Turning Around. And Around.

Healthcare.gov disaster
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The Obama administration and lead website contractor CGI Federal said Friday they had mutually agreed to part ways on HealthCare.gov. The site’s launch Oct. 1 embarrassed President Barack Obama and prompted a frantic reconstruction campaign. It largely works well now. “

CGI spokeswoman Linda Odorisio said in a statement that the company played a key role in turning the website around, and that it remains a federal contractor on other health care projects.” http://www.newsdaily.com/business/7bbbf765bd3114cd9de7cb41312f6cff/feds-part-ways-with-lead-health-website-contractor

The healthcare.gov website builder CGI helped to turn the website around after they totally screwed it up with the help of the Government. The Government agency responsible for overseeing the site constriction is turning around itself after making the dumb decision to hire CGI in the first place. Dumb and dumber.

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