Trump Test

Trump (unwillingly) exposed all the weaknesses of American democratic system. But his cult in Congress will not allow us to fix it. The future is uncertain, but it is up to “We the People” to build it.

I am an engineer and when a system/machine is designed it is going trough rigorous testing. Basically engineers are trying to break it to determine weak components. And system is going through many stages of redesign, fixing weak and vulnerable parts. No machine, no system can be designed perfectly. None.

The nature of our universe does not allow it.

Same with any human creation, including societies. Nothing is fully predictable, nothing is perfect. In America Founding Fathers tried their best to design our Democracy. They were trying to anticipate possible problems and protect the Democracy. But, of course, they were just humans. With all the flows and imperfections.

They did not anticipate Trump.

And Trump subjected our democracy to a severe stress test, shaking the whole system to a breaking point, showing how vulnerable is our Democracy. Trump and his mob inflicted severe damage to the fabric to our democratic system.

Now it is time to go back to the drawing board. System need repairs, it has to be redesigned. It needs stronger protection from stresses like trumpism.

Will it be done? I don’t know. We may be over the breaking point. Trump (unwillingly) exposed all the weaknesses of American democratic system.

But his cult in Congress will not allow us to fix it. The future is uncertain, but it is up to “We the People” to build it.

Socialism with social programs. Not the same.

Capitalist countries with social programs have nothing to do with socialism as implemented in a “dictatorship by the proletariat”.

I keep reading all the time about people confusing social programs with socialism and/or communism.

Capitalist countries with social programs have nothing to do with socialism as implemented in a “dictatorship by the proletariat”.

What is Socialism and Communism?

In a pure socialist structure the government owns all means of production.

“In a purely socialist system, all legal production and distribution decisions are made by the government, and individuals rely on the state for everything from food to healthcare. The government determines the output and pricing levels of these goods and services. “

Theoretically no social classes exist in socialist country. But of course classes will form in any society. So, in a socialist country there is a ruling Communist party, then the bureaucracy, then upper management of industry, then the intelligentsia, and lastly the workers.

Any private enterprise is illegal and is punished by law. It is called “dictatorship by the proletariat workers”. So by definition this social system is a dictatorship. There are plenty of examples of countries with a socialism system, and most of them have fallen apart. There are a still a few remnants of this dying system: Cuba, N. Korea, Venezuela. All of them are disastrous dictatorships.

The main principle of Socialism is: “from everybody according to their abilities, to everybody according to their work.”

Communism theoretically is the next evolutionary step, with the motto: “from everybody according to their abilities, to everybody by their needs.” There has never been a country with a true communist system.

But socialist countries are ruled by a communist party. The main goal of communist’s is to firmly establish communism everywhere on the planet.

So, to summarize, “social programs” do not mean socialism.

Crisis situation is fast approaching.

Am I an alarmist? Yes, the whole world should be alarmed. Every year the possibility of a global cataclysm is increasing. Below I will list shortly the trigger points.

Am I an alarmist? Yes, the whole world should be alarmed. Every year the possibility of a global cataclysm is increasing. Below I will list shortly the trigger points.

Climate change.

In a decade climate change will cause catastrophic events such as floods, famine, drought, fires and a huge increase in migration around the world.

“The world’s leading climate scientists have warned there are only a dozen years for global warming to be kept to a maximum of 1.5C, beyond which even half a degree will significantly worsen the risks of drought, floods, extreme heat and poverty for hundreds of millions of people. “

Pandemic due to mobility of people around the planet

Dangers of a catastrophic pandemic are increasing with population growth.

“The last 30 years have seen a steady increase in the frequency and diversity of disease outbreaks. With an unprecedented mobility of people, products, and food, the myriad of disease-causing microorganisms are also increasingly mobile. No nation is immune to this growing global threat that can be posed by an isolated outbreak of an infectious disease in a seemingly remote part of the world. “

Our dependence on technology

The more our civilization depends on technology the more vulnerable it becomes. Cyber attacks on our crucial infrastructure like power grids that will effectively shut down the country.

“Imagine one of our large cities with no power, no water, no phones, no email, no texting, no food, no refrigeration, limited currency exchange, no functioning hospitals, no sanitation services, no public transportation and no effective law enforcement. Now imagine dozens of our large cities, perhaps all the large cities in, say, the eastern half of the country, in that predicament. “

Attack on satellites – weather forecasts, communications, GPS.

