Disillusioned..Or the end of the empire

Are we protecting freedom? Whose freedom? Do we have more freedom since we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan? Financial freedom? Freedom to be happy? According to statistics, we are not much happier then people of Sudan.

Some thoughts about current affairs:

  • We as a country are falling behind in every way.

    Falling behind in aducation
    Our future
  • Education
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare- are we healthy as a nation?
  • Wealth – we live on borrowed money
  • Military – cannot have strong military without money, health and education.
  • A little bit more about military: there is no use for conventional military with tanks, fighter jets and bombers against new enemy. That is unless you want to occupy every country that hides terrorists.

How did it happen that from liberators we became occupiers and world’s policeman? Because that is how we are perceived in occupied countries and in the rest of the world.

So, what are we doing in Iraq and Afghanistan? Are we protecting our interests? What interests? Oil? We all know that oil is the past, not the future.

Are we protecting freedom? Whose freedom? Do we have more freedom since we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan? Financial freedom? Freedom to be happy? According to statistics, we are not much happier then people of Sudan.

Also, if history teaches us something, occupiers never win.

A little bit about militant Islam.

Just like western doctors, we fight with symptoms, not the cause of militant Islam. We are supporting the oppressive regimes around the globe, which are “friendly” to us. Why we are supporting these regimes? That support creates the impression that America is the oppressor, so the local population becomes radicalized and hates their own rulers and their supporter – the US.

If we would know the natural laws that govern development of the society, we would be able to use these laws to our advantage, instead of installing “democracies” western style in tribal societies.

Some thoughts about our President.

President Obama is too pragmatic and too practical to be a great president, he did not have the courage to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Because he added troops in Afghanistan, it is his war now.

Manufacturing exports
Exports from America and China

The fall of the Empire.

If you studied the history of the Roman Empire, you would see the similarities between the last years of the Roman Empire and the current situation in US.

Is the end inevitable? I do not know.

There is a crisis growing in our country. The conflict between the progressive forces trying to advance the country and the reactionaries trying to hold us back, to keep us in old and comfortable for them society.

Many people are not comfortable, unhappy, in this fast changing dynamic society. They long for “good old” simpler, happier times.

New skills are needed to succeed in today’s advanced technological civilization. And the majority does not have those skills. The reactionaries are using these anxieties to advance their own agenda.

Their public agenda – back to good old simpler times. The real agenda – they are just puppets of multinational corporations. And also, I suspect that many of their followers are just confused and scared to death of this new world.

Another note – during the crises extreme elements are more visible, more vocal. It is like you steer standing water, all the crap comes up to the surface. So, if not Limbaugh, Cheney, Hennity some other crap would flow there.

In light of what is going on right now.

How to address the growing crisis in America?

We are at a very dangerous crossroads. The rise of mediocrity and cheap populism in these troubling times is similar to the times of the rise of the Third Reich.

This situation brings the opportunists that use uninformed and confused populous to their advantage.

I would argue that whether we like the President and the Democrats is not as important right now. We have to realize that the alternative is much worse:

  • the rise of storm troupers
  • the rise of mediocrity
  • the suspicion towards intellectuals
  • the threat of violence

We know it happened before. Please do not let it happen again.

Please don’t be the “silent majority” While you are still a majority.

Speck up. The tea baggers are the loud minority.

History tends to repeat itself if people don’t know history.

Do not let mediocrity win in this great country.

To American citizens who are better off than 98% of us

My dear rich citizens, We bailed out many of you, saved your well-being from disaster that, between us, many of you helped to create. But we need your help now.

Inequality My dear Americans, I assume that you love this country that gave you the opportunity to have so much. I assume that you are patriots and you want US to succeed. It is nice to know that at least some American citizens are doing better in these trying times. Good for you. But the vast majority is not doing that great. Of course you realize that as a country we are in trouble: mounting debt, unemployment, deterioration of the middle class.
Our education needs major improvements; the country’s infrastructure is in disrepair.
As patriots we all have to pool together to help.
My dear rich citizens, We bailed out many of you, saved your well-being from disaster that, between us, many of you helped to create. But we need your help now.
Not a lot…a little, like 3%. We understand that you need to make a living too. We are not asking you to mortgage one of your mansions. We are not asking you to sell your Rolls Royce or a fur coat or to lay off some of your servants.
We assume that you want to help your country. We asking for a little help, like 3% of your taxable income. For most of you it will be less than you spend on one of your vacations. It is an inconvenience, we know. Yet, for the rest of us it will be a tremendous help. That would help many people to keep their family homes – the only home they’ve got. That would help many kids get a good education, so that they will be able to get a good job and contribute to our country, and to help you to get even wealthier.
That meager 3% would help our middle class, middle class that is loosing ground as you get richer.
My fellow rich Americans,
This country is very generous to you. Your share of this country’s wealth has increased 10 fold in just several decades. We are asking you as patriots of this country to share just a little bit more with your countrymen in this time of need.
We helped you, remember.
We are being very careful not to ask too much so, God forbid, you will suffer the inconvenience.
Don’t get us wrong. It is an American dream after all – to get rich. And as an American, don’t you want to keep this dream alive for all of us?
We just do not want this country to become a Third World country, because that’s what happens when the middle class is gone; because then you will have to hide behind walls with barbed wire.
So please try to overcome your selfishness and your greed and be an America citizen. Please show America that you care. Please tell your servants – the Republicans – that you want to help, that you are ready for a sacrifice. Also would you tell your servants to release the hostage – our and your country – America. Please tell them it is OK to support the arms treaty with Russia, because Republicans do not do anything without your approval.
My fellow rich Americans. It is not bad to be rich; it is bad to loose basic human attributes such as conscience, compassion and the great feeling that you are an American.
I just want to add that I have a great respects for people like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, George Soros and many others. Sadly they are a small minority.