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Christian Values and Freedom of Religion.
Scary thought.
By listening to Presidential Candidate Santorum I pinch myself and wonder if I am still in 21st Century USA.

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Christian Values and Freedom of Religion

17 century president
Scary thought.

By listening to Presidential Candidate Santorum I pinch myself and wonder if I am still in 21st Century USA.

Since when is being a good Christian, a Christian, or for that matter, being religious at all a prerequisite for being President?  I thought that in the USA we have a separation between Church and State, or to be more accurate, between religion and State.  Furthermore, when, and by what authority, was it determined that an ignoramus like Rick Santorum be empowered to speak for all Christians?

Below are questions I address to Christian Americans:

Do you understand that your religion is being hijacked by fanatics and demagogues?

Do you understand that what you are saying about the religion of Islam is becoming comparable to Christianity?

Do you understand that some of you are moving back toward the Dark Ages?

Do you want respect from the rest of the world?  Do you?  (If “yes”, then why are you allowing kooks like Santorum, or Bachmann and Company set the rules?)

Who gave Ayatollah Santorum the authority to speak for you?

Why is being a good Christian a necessary condition to be President of the USA?  (How about being a good Jew, a good Buddhist, a good Muslim, or a good atheist?

Why are Christians allowing the Crusaders to set the rules?

Do you Christians have any self-respect?

Is being Christian a requirement to lead this nation, or is it more rightfully a requirement to lead a Church?

It has gotten so ridiculous that there is even discussion on TV and radio if Mormonism is a Christian religion, or if Obama is a true Christian?  When somebody says they are Christian, professes to believe in Jesus Christ and goes to church, is that not enough?  How Christian must somebody be to be Christian?

Attack on women rights
Vagina control committee.

So, you do not like Islam because of its:

  • denigration of women
  • denial of reproductive freedom for women
  • dictum that only men can decide all matters concerning women
  • denial of freedom of choice (no contraception, no family planning, no prenatal care, no abortions)
  • rejection of science
  • hatred for gays and lesbians
  • disregard for the environment

What country am I talking about?  What is your best guess?

I am talking about America, the Theocracy under Ayatollah Santorum.

So, my Christian Americans, you did not like this letter.  This letter offended you!



Then do something for your country, for our Constitution; do something for the future of this great Democracy, for your kids.

Take your religion back.  Show the world that you are better than that.  Please keep freedom of religion alive.  Protect and advocate for the Constitutional basic tenet of our country, separation of Church and state.  Do not allow fanatics to force your religion on all.  Let people decide and follow their beliefs.  After all, it is a free country .

Please speak up.

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