And the survey says………

During the last few months Republican governors and their state legislatures, under the guise of preventing voter fraud, have passed a plethora of laws and regulations making it more difficult for many Americans to cast their votes in the coming elections.

Empty Talking Head

Talking-heads, magazines, and Internet sites bombard us with the latest polling results.  Breathlessly, they reveal Rasmussen’s and Gallup’s latest findings.  They tell us how likely it is that Americans will vote for President Obama.   They provide us with a statistical  inkling of how Romney or Gingrich will fare.  They inform us how Americans feel about the economy, or how much we trust the President or Congress.  They have irresponsibly ask their scientifically balanced samples if Obama was born in the United States.  They poll Americans on a vast array of topics.  There are other questions that need to be asked, but will likely never be asked because, if queried,  the resultant numbers may show us who we are.

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