Our Choices

I am not going back to fear, suspicion and lies. We have to fight. To fight so this country and the world will not turn into a terrifying dystopia. I want to, I have to believe that progress is unstoppable, that light will win. There are setbacks, there are defeats. But the future, the best in all of us, will always prevail. And the future needs us to succeed.

Rise of Fascism in the USA.
American President?

I am trying to describe what I feel now.

Now that this man was elected President.

President of our country

Our new country, America.

This wonderful young country, but mature Democracy, the experiment.

America the magnet, hope for people around the world.

We came here for a new beginning.

My wife, our little daughter and myself.

We decided to leave the Soviet Union when we realized finally that there was no future for us there.

We Jews always felt like second-class, unwanted people. It was not our country.

We were young and determined to do better for ourselves and our children.

We came to America.

And also it took some time to adapt, but we were home, at last. Continue reading “Our Choices”

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