Do you remember how Israel ended the Gaza occupation and what happened afterwards. All the suicide bombing? All innocent civilians, children and mothers, fathers and grandparents? The “civilized” world has a short memory, but I remember! We remember.

The tragic loop

Rockets are falling on Israel. Again. And Again.

And the enlightened world is in shock, in horror.

Israel is doing it again. Israel is the culprit, the villain.

And I, the Jew expected that. We Jews are the oppressors, the bad guys.

Why? Would the world pity us if we would just let our enemies succeed?

But we, the Jews, promised our children: NEVER AGAIN! Never again. Can you hear me, can you hear Israel saying this to the world? Never again!

But I have a feeling of desperation, helplessness and a dark fear for this tragic nation both for me and for us.

I remember my childhood in the Soviet Union. Being called a dirty Jew since I remember myself, being bullied in the day camp, in technical school, in the Soviet Army for being a Jew!

I remember my father being arrested and incarcerated, sent to Siberia for being a Jewish writer.

I remember being a family of the “enemy of the people”

I remember drunks on the streets, in the bus, in a hotel spewing hate against Jews.

Was it my fault that I was born to Jewish parents, that I am a Jew?

But I am proud of being a Jew. I am proud of our accomplishments in science, arts and just about any aspect of today’s civilization.

I am proud of many Jewish accomplishments in the fight for human rights, for freedom, for the right cause.

So what do I feel hearing all these self righteous opinionated ignoramuses?

For me it is not theoretical knowledge and interpretation.

I grew up being a Jew, the one who lived through the millennia of persecutions and being proud of my people.

I am the Jew in Masada who killed my wife and children before killing myself rather than facing Roman enslavement.

I am the Jew who was bludgeoned to death by Cossacks in a shtetl in Russia.

I am the little kid that died from starvation in Auschwitz.

I am the mother who threw the baby over the fence of German concentration camp in the hope that somebody will pick up her baby and save it.

I am my grandparents who were dragged to the ravine near Lubonichi in Belarus and shot along with hundreds of other Jews. And buried (many still alive) by bulldozers.

I am the one who managed to survive the war, following my dream, and was able to get to Palestine, the land of my ancestors.

I am the one that fought desperate wars with Arabs who tried to kill those of us who survived the Nazis.

I am the one that with my blood and sweat built my, yes MY, nation from the ground up.

We, the Jews did not want to fight the Arabs. We just wanted to live, to love, to live in peace, to raise children. To be happy again, after thousand of years of persecutions, after the Holocaust.

But we were surrounded by sworn enemies that kept trying to do what countless enemies before tried to do and failed. Failed! Arabs wanted to destroy our country and to murder all of us.

And they failed! Why did they fail?

Golda Meir said that we the Jews have a secret weapon: we have nowhere to go.

I am the parent whose children were blown up, murdered by a Palestinian suicide bomber during the wedding.

Yes we the Jews love, cherish life. Islamic terrorists glorify death, being a martyr.

That is why they put their children in harm’s way, that is why mothers are proud of their terrorists children who were wearing explosives belts and died for Allah while killing the Jews.

I am the Israeli child that knows to run to the bomb shelter attached to school at the sound of siren.

I am this young girl walking with a rifle going to the grocery store.

Israel is constantly on alert. All the time, 24/7.

Just remember the Yom Kippur war.

Do you know, understand how hard it is for people to be on alert ALL THE TIME, to be ready to run into the shelter at the sound of the siren? To be woken up in the middle of the night, to grab your kids and to run for your lives?

For comparison, not to offend anybody: some Americans are complaining about “loss of freedom” for being forced to wear masks, screaming about being oppressed for not being able to go to the hairdresser..

Do you remember how Israel ended the Gaza occupation and what happened afterwards. All the suicide bombing? All innocent civilians, children and mothers, fathers and grandparents? The “civilized” world has a short memory, but I remember! We remember.

And I intend to do all I can to keep our promise to our children. Israel is the only place in the world where Jews are always accepted and welcome.

I love America, we came here over 40 years ago. But even here, in America, we see the rise in hate crimes. Not just against Jews, but also people of Asian descent.