GPS networks if compromised will effectively disable our defense and offense capabilities.

Consider the following scenario. China and Russia might deploy an outsized fleet of, say, 50 to 100 specialized spacecraft in peacetime and station some near U.S. satellites. There is currently no agreement to stop these spacecraft from sidling up to U.S. satellites and lurking at an arbitrarily close distance. Once these spacecraft are in position, they could quickly attack U.S. satellites from such close proximity that the U.S. would have no time to mount a defense.

End of the new world order

After the WWII the new world order was created under the leadership of the United states. United Nations, NATO, World Trade Organization and many others that are able to solve grievances and conflicts between countries peacefully.

“If we lose the American-guaranteed collection of laws, democratic values, economic and defense treaties that have produced seven unprecedented decades of peace and prosperity, you’ll wonder why you ever worried about anything else.”

Danger of major conflict due to erosion of global trade and rise in nationalism.

One study finds that multilateral trade openness in fact lowers the probability of dyadic conflict with the bilateral trade partner, and by a larger magnitude than bilateral trade does alone. An increase in global trade openness by 10% from the world mean value decreases the probability of the dyad’s military conflict by about 2.6% from its predicted mean.

The problem is exacerbated by Trump’s divisive international and domestic policies.

Diminishing alliances’ ability to effectively contain adversaries such as China and Russia who are cooperating to weaken our Western alliance. Hampering world ability to react in a pandemic situation.

These are dangerous times and the only way for humanity to deal with the crisis is to act together, to have a common plan of action. No country will be able to deal with this scope of cataclysms by itself. And that is why the Trump administration isolationists policies are so dangerous for America and the world.


I think that this “personal space” changing trend may be a result of increased population density in cities, our constant close proximity to each other and, as a result, the push-back or desire to distance ourselves from others, a claustrophobia of sorts.

Image result for human touch, mothers hands touching baby
Human touch is natural

When we are born, the first one of our senses available to us is the sense of touch. Even before we open our eyes, we can already feel a touch and physical contact. Experiencing physical contact plays a vital role in our physical and psychological health. A plea to letting a more physical connection into your life.

Strokes and hugs are being edged out of our lives, with doctors, teachers and colleagues increasingly hesitant about social touching. Is this hyper-vigilance of boundaries beginning to harm our mental health?

When I studied energy healing with my Korean Masters, one of the first things they taught us is the importance of interactions between people, the importance of touching each other, hugging. There was never anything sexual about it. (not sexual, only private space).

See each other, look in each other’s eyes, smile, don’t be afraid to get close.

That teaches us humans that we are social animals and that we do need contact with each other. Not by cell phone. No, real interaction. Looking in the eyes, hugging, putting a hand on another’s shoulders. It is healthy, it feels good.

We are social animals.

I think that this “personal space” changing trend may be a result of increased population density in cities, our constant close proximity to each other and, as a result, the push-back or desire to distance ourselves from others, a claustrophobia of sorts.

Invisible wall caused by phones

I think one of the reasons we are afraid of personal contact, of touching, is the cell phone. Unfortunately many, especially the younger generation, feel more comfortable communicating via the phone rather than face to face. Messaging, all kinds of social media, are replacing human natural interaction. Being trained by my spiritual teachers about the life energy (needs ending)

Fierce protection of personal space
We as a society are losing touch

“Western medical science is now beginning to take a serious look at ancient Far Eastern traditions that focus on Chi, the life force energy which flows through the body pathways – known as meridians and chakras – of all living forms, all beings, in order to maintain health and wellness, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.”

So Mike Pence was right when he stated that he will not be alone with another woman without his wife present. And it is a very sad reality where many women consider every friendly touch or gesture as a sexual assault.

We are coming to the point where every spontaneous human interaction is becoming dangerous for men and men. Actually, we will be adopting their behavior by treating women as toxic and treating them with suspicion.

I am not the only one seeing a problem with this new “untouchables” behavior. Here is a good article that is warning of long term consequences of the trend:

“The criticism of Biden has become so broad and so strident; instead of protecting girls and women from unwanted touching, it blurs lines between affection and aggression. It scares boys and men away from genuine expressions of caring. Having to constantly monitor themselves so they aren’t impulsively kind or supportive can cause alienation from these emotions — a disconnection already at the root of a toxic masculinity problem that can manifest later in physical violence, devaluing women — as well as male depression and suicide.”

