How Trump Enabled China to Dominate the World.

“President Donald J. Trump’s abdication of global leadership and a transactional approach to world politics has exacerbated the disintegration of world order, further imperiling cooperative efforts.”

Trump and China

I was watching a PBS special about China and its ambitions, and about its growing influence in the world. It had plenty of criticism of China and its domestic and foreign policies. But it did not have a word about the disastrous isolationist policies of the Trump administration that are enabling China to succeed. The US gave up its leadership in the world and just stepped aside, practically inviting China to take over.

“President Donald J. Trump’s abdication of global leadership and a transactional approach to world politics has exacerbated the disintegration of world order, further imperiling cooperative efforts.”

TPP agreement

Asian countries distrust China and wanted this agreement as a way to contain China’s aggressive behaviour.

“TPP afforded clear economic advantages and a template for containing China and addressing its flouting of international trade rules said co-lead author Ian Sheldon, a professor in the Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics at The Ohio State University.

“As the Trump administration retreats from the region by ending US participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, China’s Communist leaders are ramping up their globalization efforts and championing the virtues of free trade. In an address last week to the World Economic Forum at Davos, China’s President Xi Jinping likened protectionism to “locking oneself in a dark room” and signaled that China would look to negotiate regional trade deals. “

Alienating European allies

“Another interesting insight of the article is that in addition to the negative economic consequences of pulling out of TPP, the U.S. has also alienated key allies through application of tariffs on steel imports from the European Union, Japan and Canada, undermining any multilateral pressure being placed on China.”

Quitting the Paris agreement

The US clearly gave up leadership to China.

When the news hit the wires, they popped champagne corks in Beijing.

That’s because China is legitimately interested in leading the world in the deployment of and investment in renewable energy. The People’s Republic is currently the world’s largest producer of wind and solar energy and the largest investor in green energy projects. Five of the world’s six largest solar manufacturing companies can be found in China, as well as the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer.

Failed N. Korean policies.

Trump boasts about his friendship with N. Korean leader Kim Jong Un. But Kim was playing Trump like a fiddle and its acceleration of nuclear arms production while China’s influence there is growing.

The Trump zero sum approach to life.

Global cooperation, working with allies for common goal, and win-win policies are foreign to Trump

All his life he has never trusted anybody, has never had friends, and has never had any mutually beneficial cooperation.

His only principle in life was and still is “winning” Winning at all costs. A zero sum game where if there is a winner – there should be a loser.

And this is his foreign policy, if you can call it a policy. Trump is incapable of working on long term goals. He is driven by impulses.

Now more about China –

The Chinese are not eager to fight. They use a soft approach and soft power.

Money, diplomacy, intimidation. And China has been very successful. In part thanks to Trump’s ineptitude.

China is a de facto superpower and is still one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

It has ambitious and aggressive expansion plans spreading throughout the globe.

It is fast becoming a leader in technology and in green energy.

It’s influence is visible on all continents. The problem of course is China’s totalitarian Communist regime that has created a dystopian and centrally controlled society by using advanced surveillance technology.

And by “helping” other countries with new technology China is trying to collect sensitive technological and political information.

But China is doing what most of communist totalitarian regimes have always been doing. The United States on the other hand failed to keep up its leadership, and has failed to organize and unite world democracies to stop China. And Trump and his administration are solely responsible.

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Author: Nate

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