Entrepreneurs and Anarchy

Our society cannot function nor be innovative without teachers , policemen, firefighters, carpenters, electricians and road-builders. Complex societies need an infrastructure, and one that is maintained.

NathanI am all for entrepreneurs.  I am all for our risk-takers.

Movers and shakers
Risk taking

Entrepreneurs are the ones who move the world and any society should encourage and help them.

There are millions of entrepreneurs in our country and around the world.

Entrepreneurs founded Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Intel, Tesla Motors and PayPal just to name a few.  But entrepreneurs cannot exist in a vacuum; they are in a symbiotic relationship with the whole society, a society which empowers and enables the risk-taker and innovator.

Our society cannot function nor be innovative without teachers, policemen, firefighters, carpenters, electricians and road-builders.  Complex societies need an infrastructure and one that is maintained.

Complex society
We need each other.

We all enjoy the arts. Our society would have no life, no vitality without the arts.  It needs writers and singers, composers and painters.

Every facet of our society is necessary and is supported by its other parts.

I am an entrepreneur and small business owner.  To be successful, I need customers for my services and products;  I need computers;  I need a functioning internet;  I need marketing and shipping services and I need food.

Yes, even entrepreneurs need food to survive.

So, my fellow entrepreneurs, in order for us all to succeed, we had better make sure that our life support system, our society, is healthy and functional.  Simply put,  we all can’t be entrepreneurs and if we imagine the Republican dream comes through and everyone will be an entrepreneur, we would have a society that could be described in one word, that word –  “anarchy”.

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