My Response to Trump Supporters

It really does not matter to me who will be President instead of Trump, as long as the person is experienced, mentally stable, caring, and knowledgeable. The question is not who is Biden, the question is, should we allow Trump 4 more years of destruction.

By Anna Kagan

A long time friend wrote me a comment on a political post I recently made: “Unfortunately, we (our whole family) see everything that is going through very different lenses.”

I decided to write about my point of view partially as an answer to my friend, but mostly to have a clear picture of the facts for myself. I am a member of the FB group “Russian American Jews Network”. I became a member there to understand why Russian Jews support Trump. Every day I answer the same questions, and argue the same points. Writing this writing has helped me with some of the facts.

I do see everything from a different point of view. Here is my point of view.

I do not like looting and destruction of businesses, I do not support “Defund the police”, I do not support Ocasio Cortez, or Tlaib, or Omar, I did not vote for Bernie in primaries. In short, I do not support the far left.

I do support the BLM movement to address racism in this country and police brutality. I do support restructuring of police forces to dedicate more money to social workers and neighborhood policing, and more training of police forces.

I support Federal, State and Local networks of financial support for poor, disabled, and children, including legal immigrants. I support legal immigration to this country from all over the world, because that is what made this country great, because every person should have an opportunity to advance. I support DACA, because these young people are already here, educated, working, and serving in the military. It will be a big shame for this country to deport them instead of making them productive citizens. I do support help for refugees and allowing them to come to the USA reasonably and in a safe manner for society. My family came as refugees, so other people should have an opportunity to come here and build their life. I do support free basic medical services for everybody, I do not support medicare for all, nor private insurance as only choice.

So, these are not radical ideas, these are middle of the road ideas. I see the development of events in this country from a wide range of aspects, not from small petty events or policies. The way I see America right now (under Trump) is not pretty for us and for the next generations.

1. I see the rise of the anti-semitism and racism. “The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) began tracking anti-Semitic hate crimes four decades ago. This past year brought the third-highest spike on record.” ( ). “Nearly 90 percent of those polled said the “extreme political right” pose at least a slight threat to Jews, with 73 percent saying they disapprove of how President Trump “is handling the threat” of anti-Semitism, according to the survey, conducted between Sept. 11 and Oct. 6 (2019) by the research company SSRS.” ( )

● August 2017: “Jews will not replace us”

● Oct. 27, 2018: A man armed with an AR-15-style assault rifle in the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh cut down 11 congregants in the worst killing of Jews in American history. ( )

● Dec. 10, 2019: A gunman in a kosher deli in Jersey City, N.J., killed, among others, two Orthodox Jews.

● Dec. 28, 2019:A man wielding a machete in a rabbi’s home in Monsey, N.Y., wounded five during a Hanukkah celebration.

And now we see the rise of anti-semitism on the far left during BLM protests and after.

Anti-semitism is like virus – it does not know the political party, it does not know borders. It is a barometer of the political situation in the country. When it is bad – Jews are to blame. Even a great economy, low unemployment and a record stock market before the Corona virus did not lower anti-semitism in this country. And the leadership plays a huge role. We did not like Trump’s reaction to events in Charlottesville (“very fine people on both sides”: ) and his late reactions (sometimes several days) to the killing of Jews in America. Trump in 2019: American Jews were “disloyal” or had a “total lack of knowledge” to support Democrats (

2. About the Democrats war on Trump.

Trump’s war on our democratic institutions lead to Congressional hearings. And some probably went too far. But the majority deserves great attention as to how one person can destroy almost three centuries of this democracy.

● First it was Trump’s war on the FBI. Dismissing everybody from the top and installing his people. Then it was Trump’s war on the Justice Department. Dismiss the top and install Barr who is acting like Trump’s personal lawyer. The record setting turnover rate in the Trump administration has been mind boggling. People did not have time to adjust to Trump as these people were dismissed because they thought that they could help the country.

In 3-1/2 years 4 chiefs of staff, 4 deputy chiefs of staff, 3 assistants to the president in domestic counseling, 5 deputy assistants to the president, 8 special assistants to the president, 4 national security advisers, 4 deputy national security advisers, 3 homeland security advisers, and so on. As of May 25, 2020, there have been 415 unique names dismissed and/or resigned from the executive office of the president ( ). Are all these people disqualified because they are not capable or because they are not loyal to the president?

