Chamberlain’s cowardly hypocrisy reanimated?

Pretending to not help Ukraine directly is just childish and immoral.

For example, handling the fighter planes for Ukraine like hot potatoes out of concern to “not to provoke Putin”. PUTIN DOES NOT NEED EXCUSES TO START THE WAR! He had shown it again and again.

The US government is discouraging people to volunteer because of “potential legal issues” LEGAL ISSUES?!! The existential war has started, which is a struggle between the world tyranny and the free world! And you are talking about the technicalities? SHAME ON YOU!

The world is in real danger of repeating the WWII scenario and you are talking about legal issues and trying not to anger a bloody madman?! Chamberlain’s cowardly hypocrisy reanimated?

If you have sacrificed my nation to preserve the peace of the world, I will be the first to applaud you. But if not, gentlemen, God help your souls.” Czechoslovakian foreign minister Jan Masaryk to Lord Halifax as reaction to announcement of allies’ betrayal in 1938.”

Putin cannot be allowed to succeed in Ukraine not just because of human suffering, but because, just like Hitler, Putin will not stop there. Moldova is next, and then Poland probably.

The whole Democratic world seems powerless to stop the genocide out of the fear of “provoking” a bloody tyrant. Again, Putin does not need “provocation” to start the war as he had proven time and time again. He will see hesitation of the West as weakness and that this childish play with the airplanes as ridiculous.

As the world watches in horror, public opinion is turning against the indecisiveness, the hypocrisy and the political games of the West.

Another infuriating problem. The West is expressing it’s outrage while buying oil and gas from the Putin regime. Can you imaging the Allies buying fuel from Nazi Germany? Europeans due to their foolish shortsightedness depend now on Russian oil and gas. Germany is shutting down ALL of its nuclear power stations and is in the process of activating a new gas pipeline from Russia.

God help us all

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