Backward to the Future

Generations of efforts and struggle were devoted to building a better and more humane society for all. We accomplished a lot: desegregation, women’s rights, equal rights for minorities, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

I have been following current events around the world and in our country…fascinating events!  The spark of freedom has caught fire and spread around the world.  It is hard to know what the results will be, but what is clear is that people do not want the status quo.  The Internet, with its free  flow of information, eventually leads to real freedom.  The days of dictatorship are over, may not be all over and may not be over today.  But the world knows, the dictators know…their time is over.  These are historic times, uplifting times…that is before we take a closer look…that is before we look at what is happening here in America.
We need to move forward
Our hope...Our future

It seems that as the world is moving forward, America is pulling backward…to the good old times…to the Wild West, where guns rule, where you are on your own, where old people die on the streets, to the world without safety nets for the less fortunate.

Generations of efforts and struggle were devoted to building a  better and more humane society for all.  We accomplished a lot: desegregation, women’s rights, equal rights for minorities, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  America was a beacon for all who wanted freedom, opportunity and a better life.  This was the country where anybody, regardless of ethnicity, origin or class, could succeed.
The beacon of the free world…  not anymore!  We are being pulled backwards.  The middle class is disappearing, the rift between the “have” and “have-nots” is growing at an accelerated rate.  Social programs are under attack and lag behind other nations.
“The United States is decades behind the rest of the world in parental leave policy and joins Swaziland and Papua, New Guinea as the only countries with no guarantee of paid leave”, a Human Rights Watch report said Wednesday.
Of the 190 countries studied in the report, 178 guaranteed paid leave for new mothers and nine were unclear about their maternity policies.  Just three countries clearly offer no legal guarantee.

We have lost our competitive edge…
How is it that the country that won its freedom from an occupier with blood and determination became an occupier?  How is it that we spend countless billions on wars but cannot spare money for education, health care and science?
How is it that the country that reached the moon cannot afford student loans?
Why are the unions that helped to build the middle class under attack?
The regimes that we support around the world are crumbling.
People are fed up and are ready to move to a better future.  We, the people of  the USA,  support this seemingly worldwide  fight for freedom.  Yet, why are we moving backwards in our own country?  Isn’t it time for us to start asking questions?  Is it not time to regroup and move on to a better society?  And what do we do?  We allow ourselves to be pulled back by the Republicans.  And about the Neo-Republican party, Mr. President, you repeatedly try to work with and get consensus from Republicans.
Mr. President, many Republicans are not just your political enemies, they are your enemies…they hate your guts.  The outrageous thing about the Republican dedication to  “fiscal responsibility” is that  suddenly, under the Obama administration, they became  fiscal conservatives.  These same Republicans accuse the Obama administration of overspending.  They burned the house down when they occupied it and now that new tenant wants to rebuild it.  Yet they scream that he is wasting money.
The problem?
Guns for all
Backwards to the future.
Mr. President,  the GOP will not work with you; the Republican Party will work against you.  The Republicans want their power back.  The American people elected the Democrats and you, Mr. President,  to fix the country.  They did not elect you to appease the Republicans who broke this country in the first place.  The Democrats and you, Mr. President,  will have to do the repairs.  Unfortunately, the way to do this is to treat the Republicans as a hostile force.  It was not your choice, Mr. President.  The Republicans started the war and you have to fight and win for this country’s future.  You lead and we will be with you.  Sorry that you have to work with the Democrats to accomplish that.
The “middle” class?
According to statistics the divide between the “haves” and “have nots” is growing wider every year.  The stress factors are multiplying for the general population.  It makes people feel better if they can identify the culprit…the enemy.  There has got to be someone responsible, and we have plenty of crazies and opportunists like Limbaugh and Beck to add to the fire, to point the fingers.  They spread rumors and lies.  They entice hate and bigotry…and they make millions.  But what goes around comes around.  History tells us that those who spread hate and violence will become its victims in the end.
My fellow Americans,
Some of you are blaming the current President now for record deficits and continued economic problems.
So you want all the problems fixed quickly, but with no cost to  yourselves…AND NO NEW TAXES…and to do it NOW.
And yet you graciously gave the Republicans and George W. Bush eight years to run our country to the ground.  You want simple answers and solutions, ones that you will understand.
Sorry to disappoint you…there are no simple and quick fixes.

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