● Trump’s blackmailing Ukraine in 2019 for dirt on his opponent is a constitutional violation. The government watchdog – the Government Accountability Office – found that the money was withheld “for a policy reason, which is not permitted under the Impoundment Control Act.” So, the Congress has the obligation to investigate, and thus the impeachment.

● The most recent – Russia’s pay-to-kill American soldiers in Afghanistan. 29 American soldiers have been killed since then. Who is responsible? What did Trump do?

● And now the pandemic. In January through mid March, nothing was done to stop and prevent the virus in the US. “Hoax”, “Democratic states”, Soros, Gates, Fauci are to blame, masks are a political statement, masks and distancing “are for Democrats”. In April: “President Trump fired off a series of tweets Friday that appeared to encourage citizens in states protesting strict coronavirus lock down orders to “LIBERATE” themselves from their governors.“

160K+ Americans are dead now because there was no policy, no direction, no guidance for the first 90 days. But then it was too late, the virus does not recognize borders, race, parties, big or small cities. Who needs terrorists when we have one in the White House? I hold Trump responsible for the virus spread and for the economic downturn. Look where Europe, Asia Pacific and New Zealand are now. They work, the shop, they eat at restaurants, they have open schools. And what do we do? Trump erased all economic achievements before the virus.

All of this shows that our leader does not know and does not want to know how to lead during crises. Historians say that the real president is tested during crises, not during good times. Well, Trump failed. Big time – 160K+ dead.

2. Foreign policy. Trump left all international agreements.

The Paris climate change agreement. The problem is that the climate is changing, and thus more droughts, hurricanes, forest fires, flooding, extreme heat and extreme cold. That means more hungry, more displaced people around the world. And where these refugees will turn to – of course Europe and America. To address this future crises you need a coalition of countries around the world. Trump’s answer – drill for more oil, and get out of the agreement.

TPP (Trans-Pacific-Partnership). The partnership was created to have a buffer for the growing economic and military influence of China in the Asia-Pacific region and around the world. Trump left the agreement and decided to fight China alone. He did not know and did not want to know that to fight China you need all the countries in the world that you can get together in this fight. His tariff war backfired big time. Instead of making China crawl on their knees to the US (as Trump thought), they are stronger than three years ago, more influential all around the world than three years ago, and they make agreements with our former allies and enemies alike.

WHO (World Health Organization). Instead of working and pressuring to reorganize the WHO, Trump left the organization during the pandemic. You have to fight the pandemic simultaneously in all countries around the world. Trump’s idea is to go alone, thus the result – the country with the worst outbreak in the world.

Iranian nuclear agreement. It was not a perfect agreement, but it was something to hold Iran in control for 15 years. Instead of keeping the control and pressuring Iran on ballistic and tactical weaponry, we left the agreement without any plan for the next day. Now, we have no clue what is going on inside Iran, what stage their nuclear program is in now. But what we do know is that Iran and China are in the process of signing a $400B economic and military agreement. How does Israel enjoy this decision?

Trump left Syria to Russia, Syrian Kurds to Turkey, Lebanon to Hezbollah. And none of them are Israel’s friends. How does Israel enjoy this new neighborhood?

The following is from Nathan’s cousin, Gary Sherman, who is a retired judge from Wisconsin: “My 20 years in politics taught me that there is a vital difference between Democrats and Republicans. Democrats fight hard for power. After all, power is the only way things can be accomplished in government. I learned that from my mother. However, there are some things that Democrats won’t do for power. There are lines we will not cross.

There is nothing, no limit, even letting people die in large numbers, selling out to our adversaries, nothing that Republicans will not do for power. No Republican would do what Al Gore did (“Al Gore gracefully submitting to a highly politicized Supreme Court decision giving the 2000 election to George W. Bush.“ . And not just Trump. He is mad, but his enablers are just as ruthless.

Now, I know that this is contrary to the moral equivalence argument being made here. But moral equivalence is seldom true. There are not “good people on both sides” all the time.”

3. About values.

We use our values to guide our decisions about our relationships (i.e., whom to be friends with, whom to marry) and careers (i.e., whom to work for and with). In other words, we like people who share our values and are drawn towards them.

