Some Trump supporters just don’t know any better. And some know who Trump is and support him for their perceived benefit.

The dark and scary world of trump supporters.

I am trying to imagine their world.

It is scary. The whole world is against them.

Immigrants, minorities, those weird liberals, LGBT freaks.

They are after them, after real Americans. They want to take everything from these real Americans who make America great.

Money, jobs, even their kids. These communists socialists homosexuals want to seduce American kids with science, history and even music! And make them into Democrats!

But finally!

Now here is a real leader, Trump, who will get rid of all America’s enemies. He, America’s savior, will drain the swamp!

Members of the Trump cult do not want democracy, or democrats because they are all communists and socialists, they want to take away freedom from real Americans, these libtards use big words that they learned in these liberal colleges! And these big words are the code that liberal freaks use to damage our great president and to force real American patriots to learn science!

And the scariest part – these liberals want to take away our guns! The Constitution says that any free American is free to buy as many guns as he wants to protect America! To protect the freedom of real American patriots who are making America great by protecting freedom!

And now this liberal hoax (big word!) about the “virus”!

This lie is created by liberals communists socialists to damage the only leader real Americans can trust – Trump.

And what do you know?! It turns out this rich communist Billy Gates created this “virus” to scare people who are fighting to make America great again! But it’s a lie! A socialist gay conspiracy! There is no “virus”. Do you see any “virus” around? No! If we, real American white patriots would see this dude COVID we would blast it with our freedom guns! And Billy Gates should go to jail for being an enemy of white America! Or even better we will hang him! Because that is what the Constitution says! It’s in our Bible!

These scared and angry people do not trust the media – “liberal media”.

And the television and papers (called newspapers) All these liberals are against our great president! They saying big words with many letters just to confuse us patriots. We know that “education”(big word) makes people into socialists gays. Makes their brain soft!

We, white American patriots, real Americans, we will help our patriot Trump. We will burn all these books with big words in them. Books are evil! Trump never reads books and he is a genius! (a very stable one).

All these “facts” are fake news. You cannot trust anybody – everybody is in it just in for themselves.

America is under attack. All these weird non americans want to come to America to take over. And we MAGA patriots will follow our president who talks to God every day and God told Trump MAGA!

God bless America and his anointed son Trump!

These are the people who are basically ignorant and not very well educated. And maybe they don’t know any better.

But there is another kind of trump supporters. Well educated and well off. They know who trump is. They know that he is a racist, a cheat, a liar and a crook. And these trump supporters support him anyway. Why? Because they are same as trump. And these people support the narcissistic buffoon because they think they will benefit from the misery of our country under trump administration. And this group of trumpists represents the worst of humanity. And Republicans in Congress are part of this gang.

And members of this group are real criminals.

Questionable action.

“Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden said that the Trump administration showed “poor judgment” in relieving a warship commander who was trying to stem a coronavirus outbreak among his crew.”

Business as usual for Trump administration. Politics first, lives later.

In his four-page letter, Crozier, who took command in November, described a bleak situation aboard the carrier as more of his crew began falling ill.

He called for “decisive action”: removing more than 4,000 sailors from the ship and isolating them, and wrote that unless the Navy acted immediately it would be failing to properly safeguard “our most trusted asset – our sailors.”

The letter put the Pentagon on the defensive and alarmed the families of those on the vessel, whose home port is in San Diego.

“Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden said that the Trump administration showed “poor judgment” in relieving a warship commander who was trying to stem a coronavirus outbreak among his crew.”

Answering Trump Supporter

He is not negotiating, he is a bully, which is very dangerous, because it makes China stronger economically and soon militarily. His friends are Putin, Kim, Orban – all dictators. He does not love Israel, he left it to Kushner. But, if the time comes to throw Israel under the bus, he will not hesitate. You’re probably not even reading all of this. So, I will stop right here.

