If I Were to Believe in God

If I would believe in God I would say: we are not asking for rewards from you, God Just please let us be.
Are we being punished for giving the world Einstein, Niels Bohr and Wolfgang Pauli?

If I were to believe in God

Jews are killed for being Jews
Anne Frank

The tragic fate of the chosen people

Chosen for what?

People who gave the world Christ and Spinoza

Freud and Einstein

Exiled from Rome and Alexandria

From Spain and Germany

From Russia and Argentina

What are  the Jews chosen for?

They lifted countries that accepted them

Jew contributed enormously to humanity
Albert Einstein

Lifted from barbarism, from ignorance

Jews brought to people science and philosophy

Industry and commerce, music, arts and literature

And always, every time in return, the Jews were hated

Murders, persecution and expulsion followed.

The “chosen” people punished by envy, greed and ignorance

Punished by the same people who greatly benefited from the Jews

Blood thirsty mobs rejoicing mindlessly

Pogroms and Kristalnacht. Mass graves and concentration camps

Jewish fate
An ancient tribe

If I would believe in God I would ask: what are we chosen for?

God, we have done our best to follow your teachings.

Is this what we deserve?

Is this the gratitude we earned from the omnipotent?

Exile, oppression and death?

Is that our reward for trying to make the World a better place?

If I would believe in God I would say: we are not asking for rewards from you, God

Victory day and the Holocaust
Holocaust and children

Just please let us be.

Are we being punished for giving the world Einstein, Niels Bohr and Wolfgang Pauli?

And then I thought that we, the Jews, are being used

Used like a dispensable tool. Used and discarded.

If I would believe in God I would say that we, the Jews, are just useful disposable tools in God’s hands.

And God keeps our numbers low

Too many Jews are not needed for God’s purpose.

There cannot be too many chosen people.

Just a bare minimum to fit into God’s grand design.

And yet we, the Jews, are proud to be the tools

Proud to be the “chosen” people.

Yes, I am proud of my people, proud to be a Jew

But not because we are “chosen”

I am proud of my people for their accomplishment and will to survive despite being the “chosen” people

Six Million perished in the Holocaust.

One third of us “chosen” people perished, just variables of the “grand design”

A plan we mere mortals cannot comprehend.

So why should we blindly believe in you, the merciful omnipotent God?

Jews, the chosen people are being slaughtered while praising God.

The all-merciful

Jews-a useful tool, dispensable. Just a tool.

A tool used and then discarded by the cold, inhumane executioner of a grand scheme.

Lives, families’ hopes destroyed

Oh merciful God

You chose the Jews

We, the Jews, are the chosen people

Just variables, inexpensive dependable and disposable

I do not believe in this cold, calculating God.

I do not know if there is a vast intelligence, orders of magnitude more powerful than our meager brains

I am just a mere mortal, a small ripple in the ocean of life

This intelligence would operate by rules where all civilizations are just variables in the Universal Game.

There would be no morals, no good or evil

No compassion, love or hate

Just immense (by our measure) play and movement

I do not know to what end, why the Universe exists

But we humans, including Jews, appeared and will be gone in the next Universal instant

Just a variable in a process we cannot comprehend

And that makes more sense to me

We Have to Live

Antisemitism and the fate of Jewish people. Contributions to the world.

We will live.
Despite it all
Despite all odds
As the wave of hatred is rising again.
And again throughout millennia
We are Jews The Chosen people
A privilege and a curse
The Jews a small tribe of nomads
Among the multitude of hostile ignorant people
Our curse – we are the chosen people.
A task is given to us.
A task we are obligated to fulfill.
A Sisyphean task it seems
Did we the Jews sign up for this?
Or was it imprinted in our DNA?
The Task to show the way
An impossible curse to drag an unwilling humanity
The kicking and screaming mob
To the light, to a better future
And they hate us for this
A curse
Throughout countless generations
We are just trying to live.
To live in spite of enemies that tried to destroy us Jews
To outlive the eternal evil of hatred thirsting for our blood.
Our enemies who are determined to get rid of these strange and different people – the Jews
The Jews these strangers that are never satisfied with the order of thing
But we survived
Survived because we have to live
To never lose hope
To live against all odds
To live in hope that maybe…
Maybe one day ignorance and hate will vanish
The Evil will be defeated and the Light will prevail
But sometimes we pause in doubt
Hope fading away
We are cursed
The Romans and the inquisition
The Holocaust and the Middle East
And now the resurgence of antisemitism in Europe
But we are the chosen people.
Cursed and privileged
We have to live
Our task is not yet done
As long as there is hatred and ignorance in the world
We the Jews will be here.
We have to live
To drag this world to a better future
We will be here
Young Israelis

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