“In all fairness, we should recognize that lying is sadly not uncommon for politicians on both sides of the political aisle, but the frequency and magnitude of the current president’s lies should have us all wondering why they haven’t destroyed his political career, and instead perhaps strengthened it.” And why is the person who said: “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.” still so popular? For some wealthy people, it’s simply a financial matter. Tax cut, regulations removed, even if we destroy the Earth. Blue-collar workers are happy that Trump is trying to bring manufacturing jobs back to America. Some people like Trump’s anti-immigration policies. All these people put their moral concerns aside, and put their practical concerns above moral ones. Some people support Trump simply to be rebellious and to bring chaos to our political system: let’s destroy everything and start all over. Some supporters are under-informed or mis-informed, and take Trump’s word for what it is without fact checking. There are those who support giving Trump full authority due to their inability to understand how democracy works. Their words are – “losers, complete disaster” (do you recognize Trump’s words?). And then there are racists and bigots. And there is one more group, those who think that only they can save Israel from liberals. Trump called them “disloyal”.

So, we have Trump who cheated on all his three of his wives, who bankrupted six businesses, cheated contractors, failed with Trump University, failed with Trump’s lines of steaks, ties, vodka, casinos, lied about his charity contributions, used federal troops to clear his way to a church to have a photo-op with Bible in hand. And I ask myself which group do my friends belong to?

In closing, one more thing: as I described above about Trump’s presidency, I support voting Trump out from the White House. It really does not matter to me who will be President instead of Trump, as long as the person is experienced, mentally stable, caring, and knowledgeable. The question is not who is Biden, the question is, should we allow Trump 4 more years of destruction.

National Identity

It is a tide populists and racists (same) will not be able to stop. History, reality is against them. Global economy, the internet, social media, transportation and climate change will mix up the planet population and no wall will stop it.

I just came from our family reunion and want to share some thoughts.

It was great as it have been for many years.

But I thought of it in the light of current events in our country.

A populist President

The rise of hate, intolerance, isolationism.

Anti-immigration policies, growing divisions in American society.

Family reunion

Meeting relatives that came from different parts of the country

I look around

Old and young

White, Asian, Hispanic

Jews, Christians, atheists

Straight, gay, lesbian,transgender

Big, loud, joyful, friendly crowd.

Talking, playing games, eating and drinking.

Enjoying time together

So free, open, uninhibited.

And I thought about our country

Not the country we came from – the soviet Union

No. It was never OUR country.

I thought about America.

The country where all these people are accepted as equals.

I am watching young people

They don’t see skin color, sexual orientation

They don’t see race or religion

None of this matters.

They see each other.

They see relatives, friends.

This is America I thought, real America.

This is America that accepted us…Russian Jewish refugees.

This is America where we feel free.

Our new home, real home.

Home we did not have before.

Home for our children and grandchildren

I want it to be the America that we came to.

To raise our family, to build a new life.

I want it to be “America the beautiful”, the beacon of the world.

The shiny city on the hill.

And I thought about current events, the face of America under the current regime.

Who are we? How do you define an American?

What is America’s national identity?

I am looking at my relatives, my friends.


The microcosm of the world.

America is exceptional because it represents the World.

And it is beautiful, it shows the way, the future for humanity.

It is young, energetic, colorful, open.

And we need to do all we can to keep it this way.

To not allow the dark, rigid and hateful side of America to take ower.

New populism and preservation of identity.

There is a wave of populism washing over the world. From the Philippines to Brazil, from Hungary to US, populists got into power on promises to save their country’s national identity.

But let’s take a look at history. Great civilizations, powerful empires. Where are they? Check the history of any nation. For how long does any nation exist in its present form, language? Babylonians, Philistines, Incas, Mayans – where are they?

Nothing is forever. The world is changing, population moves around. The Earth is changing constantly. Societies are changing and people move. And that is how it should be.

As many as half of the world’s 7,000 languages are expected to be extinct by the end of this century; it is estimated that one language dies out every 14 days. Endangered languages, much like endangered species of plants or animals, are on the brink of extinction. Apr 15, 2013

And it is inevitable as the world becomes smaller. What race, what nationality is America, Canada, Australia? How about the EU?

It is a tide populists and racists (same) will not be able to stop. History, reality is against them. Global economy, the internet, social media, transportation and climate change will mix up the planet population and no wall will stop it.

So let’s embrace it. The brave new world. Children are born without hate. Children don’t know races, religious differences. Children do not have preconceptions. We adults teach our children. And then they go into the world. And many discard these biases, these preconceptions. They, our children, accept the world, accept each other without hate and bias. They, the new generation, will build the better world.

I hope.

They will lead.

Good People.

These nice people are helping all kinds of hate groups to become emboldened, to promote hate and violence. And yet many educated Russian Jewish immigrants support this con man. Nice people are helping to destroy the environment. Granted they may not be doing all these things directly, but they support Trump and his party who are doing all these bad things. So are they “good people”? And again how about their moral convictions? Do they have any? And what is the meaning of “good” people?