Trump Supporter: Believe me, that never ever , for all eight years of this man’s “presidency”, did I say a bad word about him. Like all Americans we pinned our hopes on him. A young, energetic, charming , educated, family man … with new, wise ideas for the prosperity of our country … everything that the average American could know about him , and certainly not a politician. Eight years of hope and what are the results? The country’s economy continued to fall, the budget deficit grew by leaps and bounds … The question of racism in the country has always been, but during the years of the Obama presidency, it became an epidemic, and Al Sharpton was the main adviser on these matters for the president. Who he is? A handsome, slim, young, representative President of America in a yarmulke visited the most holy places of Israel. By the way, he was accepted with respect! I don’t even want to speak about the hospitality of Obama in relation to the guests from Israel. He was so penetrated with “love” for Israel that he was not even able to come to the meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and listen to his speech at the Congress. If you don’t love Israel , it means you don’t respect and hate jews… it’s called anti-Semitism . Obama carried out his plans regularly: His dealings with Iran and other similar countries, accepted hundreds of thousands of immigrants from Muslim countries all over the world … What made these people leave their countries? And everything had to be done in 8 years. Yes, and he did not forget to send money to his “friend” on the last day of his Presidency .

You and I probably are of the same age, same religion, we even came from the same city long ago, brought our children to this country for happiness, for confidence in the future, etc. Tell me that I am wrong . Perhaps these eight years were wonderful and successful, that the previous president was honest and loyal to our country and people. Tell me your opinion.

Answer to Trump Supporter: Thank you for your passionate reply. Yes, I am from Lvov, came to the USA in 1979. Yes, I came here looking for freedom, choice, peace, opportunity and prosperity. We probably can find common friends, acquaintances, common interests, common love for Israel. I did vote for Obama, maybe for different reasons than you describe above. I was tired of wars with no end, with no purpose, I was worried about a destabilized Middle East as a result of these wars. I was worried about our economy because of military and wars spending. I was worried about our population because of so many lives lost in these wars, so many families suffering because of these wars, so many veterans with horrible wounds to heal, artificial limbs, because of these wars. And what did we achieve? Economic recession of 2007-2008. When Obama came to the White House his first test was to stabilize banks, to save the auto industry..The economy never fell during Obama, it was growing. Not as fast as it could, because of the bank regulations and other regulations put in place by his administration. The budget deficit grew, but only because of the recession caused by the Bush Administration. At the end of Obama’s time in the White House, the deficit was going down. The stock market was going up all the time steadily during Obama, not up and down like now.. I love Israel, but I am a Jew. I don’t look to non-Jews to love Israel, but I want them to respect the country and to understand why we, Jews, need our country. Obama understood the necessity of Israel. He signed a record financial package for Israel of $38B. He authorized to deliver to Israel the latest anti-missile systems. He could have done more, by better representing the US during meetings with Netanyahu, he could have be more forceful with Muslim countries in the region, he could have a different policy towards Libya and Syria, but it is a history now. He could have negotiated a better deal with Iran (but don’t forget that there were other countries involved). Now we don’t even have a plan after removing US from the deal. I do believe that Obama was an honest President, loyal, doing his best to represent and lead the country. History will judge him. He was not the best, he could have been more decisive, more compelling, less of a professor, and yes, he tried to represent everybody in this country: white, black, Hispanics, native Americans, poor, rich, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindu and so on. Now, our new President, Mr. Trump, is an absolutely different personality. Yes, it matters that the President said publicly over 10K lies and does not care about that as long as the people cheer (and this is only in 2-1/2 years). It matters when the President supports KKK and white-supremacists, yes he condemns them only after he is forced by his advisers. It matters that the words of the President give strength to such hate groups, it matters that the President condemns anti-semitic deeds only after he is forced by his staff. It matters that the President is uneducated in government, history of this country, history of the world. He is not Republican, he is not Democrat, he is a populist and it is very dangerous, because he incites a mob mentality. He is dangerous President, because his words “press – enemy of the people” is the mentality of a dictator or a mob boss. He is bad for the economy, because he is an isolationist. It never worked, it has lead only to the recession. He is not negotiating, he is a bully, which is very dangerous, because it makes China stronger economically and soon militarily. His friends are Putin, Kim, Orban – all dictators. He does not love Israel, he left it to Kushner. But, if the time comes to throw Israel under the bus, he will not hesitate. You’re probably not even reading all of this. So, I will stop right here. 