Can fascism come to power here in the USA? Yes. It almost succeeded on January 6.

And then Israel will be our last hope.

Pseudo Liberalism

History repeats itself. People have not changed. The poisonous dark wave of hatred is rising again.
But we, the Jews, we have Israel now and we are strong and ready. And we will not allow ourselves to be slaughtered again. Not this time.

“Pseudo liberalism” is the hypocritical, intellectual position of purporting to tolerate the validity of another’s position while actually dismissing that validity. The pseudo position reduces complex issues to the simplistic: this, which I believe, is “right” and that, which you believe, is “wrong”. https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-exact-meaning-of-pseudo-liberal-1


We will live.

Never again.

I remember my childhood.

Every year I spent two months in summer camp.

Kids, cruel and stupid. Obviously repeating their parents’ talk.

“Dirty Jews!”

“You Jews were hiding Nazis during the war!”

I remember our neighbor’s housekeeper giving candies to local kids.

But not to us Jewish kids.

Only for kids with “good nationalities” she would say.

I knew, without fully understanding it.

I knew I was a “bad nationality”.

I was 4, playing outside when mom called me into the house.

Father was standing in the kitchen, two man standing at his sides.

My father picked me up, hugged and kissed me.

He told me he was going away, he had to do some work in another city.

Only much later did I find out where he went and why.

As a Jewish writer he was accused of “Jewish nationalism” and sentenced to 10 years in a labor camp in Siberia.

He was exonerated 4 years, after Stalin death.

When he finally came home I was eight then and of course I did not remember him.

“Father, are you really my father?” I asked.

He passed away two years later from a heart attack.

There were a few Jewish families living on our block.

I remember one day some drunkard came to our street and started yelling something about Jews.

That Hitler missed them and that he would take care of all these Jews.

That day Jewish families would not allow their kids to go outside.

Finally the guy got tired and left. Of course no police showed up.

After the 8th grade I entered a technical school in Minsk.

Whether by choice or by accident, 3 Jewish kids were placed in the same dorm room. Continue reading “Pseudo Liberalism”

If I Were to Believe in God

If I would believe in God I would say: we are not asking for rewards from you, God Just please let us be.
Are we being punished for giving the world Einstein, Niels Bohr and Wolfgang Pauli?

If I were to believe in God

Jews are killed for being Jews
Anne Frank

The tragic fate of the chosen people

Chosen for what?

People who gave the world Christ and Spinoza

Freud and Einstein

Exiled from Rome and Alexandria

From Spain and Germany

From Russia and Argentina

What are  the Jews chosen for?

They lifted countries that accepted them

Jew contributed enormously to humanity
Albert Einstein

Lifted from barbarism, from ignorance

Jews brought to people science and philosophy

Industry and commerce, music, arts and literature

And always, every time in return, the Jews were hated

Murders, persecution and expulsion followed.

The “chosen” people punished by envy, greed and ignorance

Punished by the same people who greatly benefited from the Jews

Blood thirsty mobs rejoicing mindlessly

Pogroms and Kristalnacht. Mass graves and concentration camps

Jewish fate
An ancient tribe

If I would believe in God I would ask: what are we chosen for?

God, we have done our best to follow your teachings.

Is this what we deserve?

Is this the gratitude we earned from the omnipotent?

Exile, oppression and death?

Is that our reward for trying to make the World a better place?

If I would believe in God I would say: we are not asking for rewards from you, God

Victory day and the Holocaust
Holocaust and children

Just please let us be.

Are we being punished for giving the world Einstein, Niels Bohr and Wolfgang Pauli?

And then I thought that we, the Jews, are being used

Used like a dispensable tool. Used and discarded.

If I would believe in God I would say that we, the Jews, are just useful disposable tools in God’s hands.

And God keeps our numbers low

Too many Jews are not needed for God’s purpose.

There cannot be too many chosen people.

Just a bare minimum to fit into God’s grand design.

And yet we, the Jews, are proud to be the tools

Proud to be the “chosen” people.