I remember what a shocked old man told me a few years ago. He saw a young woman and said to her “you are beautiful”. And this young beautiful woman turned around and hit him with her purse. And to me it is a very sad story. And this young beautiful woman is sick. Paranoid. Maybe she was abused. But it is definitely not normal, not natural.

As far as this woman, Frorez and Biden? I feel sorry for her. She did it for purely political reasons, at the opportune moment, to discourage Biden from running for President. For Biden I think it was a huge disappointment in his “friend” Florez, and probably our society.

The End of an Era.

There are forces that want to wreck havoc in the free world. Forces of darkness and destruction.
Putin’s Russia is the main force behind the problems in Europe and America.
Iran Theocracy that sees the democracies as a danger to Iran’s Islamic rule.
Terrorist organizations around the world for whom Western democracies pose an existential threat.

Rise of Fascism in the USA.
American President?

Leader no more.

A backward country. 

Why am I writing this? It is not the first time I’ve written about our current American President. Will my opinion, my writing, change anything? I don’t know. But I cannot be silent. It is too important. For me, for my family, for my kids and grand kids, for our country and for the world.

We have an impostor for president, my friends. And he poses danger for all of us.

Dark forces. Trump is just a symptom.
There are forces that want to wreck havoc in the free world. Forces of darkness and destruction.
Putin's Russia is the main force behind the problems in Europe and America.
Iran Theocracy that sees the democracies as a danger to Iran's Islamic rule.
Terrorist organizations around the world for whom Western democracies pose an existential threat.

Trump’s America.

And now with Trump’s election these forces are in power in our country.
Trump is just a puppet, a useful idiot. People who control these destructive events inside our country are Steve Bannon, Steven Miller and some other unscrupulous characters hiding behind the scenes.
This movement started long before Trump’s election.
This destructive process aimed to destabilize American institutions is possibly due to the treasonous behavior of the Republican party. It enabled Trump and this anarchist gang to pursue it’s own agenda of breaking down the social institutions in the US and establishing a social Darwinism.
The GOP is working for the upper 1% who’s only motivation is self enrichment.
Here is a list of Trump “achievements” during 4 months of his presidency.
Betraying our allies. Think about it. Two major international deals that took several years to build are destroyed in a blink of an eye. Continue reading “The End of an Era.”

Professional Victim-hood and White Privilege.

White guilt and black victim-hood are damaging to the black people. Also it is undeniable that racism exists in America. But for black community right should come with responsibilities.

Below is a quote from today’s article in Chicago tribune by a successful black person: One man remembered feeling not just protected in his home, but also in his community, where neighbor women and men looked out for him. Many of us nodded because we shared a similar experience.

He talked about core values that his parents instilled about personal responsibility and hard work and respect for others that were reinforced by his community. About being required to say “Good morning,” and “please and thank you.”

“If someone saw you doing or saying something wrong, they called you on it or they grabbed you up in your collar,” he said. “And your parents didn’t argue or fight with them. Imagine trying to chastise somebody’s child, nowadays.”

White guilt.

It is a huge disservice black leaders and liberals do to black people by constantly telling them about their rights but not too much about their responsibilities. The fact everyone knows is that you cannot end racism by just outlawing it. Many people are just racists and will be racists as long as they live. And for many it is a stereotype of blacks as violent, lazy and not very bright. And as we all know a stereotype is hard to change.

Rights and responsibilities. “An overlooked feature of the declaration is that it ends with duties and obligations upon an individual to their community. Sadly, we have become obsessed with rights, without any corresponding sense of duty, obligation or responsibility. I truly believe that with rights come responsibilities. There needs to be a balance, for our privileges can be no greater than our obligations.”

My wife told me about a conversation she had with a colleague, a black guy (I didn’t call him “African-American” because I am not sure if his ancestors are from Africa). She told him that her parents taught her since childhood that Jews in order to succeed have to be better than the next person. And he totally objected to this notion. He has the same rights as anyone else, he stated. And that is true…in theory.

Many racial and religious groups were stigmatized, discriminated against…Irish, Jews, Italians, Orientals. “Native-born Americans criticized Irish immigrants for their poverty and manners, their supposed laziness and lack of discipline, their public drinking style, their catholic religion, and their capacity for criminality and collective violence. In both words and pictures, critics of the Irish measured character by their perceived physical appearance”.