One Extreme does not Make Another Extreme good.

Sometimes some of my friends counter my concerns about rising extremism from the right with the argument: “How about ultra liberals?” The extremists on the left? How about the BDS movement on university campuses? And these crazies with political correctness idiocy? And where is our freedom of speech?

What I do not understand is the argument of “just look at the left! They are just as bad!” It is like blaming a kid for doing something stupid and the kid points to the other kid and says, “He is doing it too!” In the corner! Both of you! One bad does not make another good!

So my short answer to my opponents is yes! They both are bad! We have to deal with extremism on both ends! But a clear and present danger today comes from the right.

One extreme creates the other. Below is a quote on the subject.

… since December 2015, he’s documented nearly two-dozen episodes in California where political events turned violent because of agitation on both sides, something he says he hardly ever saw before. Now, there are violent clashes on college campuses involving groups like Antifa, the anti-fascist group, taking on the alt-right; and aggressive anti-Trump rallies attended by membersof the Redneck Revolt, a new pro-minority, anti-supremacist group that encourages its members to train with rifles. Online, hard leftists increasingly discuss politics in dire terms, and rationalize violence as a necessity— even the true inheritor of traditional progressive activism. (Or, in the case of the “Punch a Nazi” meme, a fun game.)

No, I do not accept political correctness and I do not support the hateful and unjust BDS movement! Any extreme is prone to trample on our constitutional freedoms – freedom of expression, a free and independent press, freedom of assembly, an independent judiciary. We all know examples of the extreme left coming to power: Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, Cuba, N. Korea and recently Venezuela.

And the far right? Currently they scare me much more than the left…Nazis, KKK, Ult-right and other white supremacists. Their goal? Genocide! Extermination of all “inferior” races. Jews, blacks, brown and so on. Physical extermination!

Here are more quotes: “If you had to Google Left wing violence, you’ve already lost the argument. No one and I mean no one really has to Google Right Wing violence because most of us can NAME two to three or TEN instances off the tops of our heads. This has nothing to do with the “Media” for those of you that want to use that excuse. This has to do with the extreme brutality, cruelty, and sheer terror of the crimes these Right wing extremists committed. “

“Terrorists inspired by Nationalist and Right Wing ideology have killed about 10 times as many people as Left Wing terrorists since 1992. Terrorists with unknown or other motivations were the least deadly. “

Many Americans support Trump because they are scared. Afraid of immigrants, afraid of LGBT. New technology threatens their livelihood. But white people don’t seem to realize that eventually the far right will come for them too.

“The real threat of violence comes from the right. The Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism reports that right-wingers and white supremacists were responsible for 74 percent of the murders committed by political extremists in the United States over the past decade. Only 2 percent were committed by left-wing radicals. Alex Nowrasteh, an immigration policy analyst at the libertarian Cato Institute, has calculated that “terrorists inspired by Nationalist and Right Wing ideology have killed about 10 times as many people as Left Wing terrorists since 1992.”

Fascism in America
Pro-Trump Nazis.

Of course today’s statistic does not mean that we can ignore the far left extremism. We know that unopposed it leads to red terror. And by red I mean communism, not the GOP.

Again here are reasons to be aware of danger from both sides! So the argument “how about them?” does not fly in my opinion.

So what do we do?

Who do we vote for? Who is better at fighting hate in America? And I am not talking about the current president who, in my opinion, has greatly contributed to this wave of hate, especially on the right.

I am talking about our political parties now…Republicans and Democrats. As I stated before currently far right hate groups are far more dangerous than far left, especially considering the 2018 midterm results when Democratic Socialists did poorly.

