Winter Is Coming

“You lose more heat through your head than any other body part.”  Do you remember your mother yelling, “Don’t forget your hat”?  No, that was not an urban legend; your mother was right.

A few thought on how to dress for the cold weather. From

Dress warm for the cold weather

I grew up in Russia.  There are many differences, culturally and socially, between Americans and Russians.  Over time we have adapted, we understand and have come to accept many things that used to make us different.  But I refuse to accept some of the “ways of life” and accepted customs that make no sense to me…one of which is the strange way Americans dress during the cold season.

I have my own view on how to dress properly during winter. Since I was a kid, I knew to put on my hat before I ran outside to play in the snow; also warm boots.  I may not have worn a coat, but a warm hat was a must.

It was the same in the army.  In winter morning exercises were outside in our undershirts…but the hats were on.

Dressing in cold weather
The hat will ruin my hair!

I watch people on the streets during the blistering cold walking without hats and I can see that they are cold, freezing, miserable.  But no hats!  And I guarantee that, if they would put their hats on, they would feel much better!  And that simple act of sanity would prevent a lot of colds.

Some say that it is a myth that we are losing most of the heat from our head and we are losing heat equally from any other part of the body as well. And yet for some reason I do not see people going barefoot or bare-chested in winter.

Here is the wisdom of generations:  Always wear a hat!  And warm shoes if it is cold out.

You lose more heat through your head than any other body part.”  Do you remember your mother yelling, “Don’t forget your hat”?  No, that was not an urban legend; your mother was right.

And if it contradicts the accepted view of highly educated professionals so be it. The arrogance of the “know it all” medical establishment is staggering. And if you disagree, why don’t you read up on some statistics. Wrong diagnosis, wrong treatment, inability to diagnose. “According an extremely comprehensive and well-documented report (30 pages, including about 160 documented references with three MD’s & 2 PhD researchers as authors) March, 2004 Life Extension Magazine, Conventional Medicine is Now the #1 Cause of Death, followed by heart disease & cancer.”  (stroke must be #4 now?) 

And now “new breakthroughs” in medical science stating something people knew for generations:  that garlic is good for you; that a mustard compress treats a cold.  A lot of research is being done on “cupping treatment”:  And the highly scientific result is that cupping may be beneficial.

Need to cover your head in winter
How about between your ears?

I do not state that all the advice our parents and grandparents gave us is totally correct or can be proved by science.  But these various advices have been proven by generations of trial and error, by millions and millions of people – adults and children.  Mayo clinic calls it “evidence-based”.

But if you do catch a cold here are some natural cold remedies: ,

And please be careful with antibiotics.  As we are finding out even the mighty antibiotics can be fatal if over relied upon.

Now if you want to prove me wrong, by all means please take a walk in the snow in your bathing suit.  Please do it for science. 

I personally will keep my hat on and will put on my warm boots to enjoy winter. Now if all you care about are your ears, then wear ear muffs.  You ears will be fine.  Your brain is another matter. So my friends, please enjoy winter and don’t forget the hat.

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