How you define good people? 
An important issue, very important for me, is a moral issue. I was watching the candidate, Trump, and then President Trump. I am absolutely convinced that this man has no morals at all…no moral convictions. He acts like an egomaniac, a narcissist. This person makes fun of the handicapped, he incites violence.  This person, Trump, was elected President of the United States.
I am having a hard time trying to understand why many voted for Donald Trump, the ignorant bully and a known crook. I think I can, somehow, understand why some rural, small-town folks, out of desperation, would vote for Trump. But what is still puzzling to me is why so many educated people are still supporting this very dangerous man. And I am pondering the morals of his voters. Do they think that moral issues are not an important factor for the president? Then the next question arises: how important are moral convictions to these Americans. Do they consider themselves “moral” people, good people? Because if American people are disregarding moral issues, we are doomed as a country.
What is the definition of a good person, of good people? 

Continue reading “Good People.”

Our Choices

I am not going back to fear, suspicion and lies. We have to fight. To fight so this country and the world will not turn into a terrifying dystopia. I want to, I have to believe that progress is unstoppable, that light will win. There are setbacks, there are defeats. But the future, the best in all of us, will always prevail. And the future needs us to succeed.

Rise of Fascism in the USA.
American President?

I am trying to describe what I feel now.

Now that this man was elected President.

President of our country

Our new country, America.

This wonderful young country, but mature Democracy, the experiment.

America the magnet, hope for people around the world.

We came here for a new beginning.

My wife, our little daughter and myself.

We decided to leave the Soviet Union when we realized finally that there was no future for us there.

We Jews always felt like second-class, unwanted people. It was not our country.

We were young and determined to do better for ourselves and our children.

We came to America.

And also it took some time to adapt, but we were home, at last. Continue reading “Our Choices”


People we know. Are they friends? Real friends? What are the taboos subjects while talking to friends?

Strange surreal times, a dystopian universe.

Or maybe just a persistent nightmare?

I want to wake up.

Trump won.

I am losing friends.

Friends? I wonder.

Are they friends?

Whom do we consider friends? Real friends?

What are friends? We consider many people we know as friends.

We all want to have friends. Why?

We are social animals, we have the need to be surrounded by others.

To talk, to share, to spend time together.

We need support and understanding, security being with somebody we share our worldview.

We feel at ease, knowing a friend will understand.

Mutual respect and understanding, that’s it.

Even in disagreement.

I do not want to be careful, to avoid some topics, to lie.

That is how we talk to everybody else, those not our friends.

I want to enjoy my friend’s company, to relax, to let my guard down, not to try being somebody I am not.

Yes, we may disagree, we may argue, let our voices rise.

It will be boring otherwise, won’t it?  If we agree on everything?

But there are actions, behaviors and words that are indefensible, immoral.

There are views that cannot be supported by a decent person,

By people I call my friends.

This man that the country elected to be the President of the United States.

He spewed lies, deception, hate and bigotry. This man incited violence and intolerance. He is dividing our country.

During his campaign he spoke to the lowest common denominator, awaking all that is evil in humans.

A leader of the free world?

Some of my friends are supporting this evil man. They voted for him.

Friends? Are we friends? Is there something I do not know about them?

“Avoid talking politics with them”, I have been told.

During these difficult times am I supposed to avoid discussing my fears, to not share my thoughts?

Talk about “safe” things like the weather, the kids…..What are the “safe” subjects with people we call friends?

Maybe that is what is needed to see who our friends really are?

Crises, difficult and troubling times, tragedy.

But I do know these people. People who voted for Trump.

They would help me if the need arose, they have good families, they are nice people.

And yet they elected this psychopath to be our Commander in Chief!

These seemingly decent people just disregarded all the norms of decency and trusted this man with the Presidency.

They put the future of our country in the hands of a narcissistic egomaniac.

What happened to them?

Was I wrong to call them friends?

It is so sad, so hard to be disappointed in people I respected.

I am losing friends.

Who my friends are?

Bush’s Presidential Library. A Puppet President.

Being a good man (but a lousy President and an ignoramus) Bush’s first concern are our children – our future. That is what he said: “The illiteracy level of our children are appalling” (Washington, D.C.; January 23 , 2004.). Another one: “Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?” (Florence, S.C.; January 11, 2000


Cheney the real President
The puppeteer.