Just like the Irish, be it Orientals or Mexicans, etc, they knew what they had to overcome. They were treated unfairly. It was harder for them to find jobs but they persevered and began to do just fine.

Yes, we have to fight for equal rights. But we all have to prove something. Prove with our lives, with our actions, with our hard work. Prove that we are a hard-working, successful group.

It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it. Benjamin Franklin

Who is more successful: a Mexican-American whose parents immigrated to the U.S. with less than an elementary school education, and who now works as a dental hygienist? Or a Chinese-American whose parents immigrated to the U.S. and earned Ph.D. degrees, and who now practices as a doctor?

Amy Chua (AKA “Tiger Mom”) and her husband Jed Rubenfeld, author of the new book The Triple Package, claim it’s the latter. They argue that certain American groups (including Chinese, Jews, Cubans, and Nigerians) are more successful and have risen further than others because they share certain cultural traits. Chua and Rubenfeld bolster their argument by comparing these groups’ median household income, test scores, educational attainment, and occupational status to those of the rest of the country.

More about “white privilege” and work ethics.

A new paper from a University of Chicago PhD candidate, Alison Rauh, finds that black immigrants tend to be more successful than black Americans. They out-earn black natives (after accounting for age) and are more likely to be employed. This is not surprising; white immigrant groups outperform their native cohort too. But what’s most intriguing is how their children fare. The children of black immigrants are more likely to go to and complete college than native blacks (and whites) and are less likely to drop out of high school.

Below is a quote by a “white privileged” guy:

Years ago, some feminist on the internet told me I was “Privileged.”

“THE FUCK!?!?” I said. I came from the kind of Poor that people don’t want to believe still exists in this country. Have you ever spent a frigid northern Illinois winter without heat or running water? I have. At twelve years old, were you making ramen noodles in a coffee maker with water you fetched from a public bathroom? I was. Have you ever lived in a camper year round and used a random relative’s apartment as your mailing address? We did. Did you attend so many different elementary schools that you can only remember a quarter of their names? Welcome to my childhood.

So when that feminist told me I had “white privilege,” I told her that my white skin didn’t do shit to prevent me from experiencing poverty.

Now about my own experience.

I did not experience “white skin privilege”…not in my old country, the Soviet Union, where I was a Jew first and a citizen second. I mean second-rate citizen. We the Jews knew that we had to be better than non Jews in order to get into college or to find a job. Many colleges and jobs were off limits to Jews no matter how good you were.

I didn’t know anything about the “privilege” when we came to America with a one year old child and $400. With my broken English and no US experience I did not feel “privileged”.

My wife and I knew that we would have to work hard and study the language in order to make a decent living for ourselves and our children. At that time we were helped by a Jewish organization and were expected to find a job within 3 months. And then we were expected to pay back the money given to us. And we did.

We did not know anything about any social programs so it never crossed our minds to apply for any kind of help from the Government.

Is there “white privilege”? Yes. Racism is one of the reasons. High crime rate among blacks is another reason. Is that fair? No it is not. A good friend of ours adopted two black kids. These kids are adults now. I know them. Great human beings. Decent and hard working. And they get stopped by local police for just walking in the neighborhood. Racial profiling? Yes. But let’s get real. It will continue as long as the high crime rate remains among the black population.

The main problem of our country is the erosion of the middle class. Not just white or black. The backbone of our society is crumbling. So where is this so-called “white privilege” for most Americans?

There is privilege. For those born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Regardless of race or nationality.

In my opinion well-meaning people, by evoking “white privilege”, provide many blacks with an excuse to blame all their problems on discrimination. Some are practicing “professional victim-hood” and are spending most of their efforts blaming everyone else for their problems.

“Vester Flanagan, the gunman who killed a reporter and a cameraman on TV Wednesday, was a “professional victim” during his time at the station before being fired in 2013. Flanagan interpreted efforts by the station to improve his performance and persuade him to work more cooperatively with colleagues as discrimination”

What can we as a society do to help people (of any race) to break the cycle of poverty?

One thing that absolutely needs to be done is to provide a good quality education for those who want it.

The lottery. There are many families who realize that the only way to break the cycle of poverty is a good education for their kids. But there are no good schools in poor neighborhoods. But in order to get enrolled, one has to play the lottery.

