God, the Ten Commandments and Free Will.

 commandment (kəˈmɑːndmənt)

Following the Ten Commandments.
Fear rules.

1. a divine command, esp one of the Ten Commandments of the Old Testament

2. literally any command
I have a question.
If people obey the Ten Commandments because they fear God, what does that say about people?
What does it say about God?
Which person has a higher moral standing:
1. One that follows God’s orders to be good out of fear?

2. Or one that is good because of moral convictions?

Or maybe these Ten Commandments are just suggestions?

Do believers follow the Bible out of fear?
Fear or free will?

Are some believers just selfish and follow God’s suggestions to get rewarded “in heaven”?

Do we humans have free will?
And if we do have free will and choose to ignore the Commandments, do “God’s suggestions” fall on deaf ears?
The Omnipotent God?
Or just a Santa Claus?  If you have been good, you will get a gift when you die.
Asking God's forgiveness just in case.
I must have sinned! Sorry!

During prayers on Yom Kippur, Jews ask for forgiveness of a long list of sins they may have committed.

When I asked someone what sins they had committed, they were not sure but were asking for forgiveness anyway…just in case.  So are we learning
anything from our mistakes?  Or are we just asking for forgiveness wholesale?  Just in case?
I have an idea: we should write down our sins and compare them to the list in the Bible to see if ours are on the list.
If yes than ask for forgiveness.  On the other hand if God is all-knowing, why bother with the list in the first place?  God knows your sins anyway.
So God please forgive me this sin – asking stupid questions.

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