Being a good man (but a lousy President and an ignoramus) Bush’s first concern are our children – our future. That is what he said: “The illiteracy level of our children are appalling” (Washington, D.C.; January 23 , 2004.). Another one: “Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?” (Florence, S.C.; January 11, 2000

Of course a library-even Bush library is about books. And who could have said it better than Man himself: “One of the great things about books is, sometimes there are some fantastic pictures.

Brainless Prsident
A puppet.

Bush legacy-a puppet president. In my opinion W. is not evil – his puppeteers are. Unfortunately Bush was not smart enough to understand that he is not smart enough to be President. And people who put him up there new that.

Tax cuts

Budget deficit. Bush Left Obama a $1.2 Trillion Deficit

 The fact is Bush inherited a $5.7 trillion debt, which became a $10.6 trillon debt. Part of the reason Bush ran up the deficit is tax cut. But he definitely had reasons to do so: “The reason I believe in a large tax cut is because it’s what I believe.” (Washington, D.C.; December 18, 2000. And to reinforce his arguments that is what W. said later on: “I know what I believe. I will continue to articulate what I believe, and what I believe-I believe what I believe is right.” (Rome, Italy; July 22, 2001) Very powerful – who can argue with that?

Wars. Of course Bush had compelling reasons to invade Iraq:I’m the commander — see, I don’t need to explain — I do not need to explain why I say things. That’s the interesting thing about being president.” –as quoted in Bob Woodward’s Bush at War. Any questions?

War casualties
Bush’s war

Under President Bush leadership, more than 7,077 Americans (military and/or civilian) were killed and 40,030 wounded by foreign terrorists or fighters either on U.S. soil or “in theater” during military operations. These 47,107 casualties don’t include non-hostile deaths of deployed troops (another 1,050), nor do they include the thousands of cases of PTSD and other long-term after-effects of multiple deployments.

George W. Bush job approval during his Presidency 27% ttp://

International standing. That what our Coomander in Chef and the leader of the free world said:I’m going to say it in the administration, it is important for us to use our resources and technologies to develop such a system so as to make threats to people around the world that, you know, as obsolete as possible, as irrelevant as possible. And that threat’s not only in the Far East, but in the Middle East, as well, and to our own homeland.” — CNN interview, Apr. 25, 2001. Enlightening!

Now this is deep! “Border relations between Canada and Mexico have never been better.” -George W. Bush, in a press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien. Sept. 24, 2001. Very impressive. That should be on the wall too. So future generations will read and wonder. 

Below are some statistic on how the US is perceived around the world. Poll indicates positive ratings by populations of the following countries:


2000 rating

2008 rating






South Africa
































Great Britain

















Katrina disaster and Bush

Katrina disaster. W. was very proud: “Brownie here did a heck of a job job”  Yes he did. Nobody else could have done a worse job.             “The criticism of the government response to Hurricane Katrina consisted primarily of condemnations of mismanagement and lack of preparation in the relief effort in response to Hurricane Katrinaand its aftermath.”

But critics are wrong! Our President did care: You simply get chills every time you see these poor individuals…many of these people, almost all of them that we see are so poor and they are so black, and this is going to raise lots of questions for people who are watching this story unfold.” –CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, on New Orleans’  Yes Mr. President. They are poor and they are black. Both are alien to you.

Supreme court judges. Bush nominated. Roberts and Alito. Their major accomplishment – “Corporations are people” in effect destroyed our Democracy. America’s corporations today enjoy an absolute reign. They and they alone have the power to control the rules under which they function. They have the first say on the allocation of public resources and they have exempted themselves from nearly all financial obligations to the nation and its people. This is not a prediction of what’s to come. This is the present state of affairs, the America we live in right now.”Robert Augustus Gardner Monks, who in his eight decades has been CEO of an oil and coal business, a corporate lawyer, a founder of Institutional Shareholder Services, Inc

Over the Bush’s Presidential library’s grand entrance I propose to install Bush’s quote: “One of the great things about books is, sometimes there are some fantastic pictures” (US News & World Report; January 3, 2000)

Bush's Presidential library
Bush’s legacy – a disaster.

Also to make his contributions to the world and to our country complete W. made history in science:

Bush’s equation: Any “C” student can become President.

                         Any President can have a library.

                         Any “C” student can have a library.

A variation of the formula: Any “C” student becoming a President can destroy the country and get a Presidential library.

In conclusion I just wonder how future generations will try to understand why this buffoon was elected President. Twice.

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