It is a shame that the richest country in the world cannot provide good schools for its children who want to learn and to get a good education. This is the only way to eventually get rid of ghettos.

We as a country have to help those who want help.

And as a country of laws we cannot use excuses nor condone breaking the law, regardless of class, race or nationality.

Who is to blame or, race relations in America.

Racism has been illegal in the US since the Civil Rights Act of 1964. But you cannot end racism just by legislature. The flames of racism are burning brighter now due to the killing of black Americans by police and the reaction of black community.

Issues are not black and white.

In light of current events, I am trying to sort it out in the simplest possible terms while doing my best to be impartial.

Is there racism in the US?

Yes, I have no doubt about it. And racism is here for a long time to come.

Racism has been illegal in the US since the Civil Rights Act of 1964. But you cannot end racism just by legislature. The flames of racism are burning brighter now due to the killing of black Americans by police and the reaction of black community.

I think that killings by police is nothing new and the police are very seldom at fault. For some reason it all came to light recently in Ferguson.

The danger of generalizing.

There is a lot of outrage after the killing of an unarmed black men by police.

I noticed that the media is lumping all those cases together. The problem is that each case is different.

You cannot blame all police. You cannot blame the police every time.

Are there bad policemen? Yes, of course.

Are there poorly trained policemen? Yes.

Just like in any profession. But we should not blame the entire police establishment for being racists. I want our police to be here for us. To serve and protect.

Black leaders.

Who are they? One person I hear from is Al Sharpton, who is using the situation to promote himself. Al Sharpton is not a leader, he is an opportunist. Rights come with responsibilities. By just demanding rights and not teaching responsibilities, leaders like Al Sharpton do more harm than good.

Successful blacks
Guy Bluford, NASA. People like this a role model.

Many black people are successful in our country. They are politicians, they serve in the military, they are actors and writers, teachers and scientists. These are the people who should be role models for all of us, especially for the black community. These people have proved that despite difficulties and racism, one can succeed in our society.

Many of them talk about racism and racial profiling and unfairness to all black men. And it is absolutely correct, but what I do not hear too often from these successful people is, “I worked hard, I overcame a lot of obstacles, a lot of prejudice and I succeeded. Look at me.” Why I do not hear this from prominent successful black people?

Is that fair? Probably not…but necessary. It takes generations to change, to overcome the old thinking, stubborn stereotypes.

Upward mobility.

So, where do we start?

There is no single solution. There are no simple solutions.

The problem starts with families. There are many broken black families. There is an old stubborn black culture of victimhood and suspicion.

Oreo cookies and black kids in schools.
They have a future.

Anti-white, anti-learning, “Oreo cookies” culture. Black kids who want to learn and excel are being bullied by other black kids. Black people who want to succeed and learn are facing difficulty in their own neighborhoods. At school they are dressed like any other person around them, but they change their appearance before going back to their neighborhoods. This black culture holds kids back and makes it very difficult and challenging to succeed. It is as damaging as racism.

We have black kids in our extended family. We have black neighbors who are immigrants from Haiti. Our sons are about the same age and are friends. At one time our son told us that his friend’s grand- mother forbade him to play with our son because our son distracted him from studying. Family culture!

Everything should be done for those who want to succeed. Good education should be available for those who want to learn, who want to brake the cycle of dependency and poverty. The lottery system for the magnet school enrollment is a disgrace.

Access to education for those who want to learn is the most important way to address guns in our society.

In our gun-crazed society police have to be extra careful. Officers are suspicious and sometimes paranoid about being shot. And there is a good reason for this paranoia, because anybody might have a gun. So,considering that split-second decisions usually occur in life and death situations, the killing by police will continue as long as we as a society remain obsessed with guns.

Racial profiling.

Racial profiling is a two way street.
Would you hire them?

Lets be honest with ourselves. If I see a black guy in our neighborhood, do I get suspicious? It depends. I have black neighbors, I know their kids and I treat them just like any other neighbor.   But, if I see a group of black guys with their pants around their knees hanging around my neighborhood, (actually if I see any such group of young people) I will call the police The reason why I would call the police is that I would be concerned for my safety.

On the other hand if a white person showed up in an inner city black neighborhood, he or she could be in danger, and it is not because the neighbors are concerned for their safety.

I think that the case in New York was wrong – use of unnecessary force. The case in Ferguson is still open for investigation. Each case is unique and should be studied as a separate case.

