Pseudo Liberalism

History repeats itself. People have not changed. The poisonous dark wave of hatred is rising again.
But we, the Jews, we have Israel now and we are strong and ready. And we will not allow ourselves to be slaughtered again. Not this time.

“Pseudo liberalism” is the hypocritical, intellectual position of purporting to tolerate the validity of another’s position while actually dismissing that validity. The pseudo position reduces complex issues to the simplistic: this, which I believe, is “right” and that, which you believe, is “wrong”.


We will live.

Never again.

I remember my childhood.

Every year I spent two months in summer camp.

Kids, cruel and stupid. Obviously repeating their parents’ talk.

“Dirty Jews!”

“You Jews were hiding Nazis during the war!”

I remember our neighbor’s housekeeper giving candies to local kids.

But not to us Jewish kids.

Only for kids with “good nationalities” she would say.

I knew, without fully understanding it.

I knew I was a “bad nationality”.

I was 4, playing outside when mom called me into the house.

Father was standing in the kitchen, two man standing at his sides.

My father picked me up, hugged and kissed me.

He told me he was going away, he had to do some work in another city.

Only much later did I find out where he went and why.

As a Jewish writer he was accused of “Jewish nationalism” and sentenced to 10 years in a labor camp in Siberia.

He was exonerated 4 years, after Stalin death.

When he finally came home I was eight then and of course I did not remember him.

“Father, are you really my father?” I asked.

He passed away two years later from a heart attack.

There were a few Jewish families living on our block.

I remember one day some drunkard came to our street and started yelling something about Jews.

That Hitler missed them and that he would take care of all these Jews.

That day Jewish families would not allow their kids to go outside.

Finally the guy got tired and left. Of course no police showed up.

After the 8th grade I entered a technical school in Minsk.

Whether by choice or by accident, 3 Jewish kids were placed in the same dorm room. Continue reading “Pseudo Liberalism”

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