Yes, I am proud of my people, proud to be a Jew

But not because we are “chosen”

I am proud of my people for their accomplishment and will to survive despite being the “chosen” people

Six Million perished in the Holocaust.

One third of us “chosen” people perished, just variables of the “grand design”

A plan we mere mortals cannot comprehend.

So why should we blindly believe in you, the merciful omnipotent God?

Jews, the chosen people are being slaughtered while praising God.

The all-merciful

Jews-a useful tool, dispensable. Just a tool.

A tool used and then discarded by the cold, inhumane executioner of a grand scheme.

Lives, families’ hopes destroyed

Oh merciful God

You chose the Jews

We, the Jews, are the chosen people

Just variables, inexpensive dependable and disposable

I do not believe in this cold, calculating God.

I do not know if there is a vast intelligence, orders of magnitude more powerful than our meager brains

I am just a mere mortal, a small ripple in the ocean of life

This intelligence would operate by rules where all civilizations are just variables in the Universal Game.

There would be no morals, no good or evil

No compassion, love or hate

Just immense (by our measure) play and movement

I do not know to what end, why the Universe exists

But we humans, including Jews, appeared and will be gone in the next Universal instant

Just a variable in a process we cannot comprehend

And that makes more sense to me

We Have to Live

Antisemitism and the fate of Jewish people. Contributions to the world.

We will live.

Despite it all
Despite all odds
As the wave of hatred is rising again.
And again throughout millennia
We are Jews The Chosen people
A privilege and a curse
The Jews a small tribe of nomads
Among the multitude of hostile ignorant people
Our curse – we are the chosen people.
A task is given to us.
A task we are obligated to fulfill.
A Sisyphean task it seems
Did we the Jews sign up for this?
Or was it imprinted in our DNA?
The Task to show the way
An impossible curse to drag an unwilling humanity
The kicking and screaming mob
To the light, to a better future
And they hate us for this
A curse
Throughout countless generations
We are just trying to live.
To live in spite of enemies that tried to destroy us Jews
To outlive the eternal evil of hatred thirsting for our blood.
Our enemies who are determined to get rid of these strange and different people – the Jews
The Jews these strangers that are never satisfied with the order of thing
But we survived
Survived because we have to live
To never lose hope
To live against all odds
To live in hope that maybe…
Maybe one day ignorance and hate will vanish
The Evil will be defeated and the Light will prevail
But sometimes we pause in doubt
Hope fading away
We are cursed
The Romans and the inquisition
The Holocaust and the Middle East
And now the resurgence of antisemitism in Europe
But we are the chosen people.
Cursed and privileged
We have to live
Our task is not yet done
As long as there is hatred and ignorance in the world
We the Jews will be here.
We have to live
To drag this world to a better future
We will be here

Young Israelis

The Jews – Accused of Being Alive.

The whole world is watching the Jews. The whole world is aware of Jewish influence in every aspect of human life. And yet the Jews still rule the world… according to all anti-Semites of the world.

Antisemitism on the rise in Europe
The face of Europe

Ukraine run by "miserable" Jews: rebel chief. Anti-Semitic sentiment remains widespread in Ukraine, where leaders are commonly labeled as Jewish by those seeking to discredit them.

The comments by Zakharchenko, who was flanked by the leader of the neighboring rebel-held region of Lugansk, Igor Plotnitsky, were carried live by Russian news channel Rossiya-24. http://news.yahoo.com/ukraine-run-miserable-jews-rebel-chief-202600090.html

Putin: Ukraine is run by anti-Semites. According to Vladimir Putin, the revolution that dislodged former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukoyvch this winter was not a popular movement for democracy, European integration and honest government. It was, rather, he told the world, a “coup executed” by “Nationalists, neo-Nazis, Russophobes and anti-Semites” who “wanted to seize power and would stop short of nothing.” http://tabletmag.com/jewish-news-and-politics/168504/kirchick-putin-ukraine

Jews brought the Holocaust on themselves. With its accusations, Russia also turned back attention on itself, with an anchor on a state-funded TV channel implying that Jews brought the Holocaust on themselves.

