Stanley and Grover

Grover Norquist’s lobbyist group, Americans for Tax Reform, has convinced, and bullied all but 7 GOP Senators and 7 GOP Members of Congress to sign the following pledge. (Each house has its own slightly modified version.)

“Stupidity is the deliberate cultivation of ignorance.” William Gaddis

Quite a few years ago we had a family pet named Stanley.  Stanley, an English bulldog, was cute, sweet and stupid.  I know stupidity when I see it.  Stupid is not the failure to know, but rather it is the failure to adjust.   Stanley was the perfect canine example of stupid.


Stanley’s favorite place to romp (a slow waddle) was the outdoor patio. Separating the interior and the exterior of the house was a sliding glass door.  Fairly regularly, Stanley would fail to notice the closed door and would eagerly trot towards the patio and then unexpectedly flatten his already flat muzzle against the impermeable glass causing him some pain and lubricating the door with slobber.  Now, what separated Stanley from the thinking dog, is that he would shake his head, launch some new airborne slobber and proceed to walk into the door one two more times before we could come to the rescue and open the door.

Thus I define stupid as the inability to recognize, or even worse, ignore pertinent information. Simply put,stupid is  continually walking into closed doors.  John Kerry was decried as a “flip-flopper.”  He was for the Iraq war and then was against it.  Mitt Romney has likewise been labeled a “flip-flopper” on healthcare  and abortion.  Thinking people believe that changing ones mind in the presence of new evidence is really something to be admired.  Kerry, upon learning that the rationale to go to war was simply BS, changed his mind.  Romney, realizing that his former positions on healthcare and abortion would cause him to be unelectable by a national Republican constituency, wisely decided to create a new Mitt Romney.  One may see him as a hypocrite, but ignorant he is not.

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