Some Trump supporters just don’t know any better. And some know who Trump is and support him for their perceived benefit.

The dark and scary world of trump supporters.

I am trying to imagine their world.

It is scary. The whole world is against them.

Immigrants, minorities, those weird liberals, LGBT freaks.

They are after them, after real Americans. They want to take everything from these real Americans who make America great.

Money, jobs, even their kids. These communists socialists homosexuals want to seduce American kids with science, history and even music! And make them into Democrats!

But finally!

Now here is a real leader, Trump, who will get rid of all America’s enemies. He, America’s savior, will drain the swamp!

Members of the Trump cult do not want democracy, or democrats because they are all communists and socialists, they want to take away freedom from real Americans, these libtards use big words that they learned in these liberal colleges! And these big words are the code that liberal freaks use to damage our great president and to force real American patriots to learn science!

And the scariest part – these liberals want to take away our guns! The Constitution says that any free American is free to buy as many guns as he wants to protect America! To protect the freedom of real American patriots who are making America great by protecting freedom!

And now this liberal hoax (big word!) about the “virus”!

This lie is created by liberals communists socialists to damage the only leader real Americans can trust – Trump.

And what do you know?! It turns out this rich communist Billy Gates created this “virus” to scare people who are fighting to make America great again! But it’s a lie! A socialist gay conspiracy! There is no “virus”. Do you see any “virus” around? No! If we, real American white patriots would see this dude COVID we would blast it with our freedom guns! And Billy Gates should go to jail for being an enemy of white America! Or even better we will hang him! Because that is what the Constitution says! It’s in our Bible!

These scared and angry people do not trust the media – “liberal media”.

And the television and papers (called newspapers) All these liberals are against our great president! They saying big words with many letters just to confuse us patriots. We know that “education”(big word) makes people into socialists gays. Makes their brain soft!

We, white American patriots, real Americans, we will help our patriot Trump. We will burn all these books with big words in them. Books are evil! Trump never reads books and he is a genius! (a very stable one).

All these “facts” are fake news. You cannot trust anybody – everybody is in it just in for themselves.

America is under attack. All these weird non americans want to come to America to take over. And we MAGA patriots will follow our president who talks to God every day and God told Trump MAGA!

God bless America and his anointed son Trump!

These are the people who are basically ignorant and not very well educated. And maybe they don’t know any better.

But there is another kind of trump supporters. Well educated and well off. They know who trump is. They know that he is a racist, a cheat, a liar and a crook. And these trump supporters support him anyway. Why? Because they are same as trump. And these people support the narcissistic buffoon because they think they will benefit from the misery of our country under trump administration. And this group of trumpists represents the worst of humanity. And Republicans in Congress are part of this gang.

And members of this group are real criminals.

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