The questions are “based on age-old stereotypes about Jews, including classical stereotypes about Jewish power, loyalty, money and behavior.”
Russia and Ukraine are about equal
Overall, in Ukraine, 38 percent of those polled could be considered anti-Semitic and in Russia, 30 percent.
Jews have too much power in business. In Eastern Europe, the survey notes that the most widely held anti-Semitic stereotype is that “Jews have too much power in the business world.” In Ukraine, 56 percent agreed with that statement and 49 percent of Russians. http://www.rferl.org/content/ukraine-more-anti-semitic-than-russia/25384493.html

Anti-Semitism in mainstream media. The mainstream media has been obsessed with demonizing Israel for decades. HonestReporting has been documenting the media bias in reporting on Israel and it is without question that this bias has helped lead to anti-Israel indoctrination across the globe. 

Jews are accused of controlling the world media. But if you can read and are able to read without getting sick, you would find millions of articles accusing the Jews of controlling the world media. So how these two statements work side by side?


Jews are responsible for Middle East violence. But many critics of Israel’s policy would suggest that the Palestinians suffer hugely at Jewish hands as well.” A confused Hava responded that “We cannot do an amalgam between–” before Willcox cut her off. “But you understand,” he said, “everything is seen from different perspectives.” http://tabletmag.com/scroll/188231/bbc-anchor-suggests-french-jews-to-blame-for-palestinian-suffering

The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world. In 2006, an inebriated Mel Gibson allegedly said this: “The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.” There followed the predicable storm of anti-Semitism, ad hominem attacks and various other slanders against Gibson’s character.  But virtually no one asked the question: Is he right? Or rather this: To what degree could he be right? http://inconvenienthistory.com/archive/2013/volume_5/number_2/the_jewish_hand_in_the_world_wars.php

Communist Jews are being blamed for killing Christians in the Soviet Union.

These Christians are but a few of the 100,000,000 Christian innocents who were exterminated by the Anti-Christian Jewish Red Commissars in Russia under the orders of Trotsky, the Jewish Commissar of Commissars. Yet Spielberg will never direct a “Schindler’s List” Movie for them or their genocide. Why is that? Because Jews did it.  http://www.jewwatch.com/jew-occupiedgovernments-USSR.html

Stalin accused Jews of anti-Soviet activities. Stalin claimed that Jewish doctors, under American direction, were deliberately and systematically killing off Soviet leaders by falsely and wrongly diagnosing their ailments, thereby causing their deaths. The press media referred to the accused as “criminals in white coats.” http://vho.org/tr/2004/2/Michaels227-231.html

Hitler blames Jews for starting the war. Hitler showed no remorse. Instead, he blamed the Jews for the war he himself had started. “It is untrue that I, or anyone else in Germany, wanted the war in 1939,” he stated. “It was desired and instigated solely by those international statesmen who were either of Jewish descent or worked for Jewish interests.” http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/holocaust/peopleevents/pandeAMEX87.html

So to summarize.

We Jews should be extremely proud.

One out of every 514 people in the world is Jewish, less than 0.2 percent of mankind.

Approximately 193 of the 855 Nobel Prize winners have been Jewish (22%). Jews make up less than 0.2% of the global population.

The list of Jewish scientists, artists, actors, philosophers who changed the world is long. But here are some you might have heard of: Niels Bohr, Carl Sagan, Robert Oppenheimer, Gustav Mahler, Charlie Chaplin, Lauren Bacall, Baruch de Spinoza, Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein, Abraham, Jesus.

The whole world is watching the Jews. The whole world is aware of Jewish influence in every aspect of human life. And yet the Jews still rule the world… according to all anti-Semites of the world.

And yet these all-powerful Jews that “rule the world” allowed the Holocaust while the world did nothing.

So what do these fact tell us about the Jews?

And about the rest of the world?

Should I say any more?

John Adams: “I will insist the Hebrews have [contributed] more to civilize men than any other nation. If I were an atheist and believed in blind eternal fate, I should still believe that fate had ordained the Jews to be the most essential instrument for civilizing the nations… They are the most glorious nation that ever inhabited this Earth. The Romans and their empire were but a bubble in comparison to the Jews.”

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