And one more thing. In the class of “citizen police academy”, I was told to obey the police officer’s command…even if you have no idea why the police stopped you. It will be sorted out later, just do what the police tell you to do or they will force you to do it!

My personal opinion is that many of the protests are misguided and are unfairly vilifying the police.

I want to conclude that the blame lays in part on some in the black community and that race relations cannot be improved by violence and reckless rioting.

A frog in the water or erosion of Democracy in America.

Our American Democracy is for sale. But It is still not too bad. We are not the worst. We’ve got weapons and the world’s greatest military machine. Our education is falling behind but it is not the worst. We’ve got a lot of sick people but we are managing, we are not the worst in the world. It’s OK…still. Yes…if you are a frog.

Our changing country
Everything is just fine!

The premise is that if a frog is placed in boiling water, it will jump out, but if it is placed in cold water that is slowly heated, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death.
 10 years before the fall of the Soviet Union, my wife and I came to the conclusion that we didn't have a future in this country and we then decided to emigrate to America.  Anna was 24, I was 30.
 We came to America in 1979 as a young couple with a one-year-old daughter to build a better life for ourselves and our children.  It was not easy - we started from scratch...but we did it. Our two younger kids were born here in America.  Only here in our new country we were able live without a heavy weight on our shoulders – Soviet government-sponsored Antisemitism, constant propaganda and heavy censorship.
 But we are happy here, our three children are successful and the USA is their country.  We are Americans – first, second and now third generation - our grandchildren.
 We all love this country, this great Democracy.  And that is the reason I decided to write this letter.  I am worried.  Worried and scared.  And concerned about the future of America.
 It pains me to see our democracy disintegrating and becoming a Plutocracy.
 There are many worrisome trends that are endangering the future of America as a democratic nation.
 Redistribution of wealth.
 The rich are getting much richer.
 The middle class is disappearing, being destroyed.
 The poor are getting poorer.
 The money flows to the few on the top.  And considering that, thanks to the Supreme court, all regulations are removed.  If you're rich and want to give money to a lot of political campaigns, the Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that you can.
 The 5-4 ruling eliminated limits on how much money people can donate in total in one election season.
 Do as I say not as I do – that is what we tell the world.
 America lost its moral standing in the world in part thanks to the Bush W. administration's reckless, illegal and disastrous war in Iraq.
 Poverty.  The U.S. poverty rate, about 17 percent, is third worst among the advanced nations tracked by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.  In that sample, only Turkey and Mexico are worse.
 Education.  American 15-year-old score below the average for advanced nations in math and science literacy.  But don't worry, our nation's future leaders are still ahead of their peers in Mexico, Turkey, Greece and a few other places.
 Health.  United States ranks 27th in the healthcare of its citizens.  Life expectancy in America is below the average for 30 advanced countries measured by the OECD, and the obesity rate in America is the worst among those 30 countries, by far.  Even with Obamacare there will be millions without health insurance because 24 states are refusing to expand Medicaid.
Well-being.  In the United Nations' Human Development Index, which attempts to measure the overall well-being of citizens throughout the world, the United States ranks 13th.
 Happiness.  The United States ranks 11th in the OECD's measure of "life satisfaction" - behind Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands and the other usual suspects.  That's not bad, but the United States is one of only five countries where life satisfaction is going down, not up.

But it is not just numbers and statistics.  I can see it every day.  I can feel it every day.
The rise of mindless conservatism and the rejection of science. America is falling behind in space exploration, in basic science
Militant ultra-conservative religious movements attempting to limit the rights of anybody who does not conform to their views.
Attempts by the conservative movement to cut funds for public education.  
In a country founded by immigrants and built by immigrants, the Republican party touts anti-immigration policies.  Hate and bigotry is encouraged by the Tea Party. Also American universities are still world class, the best and the brightest foreign students are not encouraged to remain in the US after graduation and go back to their countries to compete with us.
 And above all - Big Money. An enormous concentration of wealth by the few. The idiotic Supreme Court removing all restrictions on elections influenced by Big Money.  Our American Democracy is for sale. But It is still not too bad. We are not the worst. We've got weapons and the world's greatest military machine. Our education is falling behind but it is not the worst. We've got a lot of sick people but we are managing, we are not the worst in the world. It's OK...still.  Yes...if you are a frog.

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