The G Word

Money and more money control the election. And much of our electorate is uninformed or misinformed. These two factors, money and ignorance work great for the rich, but not so well for the ignorant. Crooks and demagogues use money to fool the ignorant and misinformed who then vote against their own best interests. They elect true believers and demagogues who in turn are paid handsomely by the real rulers of this country , the crooks.

Church and State
In God (and money) we trust.

We are all aware of an interesting phenomenon in our country:  the rise of “true believers” and demagogues.  Example:  the GOP Presidential candidates.  It is not hard to imagine Perry and Bachmann in Spain 400 years ago; they would fit in just fine, and, in my opinion, that is where they belong .

Now is the time for demagogues.  The reason – our economy is on life-support;  it is being assassinated by the bankers (I shall simply refer to them as ” crooks” from now on).  Who are today’s bankers?  Bankers  have become people producing nothing of value for our society.  However, they do produce something.  Continue reading “The G Word”

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