A little more about the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)

..the end goal is, (for DSA) ultimately, like social control of the means of production,” said Joe Cernelli, a founding member of that West Virginia DSA chapter. “You know we don’t just want to improve capitalism, we will ultimately want to get rid of it.”

I do not support this party. It reminds me too much of my old country – USSR. Fortunately, “Far-left candidates did poorly in the Democratic primaries. The vast majority of democratic socialists lost to candidates approved by the party”

So although I consider myself an independent, today I am supporting Democrats, not Democratic Socialists – Democrats.

And what are the root causes of these extremes? Now let’s try to get to the root of the problem. Why is the country so polarized? Why this divide, this polarization, why is the extreme on both ends growing?

There are several reasons in my opinion and according to research: Demographic reasons. White people are becoming a minority due to low birth rate and the majority of immigrants now are from Asia, Africa and Latin America. This trend in turn is tied to wars, climate change and the explosion of global migration as a result.

Technology – automation, resulting in many jobs becoming obsolete and a portion of the population being squeezed out of the labor force, threatening their way if life. One robot at the automobile line substitutes six workers.

Trump rhetoric and his election as President. San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón slammed President Trump after the release of Tuesday’s report, directly blaming his actions and words for the worsening climate (hate crimes) documented in the federal report. Trump has repeatedly denied such accusations.

Widening income disparity in America, but not only in America.

“We may not want to believe it, but the United States is now the most unequal of all Western nations. To make matters worse, America has considerably less social mobility than Canada and Europe.”

Currently, the richest 1% hold about 38% of all privately held wealth in the United States. while the bottom 90% hold 73.2% of all debt. According to The New York Times, the richest 1 percent in the United States now own more wealth than the bottom 90 percent.

Capitalism is losing it’s popularity among young generations.

The anti-Communist organization, Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, was alarmed to find in a recent survey that 44 percent of millennials would prefer to live in a socialist country, compared with 42 percent who want to live under capitalism. For older Americans, the collapse of Communism made it seem as though there was no possible alternative to capitalism. But given the increasingly oligarchic nature of our economy and influence of money on politics, it’s not surprising that for many young people, capitalism looks like the god that failed.

Uncontrolled, unregulated capitalism leads to extremes, to unstable society and extreme governments – Venezuela, Nicaragua, Russia, Problems in Europe, or the election of populists like in Poland, Hungary, Brazil and yes, in the United States.

The same people that are accusing Democrats of trying to install socialism in America by trying to control capitalism, reducing giant and increasing wealth gap between top 1% and the rest of population and improving social programs, in reality these people are contributing to social unrest and the rise of extremists on both sides – left and right.

So what can and should be done to prevent major social upheaval in America?

Education. There should be education about experiments with socialism, the history of countries like Soviet Union, North Korea, Cuba. History of what started WWII, why the Nazis came to power in Germany. What is a Democracy and what does it take to preserve a Democracy. The Constitution of the United States. The balance of power between the major parties. How checks and balances are supposed to preserve our rights, our democracy. It is very dangerous when one party controls all three branches of Government.

Law enforcement.

America is a country of Law. The law enforcement agencies should not be politicized. Unfortunately president Trump is politicizing these institutions and undermining the reputation of these institutions.

In conclusion, I want to stress the thought I started with: all extremes are bad, all extremes are symptoms of problems in our society, extremes cannot be ignored or excused.

The worst extreme of today is Trump and his party in Congress. So please be informed, read, listen to, view different media outlets, learn. And please vote. It is our duty, our obligation to participate in our democracy. To preserve it for the next generations.

