Pseudo Liberalism

History repeats itself. People have not changed. The poisonous dark wave of hatred is rising again.
But we, the Jews, we have Israel now and we are strong and ready. And we will not allow ourselves to be slaughtered again. Not this time.

“Pseudo liberalism” is the hypocritical, intellectual position of purporting to tolerate the validity of another’s position while actually dismissing that validity. The pseudo position reduces complex issues to the simplistic: this, which I believe, is “right” and that, which you believe, is “wrong”.


We will live.

Never again.

I remember my childhood.

Every year I spent two months in summer camp.

Kids, cruel and stupid. Obviously repeating their parents’ talk.

“Dirty Jews!”

“You Jews were hiding Nazis during the war!”

I remember our neighbor’s housekeeper giving candies to local kids.

But not to us Jewish kids.

Only for kids with “good nationalities” she would say.

I knew, without fully understanding it.

I knew I was a “bad nationality”.

I was 4, playing outside when mom called me into the house.

Father was standing in the kitchen, two man standing at his sides.

My father picked me up, hugged and kissed me.

He told me he was going away, he had to do some work in another city.

Only much later did I find out where he went and why.

As a Jewish writer he was accused of “Jewish nationalism” and sentenced to 10 years in a labor camp in Siberia.

He was exonerated 4 years, after Stalin death.

When he finally came home I was eight then and of course I did not remember him.

“Father, are you really my father?” I asked.

He passed away two years later from a heart attack.

There were a few Jewish families living on our block.

I remember one day some drunkard came to our street and started yelling something about Jews.

That Hitler missed them and that he would take care of all these Jews.

That day Jewish families would not allow their kids to go outside.

Finally the guy got tired and left. Of course no police showed up.

After the 8th grade I entered a technical school in Minsk.

Whether by choice or by accident, 3 Jewish kids were placed in the same dorm room.

Sometimes when kids (non-Jewish) from other rooms would get drunk, they would come to our door, start banging on the door, yelling and cursing us Jews.

We would sit in our room, quietly with the lights off.

I already knew at the time that we, Jews, could not apply to many colleges.

I knew already that Jews were not given security clearances to work in the high-tech industry.

I was 18 when I was drafted into the army, as many others, after graduating technical school.

It was the same in the army. Same antisemitism.

Always, no matter where, when or how

At all times

I knew. I am different, I am a Jew.

I was born in 1947, two years after the War ended.

But we kids lived this war. Games we played, books and movies, our family stories.

We remembered this war, all of us, we remembered.

Every family in Belarus had somebody who perished. Every family.

My older cousins told me later how my grandparents were murdered and buried in a mass grave.

Murdered not by Germans. No. By locals.

Locals were all too happy to do it. They forced the Jews to line up on the edge of the ravine and opened fire.

Some were killed, some not.

Then bulldozers came and buried them all.

Old and young. Dead and still alive. People said the earth moved for two more days.

Tanks drove over the mass grave and finally it was all over.

We, I remember it all.

And that is why we Jews are determined. Never again!

Holocaust survivors said: NEVER AGAIN.

Never again will we be defenseless.

Never again will we allow our mothers, fathers and children to be murdered.

It’s a promise we Jews gave to all 6 million that perished during the War.

Slaughtered by Fascists. Germans, Poles, Ukrainians and many, many others.

So many others were willing participants.

And the world was silent, indifferent. The world did not care.

We Jews remember. We can only count on ourselves.

Never again will we wander around the world without a country of our own.

And Israel was born

A tiny sliver of land surrounded by sworn enemies determined to exterminate the Jews, determined to destroy Israel.

We learned to defend ourselves.

And we will defend ourselves by all means necessary.

We will survive, Israel will survive. In spite of all our enemies

In spite of the indifferent world.

Because, as Golda Meir said once: We have nowhere to go.

And hate is rising.

History repeats itself. People have not changed.

The poisonous dark wave of hatred is rising again.

But we, the Jews, we have Israel now and we are strong and ready.

And we will not allow ourselves to be slaughtered again. Not this time.

But what is most disturbing to me and many others is not Nazis here in America

It is the rise of antisemitism from the left, from so-called liberals. I call them pseudo liberals.

We Jews know the Nazis. And we remember communists.

And now Nazis are marching on the streets here in America.

And communists? They are on college campuses now.

Pseudo liberals are becoming new Nazis.

They just love to love the “victims”

And to their surprise and disappointment Jews are not the victims anymore!

Jews have learned their lesson the hard way.

And they learned how to fight.

So pseudo liberals needed somebody to love, to protect.

They needed a victim!

And whom do they love now? Who are the innocent victims?

The Palestinians of course. Hamas is an innocent victim of Jewish “oppression”!

And who is the enemy now? Israel of course!

Strong, vibrant, successful Israel. That cannot be right.

If Israel is successful, if the Jews are strong, it means they are doing something bad!

In these pseudo liberals’ minds, Israel is successful at someone else’s expense.

It succeeds by oppressing these poor defenseless Palestinians, Hamas.

In pseudo liberals’ opinion all they (the Palestinians) want is to be free and live in peace.

And who cares about some small details?

Like Hamas terrorists murdering Israeli civilians.

As usual, pseudo liberals explain terrorism as the result of brutal oppression by Israel.

So it is Israel’s fault. Bad Jews!

How dare they, these Jews! They don’t want to be victims anymore! So disappointing!

Jews are fighting back!?

But we remember!

Six million of our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers perished in the Holocaust.

I remember my childhood, my adult years. My father and my grandparents.

Every inch in the land of Israel is pawed with our bones. Every tree has Jewish blood, sweat and tears.

Here is my answer to these “liberals” and Nazis: Communism was defeated, Nazis were crushed.

And you, your vile ideas and hateful ignorance will be defeated.

It is our promise.

Never again.

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Author: Nate

We emigrated from the Soviet Union in 1979. I am proud of my children who grew up here in America. America is truly a great country and I am trying to do what I can to keep America great. We the people need to participate in a Democracy. I think that in a Democracy we need to constantly be vigilant and work to uphold our way of life. I am fighting for the freedom of speech and expression and against all kinds of extremes including political correctness.

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