Experts, Criminals and Liars.

Still defending Iraq invasion?
Talking heads
War criminals becoming “experts”

Today on Fareed Zakaria one of the “experts” he invited to his discussion about Syria was Paul Wolfowitz.

Why is it acceptable for hosts to invite “experts” who have proven to be dead wrong every time?  Talking heads that became caricatures, buffoons and demagogues.

Experts like Dick, the grim reaper, Cheney, Paul, the “conqueror of Iraq”, Wolfowitz, Donald (duck) Rumsfeld, Bill, “bomb them all”, Kristol.

Why in the world would I listen to these “experts” who, while living comfortably and free of danger, helped to push our country into a disastrous war…these same “experts” who caused death and suffering and economic disasters?

Experts are the ones who screwed up and consult others.
Loud speaker to a demagogue.

And I am accusing hosts like Zakaria and Chris Matthews and Andrea Mitchell and others for pretending to talk to experts while inviting the lying, selfish bastards to their shows.

And another “expert” whom I call the “war criminal”, Richard Perle.

I am asking you, TV and radio hosts that claim to be impartial and responsible reporters, why are you undermining your credibility by inviting known, lying criminals whose only agenda is to give excuses for their crimes and their stupidity?

Just listen to this one trying to weasel out of the responsibility of the Iraq war.

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