Antisemitism and Trump “ Partisans asked: Isn’t Mr. Trump an ardent supporter of Israel who moved the US embassy to Jerusalem? Hasn’t he condemned this heinous crime? Doesn’t he have Jewish grandchildren? All that is true. But Mr. Trump has also engaged in constant, vociferous attacks on minorities, immigrants and critics; he has given credence to fringe conspiracy theories and retweeted internet posts that are directly linked to antisemitic groups; he had to be dragged into disavowing the support of KKK leader David Duke; he tweeted an image of a Star of David over a pile of money; and he has described neo-Nazis who march chanting “Jews will not replace us” as “very fine people.” The Pittsburgh shooter, though critical of Trump for not having gone far enough, was clearly motivated by his attacks on immigrants. 

Crime and Punishment

The obvious question is how much jail time House Tea Party members get for stealing the money from all of us?

Government shut doun
Daily Wisdom

Risk of Government default
Tea Party logic

According to an estimate from Standard & Poor’s:  The financial services company said the shutdown, which ended with a deal late Wednesday night after 16 days, took $24 billion out of the U.S. economy, and reduced projected fourth-quarter GDP growth from 3 percent to 2.4 percent.
Read more:

On March 12, 2009, Madoff pled guilty to 11 federal crimes and admitted to operating the largest Ponzi scheme in history. On June 29, 2009, he was sentenced to 150 years in prison with restitution of $17 billion.

The obvious question is how much jail time the House Tea Party members should get for stealing the money from all of us?

World Domination

Out of control Tea Party rules and destroys America. And the Speaker of the House is powerless to stop the self destruction.

Tea party wants world domination
Ted Cruz and John Boehner


Tea Party hack
Ted Cruz the Brain

Tea Party controls the GOP
Boehner the Pinky

Ted Cruz and the Tea Party are hellbent on World Domination and are ready to sacrifice the GOP, the country and the whole planet.  They intent to show these liberal inept humans who is the boss around here on this miserable planet.  And you – you little schmuck, Boehner, you can cry your eyes out in awe of Ted Cruz, the Brain and the Teabaggers’ infinite brilliance.  Obamacare, Shmabama-care – who cares!  The Brain Cruz aims higher!

World domination!  Hear Ye, Hear Ye!  The Brain is here!


Hostage Situation or “Death to America”

Breaking news!
A hostage situation.
Professional hostage takers otherwise known as House Republicans are holding America hostage.

Republican party infighting.
GOP in shambles.

Breaking news!

Tea Baggers hold America hostage.
They hold America hostage.

A hostage situation.

Professional hostage takers otherwise known as House Republicans are holding America hostage.


They threaten to kill America if their demands are not met.

They demand:

Kill Obama’s baby called Obamacare because it is the Devil incarnate conceived by a communist Muslim Kenyan Hussein Obama and this “child” will kill you if allowed to grow up.

Kill the Department of Education because it makes people smart and smart people are dangerous for America and for Congress in particular.

GOP House is a disaster.
Kill Obamacare or else!

Full of compassion the hostage-takers who proudly call themselves, “Warriors of the House’s Outraged Republican Elite” or WHOREs demand to take money away from these freeloaders gorging on food stamps and school lunches and force feed our starving, anorexic Military Industrial Complex.

The Republican-led House of Representatives on Wednesday rejected a measure to roll back spending on B61 nuclear bombs deployed and stored in Europe. ”

In addition hostage takers demand to cut more food stamps programs that discriminate against the rich and give the proceeds to them (the rich).

If their demands are not met, these brave WHOREs will kill this country full of freeloaders to end the suffering of the minorities in America (the rich).

At this time negotiations between the WH (White House) and the WHOREs are under way.

Details to follow.

I’ll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours

They may watch Fox, or MSNBC, but seldom both. They listen to either Rush Limbaugh or Ed Schultz, and confirm what they “learned” over a beer at the local bar, the church potluck, or while playing bridge. We read what we want to read, see what we want to see, and listen to what we want to hear. Is this dilemma insolvable? Pompously, I propose a solution.


The election is over.  Obama won; Romney was shellacked.   The New York Times’ Nate Silver has been showered with accolades and declared adept. Fox News’ Dick Morris was pummeled with ridicule and labeled inept.  The majority of my family members, self-proclaimed liberals, are both elated and relieved.  My conservative friends and family are surprised, deflated and scared.

