CNN – New and newer breaking…news?

CNN degradation from a news organization into a gossip and pointless opinions outfit.

CNN unreality reporting
Flight 370… Flight 370… Flight 370..HELP!

CNN "reporting"
Daily Wisdom
CNN “reporters” are in need of mental health counseling.  It has been reported that many including Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper are being diagnosed with PTSD.  One of the symptoms:  they cannot stop talking about the Malaysian flight 370 disappearance.  At home, in the toilet, even during sex they are unable to stop talking aloud about aliens and terrorists and black holes, oceans of garbage and toy planes.  Families are ruined, children are being abandoned, partnerships falling apart.
It is getting so bad that CNN is working on the sequel to the current “flight 370 crush into the 4th dimension” unreality show.
The sequel:  "Flight 370 and CNN Mental Health" is in the early stages of production right now.  The genius of this show - it will be used as therapy for the poor unreality reporters being affected.  “It may just save my sanity”, said Wolf Blitzer.  “I am desperate.”
So stay tuned my friends.  The freak show some call “CNN Reporting” continues.

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