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Money and more money control the election. And much of our electorate is uninformed or misinformed. These two factors, money and ignorance work great for the rich, but not so well for the ignorant. Crooks and demagogues use money to fool the ignorant and misinformed who then vote against their own best interests. They elect true believers and demagogues who in turn are paid handsomely by the real rulers of this country , the crooks.

Church and State
In God (and money) we trust.

We are all aware of an interesting phenomenon in our country:  the rise of “true believers” and demagogues.  Example:  the GOP Presidential candidates.  It is not hard to imagine Perry and Bachmann in Spain 400 years ago; they would fit in just fine, and, in my opinion, that is where they belong .

Now is the time for demagogues.  The reason – our economy is on life-support;  it is being assassinated by the bankers (I shall simply refer to them as ” crooks” from now on).  Who are today’s bankers?  Bankers  have become people producing nothing of value for our society.  However, they do produce something.  They perfected the art of producing crap in shiny packaging called worthless mortgages,  and selling these  for unfathomable profits.  They are simply crooks.

Tea baggers

These crooks brought down our economy.  But do not worry.  They are okay, the crooks I mean.  Not just okay, they’re doing wonderfully.  Considering the return on their investment (crap) and the bonuses they received, they would do it again in a heartbeat, and they probably will.  Why wouldn’t they?  Our government’s resources (your money} are at their disposal.

Okay, stuff happens, and these crooks ripped off our country (us) for a few hundred billion, but the country still needs them (the crooks).  These crooks are so smart and so valuable that they are considered crucial to our economy.  To insure that these valuable crooks remain on the job, they, the crooks,  got  and will get huge bonuses.

How does our government fit in this equation?  The government tells us that we need smart financiers, bankers, to save our economy.  Our government takes our money and bails out these rich and smart citizens (crooks) in order to save our economy.  My question to  is:  Government, why don’t you save us instead of saving the economy?  It seems that the only people who benefit from this economy are the crooks.

Haven't the rich suffered enough?
We can compromise!

Recently our President rejected the EPA proposal to tighten smog regulations.  Why did Obama do that?  Because the new regulations “could negatively affect the economy”.  The  EPA stated that the new regulations would save 12,000 lives annually.  In essence, we sacrifice our citizens’ lives for the sake of the “economy”.  Economy for whom?  Why do this?  The rich and the crooks are doing just fine, thank you, and the rest of us are doing  so-so.

So why?  Well, because the rich and powerful want to get even richer and more powerful.  But back to our government.  Do we need the government?  Yes, we do.  It is our teachers and firefighters, our police and the EPA, our Social Security and Medicare, our roads and bridges, our FAA and Veterans Affairs.

But what is our government, elected by us, “We the People”, doing for most of us lately?  Let’s see:  it rewarded the bankers who almost destroyed us; gave tax breaks to those who do not need it; cut funding for science, education, Medicare, Medicaid, wasted our money on wars, sent our young people, our future, to die in Iraq and Afghanistan, cut funding for police and firefighters, and cut funding for Public Radio.  In other words, it is doing less and less for  us, the 95% majority, and doing more and more for the rich and powerful.

Did the situation change from the Bush Administration to the Obama Administration?  Not much.  No wonder many of our citizens mistrust our Government.  But being a democracy, “We The People” can elect a new Government that will help us, all of us.  Right?  Great!  So, what ‘s the problem?

Money and more money control the election.  And much of our electorate is uninformed or misinformed.  These two factors, money and ignorance work great for the rich, but not so well  for the  ignorant.  Crooks and demagogues use money to fool the ignorant and misinformed who then vote against their own best interests.  They elect true believers and demagogues who in turn are paid handsomely by the real rulers of this country, the crooks.

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Author: Nate

We emigrated from the Soviet Union in 1979. I am proud of my children who grew up here in America. America is truly a great country and I am trying to do what I can to keep America great. We the people need to participate in a Democracy. I think that in a Democracy we need to constantly be vigilant and work to uphold our way of life. I am fighting for the freedom of speech and expression and against all kinds of extremes including political correctness.

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