Who’s Dick Morris?

Yes, It’s President Romney

The electoral vote has been tallied; Obama: 332, Romney: 206.  But we all know it’s not over.  This is a deeply divided country.  Where do we go from here?  It is readily apparent that many Americans are living in alternate and incompatible universes.

In 2012, eighty-four percent of our states voted just as they voted in 2008.  The talking-heads blamed Romney’s defeat and credited Obama’s victory on: rural vs. urban, old vs. young, single women vs. marrieds, takers vs. makers, black vs. white vs. brown, the top one percent vs. food stamp recipients.

“Versus” was, and is the dominant theme of American politics.  Opposing beliefs are so strident that talk of secession abounds.  Incredibly this extreme action is being supported by seemingly credible politicians.

The 2012 election did not take place in fifty states; it took place in just nine: Ohio, Florida, Iowa, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Virginia, Nevada, Colorado and Pennsylvania.  Less than 20 percent of our states were bombarded with ads and/or visits by the candidates.  Forty one states were simply taken for granted; they were simply ignored.   Illinois or Hawaii citizens rarely saw Presidential ads; Obama and Romney visited them not for the purpose of earning their votes, but rather to garner cash for  the purpose of  cajoling swayable voters in those nine anointed states.  Likewise, Mississippi and Alabama were ignored; their voting preferences were assumed.   Not surprisingly, they voted overwhelmingly Republican.  Why would they not?  They never heard from the Dems.

Since four out of five states in election after election are considered irrelevant, the citizens of these deeply blue or red states are self-educated; they are political home-schoolers.  They are introduced to and confronted with few new ideas.  Rarely are they challenged to question their belief system. Views are reinforced by neighbors who share their political preferences, religious beliefs and prejudices.  They may watch Fox, or MSNBC, but seldom both. They listen to either Rush Limbaugh or Ed Schultz, and confirm what they “learned” over a beer at the local bar, the church potluck, or while playing bridge.

The more Internet-savvy, younger Blues and Reds post tidbits from The Drudge Report or The Daily Kos.  They self-select, share, and agree.  The result: opinions harden, mistruths remain unchallenged, and our nation’s divide becomes less bridgeable.

We read what we want to read, see what we want to see, and listen to what we want to hear.  Is this dilemma insolvable?  Pompously, I propose a solution.  In the 1950’s there was a well-intentioned but now fingernail-scraping-on -blackboard uncomfortable program called, “Take a Negro to Lunch Day.”   As repulsive as this now sounds, its intention was well-meaning.  It was a crude attempt to facilitate communication between peoples of different life experiences for the purpose of bringing them together.  I suggest a similar program, but with the more acceptable name, the I’ll Show You Mine, If You Show Me Yours Program.  I outline the program’s steps below:

A.  Find a person you can tolerate on a personal level, but with whom you have diametrically opposing political beliefs. Simply put, you consider him or her a political moron but a nice person and he or she feels the same about you.

B.  Set aside one two hour session per week for four consecutive weeks when both parties can meet alternately in each other’s living room, den or home theatre.  Avoid conflicts with Monday Night Football, or Celebrity Apprentice.

I am unbiased

C.  At each session, the host will choose a politically charged show to view.  The conservative host might choose Sean Hannity,and the progressive’s choice could be Rachel Maddow. The host also gets to choose pork rinds or imported brie as a snack,

D. Watch the show together, unarmed, and in SILENCE.  Following the show, discuss what you have seen and heard.  Calmness and lack of violence would truly help.

I am fair and balanced

Perhaps just perhaps, somebody might learn something.


One last word:  It is my strongly held belief that truth rarely lies squarely in the center between the extremes… Rachel Maddow and Sean Hannity may both be dramatic and strident, but one of them is more often factually correct.   I leave that for you to decide when you and your friend agree to participate in I’ll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours.

Where’s the Brie

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