Pandora’s Box that “W” Opened.

America was lied into the Iraq war.
Some are evil. Some are stupid.

To begin with let me state the following:  I am convinced that Bush’s administration committed an act of treason by pushing the United States into the criminal war and occupation of Iraq.

Greed and arrogant ignorance motivated these people who now have the nerve to blame the Obama administration for Iraq being torn apart by sectarian violence.

Balance of power in the Middle East.

There was a fragile balance of power for a while.  Iraq and Iran were at each other’s throats.

With the reckless invasion and occupation of Iraq, the US broke the power balance and allowed the destabilization of the region.

And now the mess in the Middle East.

The mess that the British started by creating countries and borders without taking the nationalistic and religious differences into consideration.

Iraq with a 60% Shiite majority and Kurds as a semi-independent region but ruled by the Sunni minority .

Syria is an ethnic and religious patchwork.  Three quarters of the around 22 million Syrians are Sunni Muslims.  Alawites and Christians each represent 10 percent of the population.  On top of that, several hundred thousand Druze, Shiites and Yazidi also live in the country.

The reckless actions of the Bush administration invading Iraq and breaking the fragile standoff between the Sunnis and Shiites in the region created a vacuum of power and an opportunity for different groups to advance their agenda. 
Once the strongman, Saddam Hussein, was removed and the governmental structure dissolved, the long simmering religious animosity took over.  And currently the Sunni militias supported by Saudi Arabia advancing to Baghdad are establishing the Sunni region that includes part of Iraq and part of Syria.

So what now?  Restore the balance.

Shiites in Iraq are supported by Iran.  Sunnis are supported by Saudi Arabia and the rich Golf states.

Should the US use it’s military?  To do what?  To support whom?

Who do we support?  And how?  Both sides!  The U.S. and it’s allies should work with both sides making sure that neither side gets a clear advantage…but not direct military support.  Do it behind the scenes.  Use proxies.  Use diplomacy or whatever means possible. Quietly!  And don’t let these chihuahuas like McCain and Graham change your course.  They will yap no matter what you do.

Iraq and Syria are not real countries and will break apart sooner or later.  The ISIS – – the so-called Islamic Republic is dangerous and should be controlled and defeated.  Iran and Iraqi Shiites will take care of this.

The goal is to push both sides toward some kind of agreement that will stop the violence but will keep them busy watching each other. 

Keep Sunnis and Shiites busy fighting each other.
The unending fight

Ten Commandments on Foreign Policy

That reckless actions of the W. Bush administration invading Iraq and breaking the fragile standoff between the Sunnis and Shiites in the region created the vacuum of power and an opportunity for different groups to advance their agenda.

Foreign policy basics.
Read them W. Don’t just hold them!

Here I propose 10 Foreign Policy Commandments:

1.  Not every country is ready for a Western-type democracy.

2.  One cannot export democracy into another country or install it by force.

3.  You do not overstay your welcome.  Nobody likes foreign occupation.

4.  Do not be in a hurry to dismantle the existing governmental structure.  It is easy to break but very difficult to build.  You break it, you own it.  So you’d better plan how to fix it.

5.  Be careful who you give weapons to.  These same weapons may be turned against you in the future.

One example:  mujaheddin

6.  Do not install your puppet in charge of other countries.  People of that country will overthrow the puppet and you will be the one to blame.

7.  Maintain a strong military but use it as a last resort.  Be a leader, not a bully.

8.  Generals do not decide foreign policy – politicians do.

9.  Don’t rush with declarations on whether a foreign leader should go or stay – your words may turn against you.

10.  Do not intervene unilaterally.  You and only you will be blamed for the problems and nobody will thank you even if you succeed.

In conclusion, I just want to suggest that world leaders try to understand human behavior and the development of societies.  So when there is a need to interfere, it will be done by following the natural flow of societal development and not against it.  This will help to achieve an acceptable outcome with maximum efficiency.


MOSCOW—Ukraine’s interior minister says that three tanks have crossed into Ukrainian territory from Russia and were attacked by his country’s forces.


Putin's lies
Daily Wisdom

Just in the news: Going out of business sale!  Two for the price of one!  Ammo, guns, armored vehicles, even tanks!  Everything must go!  Cash only please.  Russian credit cards are not accepted.

MOSCOW—Ukraine’s interior minister says that three tanks have crossed into Ukrainian territory from Russia and were attacked by its country’s forces.

The Interfax news agency quoted Arsen Avakov as saying that a “column” with armored vehicles crossed from Russia through border control points controlled by pro-Russia separatists near the Dyakove village in eastern Ukraine.

The Russian side continues to insist that it’s not delivering weapons to separatists – that separatists are buying their weapons at local businesses.

Yes, my friends.  The “sale of the century”.  By the way, in honor of Father’s day, I have a small island called Manhattan for sale.  Cheap.

Ignorance is Trendy?


Downfall of knowledge.
American crossroads.

More proof that the human brain is shrinking.

“A quarter of Americans surveyed could not correctly answer that the Earth revolves around the sun and not the other way around, according to a report out Friday from the National Science Foundation.”

The notion that the Earth revolves around the Sun had been proposed as early as the 3rd century BC by Aristarchus of Samos.

Nicolaus Copernicus published his theory in 1543.  It positioned the Sun near the center of the Universe, motionless, with Earth and the other planets rotating around it in circular paths modified by epicycles and at uniform speeds.

Meanwhile 5 centuries later there is a “Flat Earth Society” :

“Welcome to the Flat Earth Wiki, otherwise known as The FEW.  This website is dedicated to unraveling the true mysteries of the universe and demonstrating that the earth is flat and that the Round Earth doctrine is little more than an elaborate hoax.”

So my friends welcome to the new Earth that is flat with the sun rotating around this pancake-shaped Earth.

After reading all this I just want to get to the edge of the Earth and jump from it.  For one reason to kill myself but, while I am falling from our flat Earth, I want to see the fool that holds up this stupid planet.

Flat earth society
Wow! I had no idea!

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