a living”. What living?
Are we happy?
Do we live to work? Why do most of us separate life and work? What is “working”? Is working – life? Is that what life meant to be?
Are we happy?
Our beautiful planet. Our only home. We are busy destroying it. Why?
Will we ever learn to live? To live and let live?
We enjoy our only home, the nature 2 -4 weeks a year. So we work 50 weeks on destroying our planet and for 2 weeks are enjoying what we did not destroy yet.
Are we happy?

our way of life

I saw the movie Avatar. What a great fantasy! A non-technological civilization, intelligent creatures that live in harmony with nature. No, they are nature, inseparable from the planet, part of the living planet.

Are they happy?
Do we know more about life then they do?
I wonder what would happen to American Indians, to their civilization, if we would not destroy them and their world.
What would happen to African civilization if Europeans never invaded?
Why are we so bent on destruction?
Why are we so sure that our way of life is the only way of life?
How are we learning about the world around us?
We came from animals, we are on the top of the food chain. We are superior to any other creature on this planet. Right? The planet is ours to destroy!
So why don’t we feel the coming tsunami or the earth quake like animals do?
A good part of our knowledge, of out technology is applied toward the better way to kill each other. Does that seems natural?
Are we happy?
I do not have all the answers, I just have questions. May be it is a good start.

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